Should You Give Another Chance for Your Cheating Partner? Or Should You Just Leave Them Behind?

Last updated on June 7, 2022 by Michelle Devani

The “Once a cheater, will always be a cheater” term relates in most broken relationship but when we love someone so much, it can’t always be used. The depth of relationship is the measure of how deeply in love someone is. And once someone reaches this level, forgiving a cheating lover might happen.

However, if this case happens to your love life, it is wise to consider some points whether you should give him/ her a chance to just move one. Because there are some situations which lead you to give your lover a second chance or not. The thing is that every people’s situations are different.

To help you decide whether you should give your partner a second chance or not, here are some considerations you might need:

When Your Partner Is Being Open on Why They Cheated on You

It is hard for someone to be open to their partner about why they cheated. That’s why it is very important to consider when your partner is willing to let you know when and why they cheated on you.

It is not only about hurting your feeling but it means they value you as their partner and loved one. Here's about Ways to Forget Your Affair Partner Right Away

When It Wasn’t a Complete Affair

No type of cheating is okay or feels good and that is a fact. However, it is important to know whether it is a complete affair or not.

For example, finding your partner giving a smooch to a bartender that he/ she never met before might not be as bad as finding him/ her met up or hook up several times with the same person that they have known. But, you still need to consider yourself too. Here's about I Have A Strong Feeling My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me. How Can I Find Out?

Thinking that one – time kiss is still wrong, then accept it, your feeling is perfectly valid. Let your partner know how you feel and how you want them to change or be more careful in every situation in the future.

When Your Partner Truly Wants to Gain Your Trust Back.

Asking for forgiveness doesn’t only need to say sorry. To show how serious we are, we need to prove it and it is no exception when our partner has cheated. We will know how sorry he/ she is when we see how hard they are to gain our trust back.

An easy way to notice it is when he/ she keep asking for forgiveness until they feel confident to face the relationship with you again.  If the wrong party doesn’t seem to work hard to gain your trust back or say sorry for just one time, you need to ask yourself a reason to stay with them.

Your Closed Ones aren’t making Staying Together is Impossible

The closed ones, including best friends and family, are your inner circle who understand you well. If you let them know that your partner has cheated, they will contribute a choice to stay or break up with your partner.

When they know how sad you are because of his/ her cheating, they feel hurt and might not want to forgive him/ her as well. But if they are not going to make you stay with your partner difficult, then you know your decision. Here's about What is The Best Way to Catch A Cheating Spouse Who is Very Clever?

When You Finally Understand The Reason Behind the Cheating

Good communication is key for a relationship. When your partner is willing to tell you when and why they cheated, you need to listen well. By fully understand the reason why your partner has cheated, you will feel how much he/ she loves you. Here's about What to Do When Your Boyfriend Keeps Accusing You of Cheating When You're Not

By listening to their cheating motive, you can judge that they are a good person and still want to be with you or not. Every cheating hurts, but in some situation, sometimes you need to think deeply and ask yourself to know whether your partner worth a second chance or not.

Finally Solve Your Relationship Problems

If you’re like me you have probably spent endless nights worrying about your relationship and trying to find an easy way that will help you fix it.

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As I discovered the hard way, there is no ‘one-size fits all’answer that will help everyone. Everyone’s relationship is different.

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