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How to Make A Capricorn Calm Down When They Got Mad at You

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Jealousy? Clumsiness? Saying or doing things that he doesn’t like accidentally? or any other things that can upset the goat symbolized man can easily make him goes all steamy and grumpy. Capricorn is well known for their moody attitude so you are dealing with a mood swing enthusiast.


How to Make A Capricorn Calm Down

In this situation all you want to do is to calm him down and make him see reasons behind your action with a explanation. I know it isn’t easy for you to make him calm down but don’t worry, read through this love tips that we have put for you that you can do to make a Capricorn calm down.

1. You Yourself Will Need To Be Cool Headed First

It is easy for anyone to get provoked by someone who is go all nuts towards silly mistake by also going mad at them back, this situation is the one that you want to avoid. He might have some criticism said towards you, once again do not get provoked by him, stay calm and find his weak spot to calm himself down. (read also: Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits in Love)

2. Ask For a Meeting

To calm him down by sending texts and calling him is proved to be something that is not effective, instead ask him for a meeting with you, if he always set you aside just pay him a surprise visit to his workplace here are some reasons if he keep avoiding to have a meeting with you (read here: Reasons Why A Capricorn Man Ignores You).

By visiting his workplace there is no other way than to go out with you. While in this meeting dress your best and act all lovely while trying to give him the explanation, this will surely flatter him and guess what? you just succeed calming down an angry goat

3. Give Him Some Space

One of the exact thing that you want to do in this situation is to give him some breathing space. He might just stressed out because there are currently a lot of burdens that he currently carrying in his shoulder and make him very sensitive. Give him some space but not really that spacious because if you give him too much space he might think that you doesn’t care about him.

 4. Avoid Making Another Mistake

For a Capricorn to forget and be calm again after you have done something he doesn’t like will take a lot of thinking also time. While you and him is trying to make him calm avoid doing another thing that might upset him because this will leads to longer period of time and bigger effort to pull if you want to calm himself down.

5. Silent Support

If you are going for a date and he is all grumpy towards you it is a normal thing to experience when you are dating the moody Capricorn. And once again I advise you not to get triggered by his attitude, instead find just support him by being there in his side even though you both looks like walking stone walls because you both rarely have a conversation while going out on the date.

But this will surely means something to your Capricorn partner and make him having a calming sensation whenever he is around you. (read more: Ways Capricorn Man Shows Love to You)

6. Have Fun

There is no better thing that you can do to divert someone’s mind than having fun together, he might seem stale at first but once you find a way into his heart he will surely be an awesome partner to have fun with, just make sure that at first you already find the right portion of entertaining him and annoying him.

7. Have Sex

Sex it the mother of all solution in a relationship’s problem, when you are having sex with him it will give him the sensation of being love by all your being which is a pleasant feeling for him. Sex also helps him to release all his stress and make him feel refreshed. (read also: All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More)

8.Don’t Do It Again

How to make a Capricorn calm down? If you upset a Capricorn by being late make sure the next appointment that involving him you must arrive earlier than the meeting time, if you upset a Capricorn by being unreliable take the initiative before waiting for his instructions, if you upset a Capricorn by being someone that doesn’t have any manner make him see that you are now as mannered as a queen descendants.

By learning and not doing the same silly mistake again and again will make him feel proud of you, you have improved into a more matured version of yourself and it makes him love you even more and more. 

9.  Explanations,Explanations,Explanations

Believe it or not this is the easiest way of calming a Capricorn down, all he need is an explanation from you, a complete logical one. Make sure your explanation mention what your mistake is, why did you do it, what can you learn from it, and a promise to not doing it again.

This kind of matured apology is the one that a Capricorn love the most because it shows a growth in personal development of a person that he deeply love so much. (read also: Characteristics of A Capricorn in Love )

10. Get Him Gifts

Capricorn like any other zodiacs have a fair share interest in receiving gifts, an expensive kind of gift. Yes you read that right a Capricorn fancies something that is first class related, there is a lot of fancy gifts that you can buy without selling your own kidney to afford it such as a fancy ballpoint, neck tie, cuff links, and many more.

This little things aside from being able to put a smile in his face it also something that he carries everywhere with him it can carry a memory of you so whenever he see this thing he will surely remember off you. Indeed, that’s the best ways on how to make a Capricorn calm down.

11. Get Support From Mutual Friends

A support from someone that you both know will have a big impact if you want to calm this stubborn son of a gun, plan something with this mutual friend so he can get into his heart and mind to finally convenience him to calm down.

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