Logical Reasons Why You Should Not Forgive A Cheater

Last updated on February 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you been cheated on?

Are you wondering what to do? Is it possible to forgive him? Is that a good idea? 

Perhaps your friends, family and the cheater himself are all trying to convince you of different things, but you’re looking for some unbiased advice…

Well, in the guide below, I will be explaining 36 logical reasons why you SHOULD NOT forgive him under any circumstances. 

Yes, that’s a lot. Yes, I hope you read them all carefully.

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With that said, here is my list of reasons to never take back a cheating partner.


Should I Forgive My Partner For Cheating?

should i forgive my partner for cheating

In the name of love, you forgive your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, accepting their apology and carry on with the relationship. You wish they have learned from the past and would never do the same thing again. But you are the one who was betrayed. You can only wish for them not again showing the Signs He is Thinking of Cheating on you.

People who chose to forgive a cheater know the consequences that come along. As many as there are Reasons to Stay with Someone Who Cheated on You, there are always the contrary: reasons why you should never forgive a cheater. It surely hard and heartbreaking at first, not to mention the betrayal of trust he did. However, you have to pull yourself together and thinking straight. Does it really worth to risk by forgiving them?

1. They're Not Really Sorry

Well, your partner have caught cheating and they cry their heart out for your forgiveness. They told how how they regret what they did and that they were sorry. You have to be careful with this, especially when they are not brave enough to confess to you they cheated and you hear the news from somebody else. It's enough to prove they have no intention to be honest.

2. You Will Never Trust Them Again

You have forgive him but will always be suspicious and unable to give them your complete faith again. No matter how big the remorse the have shown, many tears flowing out, the fact that they cheated remain in your memory forever. It will become a toxic in your relationship that cause even a bigger problem in the future.

3. They Don't Love You That Much

Are you sure they love you? Would someone who love you that much would have the heart to cheat on you? You know the perfect answer to the questions and it all comes down to one: they don't really love you, or at least it's not enough to keep them from cheating you. There are no reasons to accept them back in your life.

4. They May Do It Again

they may do it again

They are more likely to cheat on you again in the future. No one can guarantee that your partner has repent from the mistakes and it's already in them after all. Once they cheat, they'll do it again in the future even with a more careful methods.

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5. It Makes You Look Pathetic

They have treated you so unfairly by cheating on you yet you decide to forgive them and accept them back. It makes you look so pathetic that you stay in an unbalanced relationship. You deserve better because there are other person out there who will love you more than they did.

More Reasons Why You Shouldn't Forgive Them

There are always good reasons why a cheater doesn't deserve an apology. They have betrayed one of the most important foundation in a relationship, the trust. Here are more reasons why you should not forgive a cheater for your own good.

  1. They have proved themselves to be unfaithful.
  2. They can lie to you easily.
  3. They will deceive you somehow.
  4. Not physically, but they may cheat emotionally. Look at the Signs Your Husband is Having Emotional Affair.
  5. You drown yourself deeper in the wrong relationship.
  6. They have abused your right as lover, and it's the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend you should avoid.
  7. The cheating is a choice they made in a full conscience.
  8. They are selfish to cheat yet beg you to forgive them.
  9. Staying with a cheating partner is very, very embarrassing.
  10. You deserve someone better.
  11. You will always feel the insecurity that they may cheat again.
  12. And those worry eats you up.
  13. You just afraid to take the risk of heartbreak.
  14. Your relationship will going downhill right after that.
  15. You can get stressed, and it's dangerous for your health.
  16. Their respect to you may going down since they see you as an easy person.
  17. You can always do better.
  18. You have nothing to lose anyway.
  19. Cheating is their habit and old habits die hard.
  20. If you are the one who cheat, would they forgive you that easy?
  21. Let they learn the lesson from the mistake he has done.

Why Would They Want Your Apology

why would they want your apology

A lover who got caught cheating and they show they deep remorse doesn't mean they love you. Don't get tricked with this one and thinking they really love you because they beg for your apology. Here are the real reasons they want you and your apology:

  1. They feel insecure if you left them alone.
  2. You are their comfort zone and they don't want to get out of it.
  3. They avoid embarrassment in front of other people.
  4. They realize that the other person doesn't really worth it.
  5. You offer a security that the other person can't like financial support.
  6. They will lost many things when they lose you.
  7. They will also lost respect from their friends.
  8. As well as respect from his family members.
  9. It costs a lot to lose you.
  10. You are too good to let go.


All of the reasons why you should not forgive a cheater will make you rethink the decision to carry on with your relationship. Making a decision is never easy, and nobody has said so. But you need to move on from things that do no good to you. Sometime love is not going as we wish it to be and have to get through a heartbreak. And then a lesson learned so that we won't fall to the same mistake again in the future. There are many Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship after all.

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