What to Do When You And Your Boyfriend Have Nothing to Talk About?

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He seems quite at these days and he has nothing to talk with you. So, what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about?

1. Has some problems

His face looks pale, it seems he has some big problems in his family. So, he does not want to talk about it with you. He is afraid, he loses you. Moreover, does telling little white lies causing big problems in the relationship? See the answers here.

2. It just tired

He is tired and stressed, it caused he is busy all of these days. The right thing that you do is prepare some meals for him and a hot tub.

3. Cheating on you

He likes to hide his phone away from you, even he set a password on his phone. His act is so weird before he does not do like this. It makes you a little curious. So, how to tell your brother when his girlfriend is cheating with someone else?

4. He needs a space

He needs some space to relax his mind. Let him go somewhere to refresh his mind with all his friends. Maybe he stressed out about his job.

5. Mad at you

Sometimes, men that mad, he does not want to talk with his girlfriend. So, just let him cool down and say a sorry to him. Well, how to make a Capricorn calm down when they got mad at you?

6. You always want something

Your boyfriend ignores you because you always ask lots of favor. This is annoying, so that is why he has nothing talk about.

7. You just complain about your life

Don't you just complain about your life to him, everyone has problems in their life. So, cheer yourself up, you are not alone.


Signs that he hides something from you

What to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about? Besides, there is a reason why your boyfriend has nothing to talk about anything, he hides something from you. So, here are some signs that he hides something from you. 

1. Acts awkward

In here you see that he acts often awkward when you ask about something, well then he is hiding something from you. You can ask, such as; What is the matter or What is going on? Check on his face. Is it weird?

2. Nervous

When you ask him, "Hey, where are you from baby? He seems nervous and acts awkward. It looks he is hiding something from you.

3. Sweat

Someone that says lie, he often being sweaty, and also nervous. Let's see does he often being sweaty when you say what are you doing?

4. Talks about other topics

He often talks about other topics when you try to find out more than he hides on something. He gots much of sweaty.

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5. Hides his phone

He often hides his phone when you take over his phone. So, don't you have any curious about him? A man that hides something when he hides his phone, he is already cheating. For more information, see about what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend.

6. Sneak out

You caught him that your boyfriend often sneaks out when he comes from his work. When you caught him and shout him, he looks so weird. If you want to catch your boyfriend, you may see on these ways some sneaky ways to catch your girlfriend cheating.

7. Calls at outside

His phone is ringing, again and again. You ask him, " Who's there?" He just keeps in silence and pick up his phone and go outside. His actions make you very curious.

What to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about

Well, there are some proper ways that you can do when your boyfriend have nothing talk about. These are what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about. 

1. Start speak up

Just start it with hey or say his name honestly. If he replies you, you can start with asking how's today? However, if you feel awkward, you can make a coffee or tea and serve to him. Then, start to speak up.

2. Writing on letter

Well, this is an old way, you can write in the letter than put in his table or on his things that he always used it. He will read your letter and he will call you soon or meet you immediately.

3. Say sorry first

It will be honest if you say sorry first before he, your boyfriend says a sorry. Do not shy to make an apology first. It will not make you worst.  Otherwise, it is a good choice.

4. Talk honestly

When dinner times, talk honestly to him, what happened? This is the right time to make your boyfriend want to talk. Well, do not judge him even he makes something worse.

5. He wants to break up

Besides if he wants to consider breaking up with you, the one thing that you should do is control yourself. Ask him clearly and make your decision.  Moreover, see about these tips what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you for no reason.

6. Hates talking with you

What to do when he hates talking with you? So, you can ask your friend to help you out for the mediation between you and him. In this way, he will talk to you again.

7. Try to texts him

While you talk to him, you always bring him down. Maybe you can try to text him, you can text him honestly then both your problem can fix on time.

Hopefully, the above on what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about can be useful for you. Recognize why your boyfriend has nothing to talk first, learn the reasons and then quickly to fix it. While your boyfriend is mad, just let him down. Just wait, then he will talk back to you.

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