I Kissed Another Guy When I Was Drunk, Should I Tell My Boyfriend?

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I kissed another guy when I was drunk should I tell my boyfriend? It’s a complicated question that can lead to different endings. You’re not really sure of the right thing to do and you’re scared of how your boyfriend will react if you tell him the truth. So before you do anything, you should consider these things first as they can help you decide on the best action to take:


1. The Meaning Of The Kiss

Before you tell your boyfriend that you kissed another guy, think through about the kiss. Do you still have a clear memory of it? Did it stir any feelings that you shouldn’t be having? Was it meaningful to you?

If it was then you should forget about telling it to your boyfriend since it’s a form of emotional cheating. You may want to make excuses about the fact that you were drunk but you still did it anyway.

On the other hand, if the kiss didn’t mean anything then say that frankly to your boyfriend. Show how regretful you are of what you’ve done but make him truly know that it did not reflect any feelings towards the other guy.

2. Your Boyfriend’s Personality

your boyfriend's personality

Do not tell your boyfriend if he is easily angered, jealous or showing Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material like controlling. He will be very mad at you for the fact that you kissed someone else. Intentional or not, he will refuse to hear your reasoning. Your boyfriend will be driven by his worry and his anger. It’s better to keep this as a little secret to yourself. You’ll spare yourself from never ending arguments.

It’s probably easier to tell the truth if your boyfriend is a chill and understanding person. That kind of boyfriend tend to be more patient. But even he can be upset when he hears the truth. No one can precisely know how a person will react. So whatever you decide on, always be prepared for the worst.

3. Your Relation To The Guy

I kissed another guy when I was drunk should I tell my boyfriend? The answer to that can really depend on your relationship with the guy. If he’s a stranger then you might get away with it. Your boyfriend might not think much of it as you probably won’t meet him again.

But if the guy is someone close to you, a friend, an ex or a co-worker, then it can get ugly. You may want to stay quiet about it. Your boyfriend will get upset and start to overthink the whole thing. He will start to worry that you may actually have deep, hidden feelings for the guy. No matter what you say or do, your boyfriend will fear that you actually do have a special connection with the guy.

4. Your Dating History

Take a look back at your dating history? Are you very open about it to your boyfriend? The thing is, if you have a history of cheating before, this kiss can make your boyfriend think that you’re just a cheater who never changes her behaviour. This can turn into a big fight so know What to Do when Your Boyfriend Ignores You after a Fight.

Not all boyfriends can be forgiving about this. Your boyfriend may love you so much that he believes you won’t repeat the cheating ever again. However, the fact that you kissed another guy can act as a trigger for him to think negatively of you. The drunk part won’t matter to him because his mind will only think about the kiss. 

5. Your Drinking Behaviour

People act different when they’re drunk. Your boyfriend may forgive you and appreciate your honesty if this kind of kiss was only a one time thing. Though he may be slightly upset, he’s willing to brush it off because he knows that you were drunk.

But if you tend to kiss random guys whenever you’re drunk then it can be a problem. Once you tell him about the kiss, it will add to more reasons for leaving you. There’s only so much that a person can handle. The kiss will make him sick and tired of your drinking behaviour. This will push your boyfriend to believe that the relationship might not be worth it as he can’t trust you. This How to Change from a Bad Girl to a Good Girl might help you to change for the better.

6. Your Feelings

Your feelings matter too. If you feel very guilty then you should just own up to it. Be responsible for your action instead of hiding it away. It's one of the ways onHow to Stop Feeling Guilty about Cheating on My Boyfriend. The worst thing that can happen is a break-up but by telling the truth, there’s a chance that you may avoid that. Being in a relationship where you feel guilty won’t be good. Your guilt may lead to other feelings and actions that can make your boyfriend upset.

But if you’re the kind of person who loves her boyfriend very much and don’t want to ruin the great relationship, then it’s better to completely ignore the kiss. Don’t ever make him know about it. Act like everything is normal and carry on with your business as usual. 

How To Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Sin

how to tell your boyfriend about your sin

In case you still want to tell your boyfriend that you kissed another guy when you were drunk then here’s a good way to do it:

  1. Find the right moment to do it.
  2. Avoid telling when he’s in a really good mood as that will ruin his day.
  3. Tell him the details and be straightforward.
  4. Make sure he knows how regretful you are about your action.
  5. Don’t tell him how to feel, give him space if he needs it.
  6. Tell him that you love him and he’s the only guy that you need.
  7. Promise that you will never get drunk and kiss another guy again. Here are more Things to Do When Your Boyfriend is Angry at You when you drop the truth.

Telling him the truth or hiding it away from him depends solely on what you feel is right. You should do what you feel is best for your relationship in the long run.

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