How To Make A Capricorn Calm Down (13 Ways To Make Him Calm)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you struggling to deal with a fiery Capricorn?

Perhaps you have no idea how to calm them down and would like to know how to do it?

Maybe you feel like this is the only way your relationship will survive? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide is packed full of tips for the best ways to calm down a male Capricorn. 

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With that advice out the way, let’s now explore my list of the best strategies to calm a Capricorn man down.


13 Tips On How To Make A Capricorn Calm Down

1. You Have To Calm Down First

It is not easy to calm a Capricorn man, especially when he is very angry. They deal with whatever upsets them differently from other zodiac signs. A Capricorn man could be happy one minute and take a situation out of proportion the next. 

It is normal for someone to get angry or mad because of another person’s small mistakes. But try and be calm, do not allow yourself to be provoked because of a Capricorn man’s criticism or attitude.

2. Explain Yourself

explain yourself

A Capricorn man appreciates maturity. So when you come with a mature explanation that shows growth, development, and wisdom, it will really calm him down. 

Your explanation just has to be logical, explain what you did, why you did it, what you’ve learned from it, and why you will never do it again. This will really help in calming your Capricorn man down. Show him that you are independent, passion-driven, ambitious, and as mature as him.

3. Pay Him A Visit

If you want to calm down a Capricorn and you put a call through or send a text, it will most likely be ineffective. So Instead of just calling, go and see him. If after you ask your Capricorn partner to meet up, he still avoids you, then surprise him. Visit him unannounced, maybe wait outside his office after work or go to his house. 

Make sure you are nicely dressed and looking good when going. Capricorn men love stylish ladies. Act as nice and lovely as possible when you talk to him, that way, he will be flattered and before you know it, the angry wolf is calm.*wink*

4. Try To Have Fun With Him

It’s easy to divert someone’s mind from anger when you bring something fun to the table. It may not flow well at first but just make sure you know the thin line between entertaining him and upsetting him, so you don’t cross it. 

Everybody likes to have fun, so he will warm up to you for sure. If you love someone you should know what makes them happy, so do what makes him happy. 

5. Limit Your Mistakes

It takes a lot of time and thinking for a Capricorn man to forget your mistakes so it will be a big issue if you keep repeating the same mistake over and again. So, avoid doing anything annoying because it will make the issues last longer and you will have to put in more effort to calm him down. 

Most Capricorn guys are near-perfectionists; they believe in hard work, whether in improving a flaw or completing a task. So, if you love your partner, you should put in the effort into doing the right thing.

6. Buy Him Classy Gifts

The idea of gifting is always a great idea and like every other zodiac sign, Capricorn men love to receive gifts. Not just any type of gift though, a really fancy, classy, and expensive one. Capricorns like classy things, things with a standard. You don’t have to rob a bank to buy something you can’t afford though. 

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Even a small gift is okay, as long as it is classy, for example, fancy socks. It’s one of the ways to calm a Capricorn guy down. A git reminds your partner of his love for you, and if it’s something that’s dear to him, he’ll probably calm down after receiving it.

7. Give Him Space

give him space

Don’t choke him, give him some breathing space. He may just be acting out of stress, depression, or a current burden that you are not aware of. Maybe the situation he is in has made him very sensitive to everything around him. So, give him a little space but don’t ignore him completely, he may think you don’t care at all and don't love him as you claim. 

Capricorn guys are meticulous and they value every moment spent or wasted. So, rather than clamp up their space, let them breathe a little. Just like fumes that escape from a chimney, the anger will dissipate slowly but surely.

8. Ask His Close Friends For Help

Capricorn men value friendships, they love loyalty, trust, and companionship. They usually don’t have many friends, but they respect the few that stay. So, find a way to talk to someone he trusts and respects, he must have that one friend you can talk to, someone you know he listens to. 

Ask the person for help, make sure it’s somebody that can get to his heart and help him cheer up. He might not like your methods, but once he’s laughing and gisting away, he’ll probably be too happy to mind.

9. Say Less

Capricorns can get really moody and upset so don’t trigger it by talking carelessly. Say less, don’t let his attitude make you talk too much because it will worsen the case. Take a few seconds to breathe before you say something that will aggravate him

So, instead of talking, look for ways you can support him and show that you care without using words to aggravate the issue. Although it could get awkward for you, listen more, nod when he speaks, and prove that you understand what he’s saying by arguing less.

10. Act Very Emotional

When you get emotional, it can freeze them or melt their heart. So be emotional when you talk to him, just prove to him you feel really hurt. Say “I know you have a point” or “nobody is perfect”. Capricorn men are very rational thinkers, they take maturity and logical thinking very seriously. 

If someone genuinely apologizes and explains the reason for their actions reasonably, they might just get the Capricorn man’s attention. They aren’t going to calm down if you're rude or confrontational, they may only be silent, but keep raging inside. 

11. Just Leave

Capricorn men have a way of holding in their emotions, however, when they eventually lose it, it’s something you don’t want to see. That’s why it’s better to give them space and come back when both of you have calmed down a bit. 

However, don’t leave a Capricorn man to his thoughts too much, they are passive-aggressive. That means the more he thinks about what you did, the longer he’ll stay angry

12. Make Love To Him

make love to him

Sex can also help here. It is a major key in salvaging some relationship problems. Sex has a great way of relieving stress and can calm his nerves, even when he’s not ready to let go. 

If you’re going to seduce him, don’t just dive into the sex, start with foreplay, so he can ease into it. This will make him feel you want all of him and might soften the ground for you guys to talk calmly later on.

13. Be His Support System

Make him feel very comfortable and open with you by being the shoulder he can lean on. No one would reject a good support system, and sometimes, a Capricorn man just needs to realize that you’re on his team. 

So, be a good listener and let him know that you will be there for him every time he needs you. Supporting his dreams and goals makes him feel calm around you since a Capricorn man is usually very ambitious.


How do you make a Capricorn feel better? 

By showing him you believe in him, by supporting his plans, giving him time when he wants you around, giving him space, and not being too clinched to him. 

What are Capricorns like sexually?

Capricorns are not really sex freaks, they prefer to think about more important things in their lives than sexual fantasies. Their sex life is always very simple since they love to stick to the things they know. However, this solely depends on the Capricorn man, as some of them are composed only outside the bedroom. 

Do Capricorns forgive easily? 

No, Capricorns don’t get angry easily so when they are angry or get hurt, it gets to them they are always very emotional. And they might find it very had to forgive and forget, they could forgive you but they might never forget the event and can still use it against you.

What are Capricorns afraid of? 

They are scared of failure, Capricorns work so hard and put their best in whatever they do because they never want to fail. They are scared of feeling not good enough, they are scared of public embarrassment, and not having a say among their friends, family, and even their colleagues.

How do I talk to a Capricorn?

If you want to talk to a Capricorn man, you have to approach them calmly, because most of the time they always look disciplined and reserved. So, don’t just approach them with any topic rather, talk about interesting issues that will get their attention

To Conclude

I hope you found this article helpful? Don’t forget, if you try calming a Capricorn man down and he is still resisting, then it’s best to give him some time to cool off. Capricorns find a way to deal with issues themselves as they are quite independent. Let me know what you think and please don't forget to share this article with others 

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