How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You on Facebook

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Facebook is both a gift and a curse in a relationship. It can keep couples strong and close with all those connections. But the social media can provide the perfect opportunity to cheat.

How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You on Facebook

If you have a strong hunch that your boyfriend is cheating on you on Facebook, then here are some of the best ways to know for sure:

1. He's Being Overly Friendly with Another Girl

To find out if your boyfriend is cheating on Facebook, you should pay attention to how he behaves around his female friends there. You may not know the details of every single friend that he has, but you can still see how he exchanges messages with them on his profile.

If it seems as if he’s being overly friendly with another girl, try to find out who she is as there might be something else going on. Here's also some helpful tips on How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on Facebook.

2. He Likes Every Post of a Particular Girl

Try to find a pattern from your boyfriend’s activity on Facebook. See what posts he likes on it. When you see that he likes every post of a particular girl, they could be more than friends. Especially if the posts contain selfies or flattering pictures. He might give you excuses when you ask him about it. Still, when he likes those posts, it’s his sneaky way of maintaining connection with the other girl in plain sight.

3. Approach Him when He's on Facebook

How to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you on Facebook? Suddenly approach your boyfriend while he opens Facebook on his laptop or his phone. When he’s not guilty of cheating, he won’t panic and will let you see what he’s doing. But if he’s cheating then he will quickly closes the screen. Catch him off guard and his first reaction would be to hide away his activity. He won’t reopen Facebook and keep his device far from your reach.

4. Odd Posts on His Timeline

Keep an eye out on his timeline. There might be some of his female friends who like to leave comments that are quite odd. The comments could be sweet, which leave an impression that she’s more than just a friend. They could also be in the form of emojis but flirtatious. See if your boyfriend give out any response that encourage her behaviour even more. Even if he doesn’t, he might do it through other discreet ways such as personal messages or phone calls.

5. He Uses Facebook 24/7

People can get addicted to using Facebook. Your boyfriend might be one of them. There are various reasons for craving to use Facebook all the time. However, your boyfriend’s reason for using Facebook all the time could be cheating. This should be obvious as he begins to pay less attention to you and more on his device. He might be chatting with other girls behind your back.

6. Doesn’t Upload Your Pictures

This is how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you on Facebook. It’s reasonable for someone to keep their love life private but being too secretive can be a bad sign. In case you’re in a very serious relationship with your boyfriend, he should have at least one picture of you uploaded on his Facebook especially if he’s very active on it.

His refusal to put any of your picture could be because he wants to make it look like he’s still single. It also shows the Signs He is Thinking of Cheating on You. He will have less attachment to you and more opportunity to be closer with other girls on Facebook.

7. He Has an Inside Joke with Another Girl

Another thing on knowing how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on Facebook is to carefully observe his interaction with his female friends. Try to look for any signs of inside jokes that he has with another girl.

Inside jokes are intimate, they show how close you are to a person. Your boyfriend might develop some inside jokes as he spends more time with someone else. This is one of the Reasons Why You Should Not Forgive a Cheater as your boyfriend betrays your trust.

8. Privated His Posts from You

Facebook enables users to private their posts. To be more specific, people can limit the number of people that can have access to those posts. In case you think that your boyfriend is oddly inactive on Facebook, try to use other profiles to see if he has privated his posts from you. He might have done it so he can have more freedom when he’s cheating on you.

9. He’s On Facebook Late at Night

Remember when we said that people can get addicted to Facebook? Well, your boyfriend might still be using it late at night. He chooses Facebook over sleep and rest. That’s because it’s the perfect time to chat with the girl that he’s cheating with. You are less likely to question him as you are tired and sleepy.

10. Find Suspicious Tagged Pictures

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Tagged pictures can appear on your boyfriend’s timeline. Quickly look over them when they show up. See if there’s anything out of the ordinary.

He might be out somewhere that he wasn’t supposed to. Your boyfriend might be posing very closely with a girl which could be one of the Signs He is Cheating with a Co-Worker. You have to be quick to catch him cheat this way as he might hide the post away from you at any moment. You may want to get some screenshot which might come in handy later.

11. See Posts Directed at Someone Else

See if there’s any odd posts that don’t quite match his personality. For instance, he might be writing some sweet messages that don’t feel like they’re directed at you. Look over at the people who likes and gives reaction to the post. There might be a particular girl who keeps on giving him feedback and being flirtatious with him as well.

12. Doesn’t Accept Your Friend Request

This last way on how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on Facebook will only work if you haven’t send him a friend request. A loving boyfriend will have no problem accepting it. On the other hand, a cheating boyfriend will make it difficult. He will also give you tons of excuses that don’t seem logical. In the end, these Reasons to Stay with Someone who Cheated on You might help you.

So those are some great ways on how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you on Facebook. Sometimes you just have to find out the truth in your own way.

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