Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath

Last updated on January 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Ever heard the term of emotional psychopath? An emotional psychopath is someone who enjoys watching other person suffers emotionally and they will do anything to make that happen. These kinds of people are the one to watch out for because they can ruin you slowly and surely. Whenever you meet this kind of person, run the other way. What if that person is none other than your boyfriend?

Emotional psychopath is very good at hiding so you shouldn’t blame yourself when you don’t see something that is right under your nose. To be extra careful, here are the signs your boyfriend is an emotional psychopath:


1. He Is Full Of Himself

He always brags about himself and never think that he is wrong. He is a full blown self narcissist who doesn’t even notice that he is.

2. Emotion Is Never Felt By Him

emotion is never felt by him

Deep emotions are never shown or always surpressed by him. Emotions like deep anger or sadness is always shoved to the back of his mind.

3. He Lies A Lot

Lying comes naturally to him and he don’t feel like a wrong thing to do. Things like shame and decency is out of his mind.

4. He Tend To Manipulate Every Word You Say

The words you say will get twisted by him and he will feel confident in saying it. The ability to manipulate and lie is a dangerous concoction.

5. You Find A Lot Of Drama In Your Life All Of A Sudden

When he comes into your life, it attracts drama probably because he create it to see you crumble slowly.

6. He Is Possessive

He never lets you out of his arms or sight. Having you in his posession lets him have full control of you which is the warning Signs your boyfriend is an emotional psychopath

7. He Never Have An Ex That End On A Good Term

Every relationship always ends horrifyingly and he always seems to lie about how it ends up. Chances are he will blame the ex rather than himself.

8. He Changes Feelings Quickly

The change of feelings from happy to sad or angry to humorous is not natural and actually quite scary.

9. He Gets Irritated A Lot

He gets irritated by everything, especially your actions. This is not a Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

10. He Doesn't Like Opening Up

Because he have a hard time processing his feelings rather than most people, he usually doesn’t open up about his life or feelings at all.

11. You Never Win An Argument

you never win an argument

He always find a way to manipulate and win the argument which leaves you hollow and heart broken in the end. 

12. You Feel Trampled And Trapped

You feel suffocated by his presence and you can feel like your pride is being trampled. This is what he likes to do best. You never feel the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

13. They Turn Your Actions And Words Upside Down

He can always lie and make the image of you look bad. Although you find it easy to find the signs that he is lying, other people might actually believe what he is saying about you.

More Ways to Know If Your Boyfriend is A Psycho

Although it is carefully hidden, you can always spot the tell tale signs of that kind of bad person. That is why we will give you the ways to know the Signs your boyfriend is an emotional psychopath:

1. Irritated When You Are Happy

When you seem a little bit happy, he gets angry because that is not his goal. This is for sure not a Husband Material Signs.

2. The Blame Is Always On You

If any problem arise, every little detail will be blamed on you. Because he is a manipulator he might even make you believe that it really is.

3. You'll Be Estranged From Your Life

Suddenly you are distant from your family, friends and loved ones. This is actually the goal of an emotional psycopath which is to destroy your life bit by bit.

4. They Like To Embarrass You In Public

Embarrassing you in public is one of his main joy, which is to see you crumble and destroyed.He does not even apologize or think about your feelings because to him, all of this is a mere game.

5. They Like To Badmouth You

Talking about your negativity is one of his main skill. He even will use your weakness and secret against you.

6. Reminding You About Your Mistakes Is His Favorite Thing To Do

He loves to make you feel cornered and lower your self esteem until it hit rock bottom by reminding you of every little mistake that you do. 

Tips On What To Do With A Psychopath Boyfriend

tips on what to do with a psychopath boyfriend

Once you have spot the hidden signs you need to know the ways to get out of this toxic relationship. Here are the tips on what to do with an emotional psychopath boyfriend:

1. Leave

There is no way to go around this but to leave. Although guys like these won’t let you go away easily because he loves having the power, you need to find a way to get out of this mess to finally breathe again.

2. Love Yourself

Getting out from a bad relationship, you are still bruised but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. You can start by loving yourself and taking time to heal.

3. Reconnect

Reconnect with the aspects in your life like your family and friends, or the things you love to do. This helps you regain a sense of being here, clarity, and peacefulness.

4. Move On

Now that all is done, find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

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5. You Deserve Someone Better, Seriously!

Emotional psychopath lurks in the dark and like to prey on anyone. Once you've seen the Signs your boyfriend is an emotional psychopath you need to leave quickly and do the other tips on what to do with an emotional psychopath boyfriend.

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