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Capricorn man often described as someone who is hardworking, playful, but down to earth at the same time. Who won't fall for his charm anyway? When it's easy to be friend with a Capricorn man, making him fall in love and obsessed with you is another thing. He may look playful and easy to get close with, but it's not that easy to enter his heart.


How To Make A Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

It may be hard, but it's not impossible. With the little extra work you do, a Capricorn man's heart will forever be yours. It's easy to find out how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you. First, you should know him through and through

Capricorn Man Personality

capricorn man personality

Capricorn are ruled by the planet Saturn. Often misunderstood by someone who hardly move from his comfort zone, a Capricorn will take a risk when the consequences is not too big. Just like how you need to know Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits, here are some of his:

1. Playful

A Capricorn man knows how to laugh. His sense of humor is great and it's how he wipes his stress away. It's a good escape for his hardworking nature.

2. Hardworking

Indeed, he is a hardworking guy. He has a strong determination and always focus on his goals. Also, he is useful for his surrounding and make a good boyfriend as well.

3. Elegant

The first impression of a Capricorn man is cool. He knows how to bring himself and make everyone around left in awe. Sadly, many people often misunderstood him as arrogant.

4. Intelligent

A Capricorn man is smart. This is why he takes time to make a decision because he wants to make sure he do the best and not making mistakes. No wonder his life is so organized.

5. Free And Independent

free and independent

His free spirit often left us in jealousy. He lives his life freely according what he wants to do. And he also do the best in everything he does. It's what everyone wish for, isn't it?

6. Wise

One of the best Husband Material Signs in a Capricorn is his wise thought. He often seems way more mature has his actual age, and the good news is that he always find a silver lining in every cloud.

7. Strong Willed

It's not easy to persuade a Capricorn. Since he perfectly know what he wants and he has a strong sense of himself. It's what makes him a faithful and loyal lover. Other than that, this trait makes him an independent man.

8. Agile

He's definitely not in the slow side. In fact, a Capricorn man move in speed and grasp any situation fast. Wasting time is really not his thing. Which makes him good at making the first move.

9. Slow At A Time

But he knows how to slow down. For an instance, when he makes an important decision for his life.

10. Passionate

One Reasons Why Capricorn are the Best Lovers is his passionate nature. A relationship full of love is guaranteed.

Signs A Capricorn Man Is Obsessed

signs a capricorn man is obsessed

As a Capricorn man is not that easy to fall in love and become obsessed to a certain woman, you must consider yourself as one of the luckiest girl on earth when he does. Let's check out the signs that he's obsessed.

1. He Is Committed To You

You will never find the Signs He is Player because a Capricorn man is very faithful. He will not flirt to any other girls when he has set his eyes on you. He committed to you only.

2. He Becomes Your Best Best Friend

One of the best part when a Capricorn man is obsessed to you is that you become his best friend. Even more your are the best among his best friend. It also means that he trusts you.

3. He Shows Romantic Gestures

Yes, a Capricorn is romantic. So that when he is falling in love, he will do all the most romantic things in the world to melt your heart. He is such a hardworker, including when he wants to win your heart.

4. He Showers You With Love And Attention

It's the common Signs When Guys Fall in Love. He gives all his attention to you, calling and texting you every now and then. Making sure that he is the one who first and last to call you in a day.

5. He Makes The First Move

As a gentleman, it's a sure thing he makes the first move. He won't be hesitating to tell you he loves you and working hard to prove it.

6. He Lets You Take The Lead

Even though he's the first one to make the move, later on he doesn't mind to let you take the lead. Seeing you happy is simply a happiness for him.

7. He Gives You All His Time

He won't mind to spend all of his free time with you. As much as he's obsessed to you, he want to know you better by spending time together.

Things That Are Turnoff For A Capricorn Man

things that are turnoff for a capricorn man

1. You Flirt Too Much

One way how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you is by stay faithful. Since he has his eyes only on you, he hates it the most to see a girl who flirts too much.

2. Rushing Things

Patience is the key. So take things slow with him and don't rush with anything. Just enjoy the process and let it be.

3. Always Complain All The Time

Since Capricorn is a wise man, he likes a mature girl who easy to adapt with any situation. Avoid complaining in front of him or else he won't be interested anymore.

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