If Your Boyfriend Flirts With Another Girl, Is It Cheating?

Last updated on July 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you upset by the way your boyfriend acts around another woman?

Maybe you’re not sure how to react? After all, the lines of what constitutes cheating tend to blur in this situation. 

Perhaps it could lead to cheating in the future, or maybe he’s just being friendly?

This scenario is an absolute minefield, especially if you’re already a bit insecure in your relationship.

Thankfully, I am here to help you. In the following guide, I will break down the signs to worry about when a man is ‘flirting’ and also the signs that it’s just harmless fun.

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Here are the signs to look out for when he’s around that one woman you’re suspicious of:


Signs That The Flirting Is Dangerous To Your Relationship

It is most of the girls biggest nightmare to find out that their boyfriend is cheating. In most cases, the girlfriends are caught by surprise because it all happens so suddenly. But you can actually detect the early sign of cheating by seeing how he interacts with other girls.

Flirting is one of the ways that guys talk to girls. But a lot of girlfriends will ask if he talk romantically or flirt with other girl, does it mean that his heart is not exclusively yours anymore? Well we will uncover the answer to that question one by one.

First, you need to know if what he does have any romantic intention behind it. That is why you need to know the signs that his flirting is dangerous to your relationship;

1. He Have Been Eyeing The Lady

he have been eyeing the lady

His eyes can't stop seeing that lady romantically.

2. He Have Been Distracted When With You

Not giving you his full attention for a long time can mean that he is attracted to someone else.

3. He Compares You To The Other Girl

Comparison is definitely a Probable Signs Your Partner is Emotionally Cheating on You.

4. He Have Been Protective Of His Phone

This means that he is hiding the chats and more flirting that have been going on with that girl.

5. He Continually ‘Compliments’ This Girl

Their compliments are continuous because he wants to get her attention.

6. He Uses The Flirting Lines

When flirting, your guy uses the Ways to Flirt with a Girl You Just Met which means it’s more than a casual compliment.

7. Threatening To Break Up The Relationship A Lot

If guys does this, it’s actually because they don’t mind breaking up with you anymore.

8. Not Having Faith In The Relationship Anymore

One of the Signs Your Partner is Thinking about Cheating is that they start to be doubtful of the worthiness of the relationship.

9. Secretly Meeting This Girl

secretly meeting this girl

If there is nothing going on, he wouldn’t be afraid to tell you that he is meeting you, right?

10. Changing Their Habit All Of A Sudden

Their habit and time allocation suddenly changes to accomodate the arrival of this new girl in his life.

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11. Knowing A Lot Of Personal Details About This Girl

The details goes beyond her name or social media account. Your guy might even know her favorite movie and other personal stuff.

12. People Warn You About Their Connection

This is because people can usually see clearer that something is going on in connection between him and the lady that might injure your relationship with him forever.

13. He Admits To Having A Romantic Intention When Flirting

Finally, when you ask him about it, he does not deny that when he flirts with that girl the intention was to make her attracted to him. This is when you need to make a move on what to do. 

Ways To Know That The Flirting Does Not Mean Anything

Sometimes our hunch about something can be wrong. If you are still confused about whether he have crossed the line, all you need to do is to check if he shows this safe signs that he was only being nice;

1. His Compliments Are Superficial

He only compliments normal things like ‘your food is great’ or ‘i love your place’. Things that people say to friends all the time.

2. He Is Still Madly In Love With You

he is still madly in love with you

The love he have for you haven’t gone out yet. He always uses the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved.

3. Does Not Mind Being Open And Honest With You

Being honest with you is not a problem because he have no secret that he wants to cover that might make the relationship break.

4. Validates And Wipe Out Your Worry

When you say that you worry about the relationship and his action, he does not get protective and angry. Instead, he makes you calmer.

5. Still Wants To Do What Is Best For The Relationship

Because he loves you, he wants to do the best for the relationship. Anything it takes, he will do.

6. He Have Been Close To That Girl For A Long Time

When people know each other for a long time, these jokes and compliments are natural.

7. His Connection With Her Is Short Lived

If there is no continuance to the relationship with the girl he flirted with, it maybe because he never wanted there to be any romantic connection with her anyway. 

Tips To Approach Him When He Flirts

tips to approach him when he flirts

Now that you know whether he is flirting or not, you are maybe curious on how to make things better by talking to him about it so that you can straighten everything out. Well here is how to do it;

1. Don’t Think Negatively About It

You shouldn’t think negatively if you don’t know the truth about the problem yet. That is why you need to keep your cool and think rationally.

2. Patiently Ask Him To Explain Himself

A guy that is hiding nothing will have no problem explaining his action. If he gets protective, you need to be alert.

3. Be Clear On What You Want Out Of Him

Do you want him to stop flirting? Or do you want to have a better communication? A clear demand will save the relationship.

4. Don’t Be Over Protective

It’s easy for girls to be over protective about her boyfriend’s activity with other girls. Don’t be abusive to him by cutting off the contact of any woman he have in his life. Be a little bit rational about what you are doing to him.


So, in conclusion if your boyfriend flirts with another girl, is it cheating? Girls, if you are confused if the flirting is lethal to the relationship or not, all you need to do is to use the answers of the question above as your reference. Stay cautious and be happy girls!

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