Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Cheat On Me? Is This Normal?

Last updated on May 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Most relationship starts with a smile, hug, and kiss. It started when you both can no longer look at each other just as a friend, you can no longer spent your day without thinking about that person at least once. Then you both decided to move on to the next stage, dating each other with a commitment in hand, perhaps.

Everything would probably be going well, but then there's that one point, when you suddenly think of something absurd but totally real. What if this guy cheat on me? I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can i find out ? You think about this, but you're excited instead of feel stressed out. It feels weird, but it's true that you want him to cheat. Why do i want my boyfriend to cheat on me?

Most couples break up because of the third party joining in, so cheating is something that's not supposed to exist in a relationship. But, just why do i really feel like that's something i want? Some of these possibilities could be the reasons :

1. You know it's all just a game

People get in a relationship for a lot of reasons. Some are even there just for popularity, or basic necessities. Since everyone else are dating, so you think you should too. This is why what you're seeking in the relationship you're in is just the thrill and joy.

You want to experience a lot things, especially the amusing and exciting ones. It's all because what you had in mind when you started the relationship, that's what makes you feel like doing things that way.

2. You're tired

When a relationship goes for a long time, it's very possible for someone to feel tired and burned out. Even if it seems fine outside, but arguing and resolving the conflicts take a whole lot of energy, that's the hurtful truth.

Someone can get tired from trying to maintain a relationship, especially if only one party does the effort. At this point, it is highly possible that you want your boyfriend to just cheat on you and let go. You might be waiting for the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship to show up on your boyfriend.

3. It's too boring

If you have a relationship with a lot of conflicts, it can be very tiring. But if you have a relationship that seems like going nowhere and getting no conflicts, it can also be extremely boring.

You can drain out if the situation is just too flat and the routinize never changes. Most people then would find out how to make a boring relationship fun again. Some would even try to find things to say to your boyfriend when the conversation gets boring.

But the thing is, when this happen, you could be thinking that if something amusing such as cheating happens, things would be a lot more exciting. This might sound weird, but it can be one of the answer to the question why do i want my boyfriend to cheat on me.

When you're contemplating about should you give another chance for your cheating partner? Or should you just leave them behind? You then find no problem in deciding that you are going to leave him.

4. You want to start something new

If you have the thought to be cheated on by your boyfriend, then you might actually want to start something new, with a new person, for sure. You feel like cheating is a bad idea, for it can leave bad impression on you.

So you thought it would be a lot better if your guy would cheat on you and break the relationship with you. This might sound meticulous, but it's possible to happen, especially when someone a lot more interesting comes up and takes your breath.

5. You want to break up, but don't know why

When a relationship has been going for some time, you might feel like you're no longer passionate. You loved him, but it feels like nothing nowadays. You really want to break up with this guy, but you know yourself that actually you can't mention any reasons for that.

This isn't an easy situation, so sometimes you wish he would just cheat on you, so that you have reason to let him go.

Building a relationship and maintaining it until the end needs effort and commitment. If you're in a relationship and feel like it would be great if he cheat on you, then you might be wondering why do i want my boyfriend to cheat on me?

When all of my friends guard their boys with all their might, i want my boyfriend to cheat with another girl. This sounds weird somehow, but it's not impossible for this kind of thought to occur, even to you.

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