32 Hidden Signs He's Thinking of Cheating On You

Last updated on August 10, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Even though a relationship can look picture perfect, there can still be a crack under the picture. One of the biggest and most lethal crack to a relationship is unloyal. Do your boyfriend have those signs?

Although a boyfriend have a lot of the signs he's boyfriend material, he can still think about cheating. This needs to be assessed immediately but the first thing you need to do is to be aware of it. That is why you need to know this hidden signs he's thinking of cheating;

  1. He Checks Other Girls Social Media And Tries To Hide It

He start surfing the internet to look at photos of other girls and he is really sneaky about it too. If a person is honest, he shouldn’t have anything to hide right?

  1. He Hides Texts From Other Girls

First he looks at girls’s photos then he text them and still hiding it from you. This is a bad sign.

  1. He Have Photos Of Other Girls

His photo album in his phone is filled with some photos of other girls and these photos implies romance.

  1. He No Longer Want To Make The Relationship Work

When things start o get bad in the relationship, he have no interest in working things out which shows the Signs He Has Given Up on the Relationship with You

  1. He Threatens To Leave

He always threaten you that he will leave when a slight discomfort come to the relationship.

  1. He Has Trouble Communicating His Feelings

Now he suddenly can’t communicate his feelings and choose to hide it which is one of the  Signs Your Boyfriends Is No Longer in Love with You

  1. He Is Mad When You Check Out His Phone

When he gets mad at you from checking his phone, you can know for sure that there is something he is hiding.

  1. He Checks Out Other Girls Often

He looks at other girls often and rarely to you.

  1. He Often Stare At You Emptily

Although this is not a sure sign, it might be one to look for. When he often stare at you without a glimpse of attraction, you know something is wrong.

  1. He Compares You To Other Girls Often

Comparison is bad but a boyfriend will do that when he wants you to be someone else or when he have the  Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath

  1. He Wants You To Change

He suddenly wants you to change every aspect of yourself to become his dream girl.

  1. He Start Talking With You Less And Less

Talking with you is suddenly not his priority because he doesn’t show the  signs that a boy has a crush on you anymore.

  1. He Is Close To A Girl And Not To You

From time to time, you can see him being close to a girl and you know that he likes her. But oddly, he start being further away from you.

  1. He Doesn’t Want To Be Called Your Boyfriend

Status unsettles him which is the sign that he wants out from the relationship.

  1. His Friends Hides Something

His friend knows everything and it looks like they are hiding something big.

  1. You Have This Hunch

Trust your gut feeling when your gut feeling says that there is something wrong in the relationship.

  1. He Often Go Out Without An Explanation

He often hang out somewhere with someone without bothering to explain to you.

  1. He Gets Mad At Every Little Thing You Do

When a person don’t love you, they start to get mad at every little thing you do which can be demeaning.

  1. He Gets Impatient With You

he loses patience at every little mistake you make which is not the  signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. He Stop Trying To Make You Laugh

Your laughter is no longer a music to his ears.

  1. He Stop Complimenting You

He thinks there is no good in you anymore.

  1. He Flirts With Other People

He show the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush but to someone else.


Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren't a priority for their boyfriend or husband. They always seem to have some excuse as to why they can't spend some quality time with you like they used to.

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Think That He Doesn't Love You That Much Anymore

There are a lot of ways to know that he is starting to be unloyal to you and the relationship. Here are more clever ways to know the signs he's thinking of cheating

  1. He Doesn’t Think You Are Beautiful Anymore

Not thinking you are beautiful anymore is a fatal sign to an ending relationship.

  1. He Keeps Secrets

Honesty is no longer upholded by him because he have all this weird secrets hidden from you.

  1. He Gets Nervous When You Ask Questions About What He Have Been Doing

This is because he have been cheating.

  1. He Don’t Have Time For You

Time is now spent on trying to find someone else to cheat with and not with you.

  1. He Is Active On A Dating Site

This means he is thinking of looking for someone else.

  1. His Status On Facebook Is ‘Single’

Which means he is not serious with you.

What to Do with Unloyal Relationship

The signs that he is thinking of cheating is sickening but you have to try to have a solution to this problem by knowing what to do with unloyalty in a relationship;

  1. Talk About The Problem With Him

Ask about what is happening and why he acts like that.

  1. Make A Commitment Together

You’ve known the problem. Now if you want to keep fighting for the relationship, then make a commitment to make things better.

  1. Move On

If you don’t want to continue the relationship, find the real Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

  1. Redefine Healthy Relationship

Start exploring what a healthy relationship is and adjust accordingly.

The signs he's thinking of cheating is often hidden and once you know it you have to act quick because things like these spread fastly through the mind. That is why you need to know what to do with unloyalty and quickly do the steps.

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