How to Notice If Your Long Distance Ex-Boyfriend Still Got A Feeling on You

Last updated on April 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Uhm! It must be so hard right, fighting your own feeling. Why would he do that?! Give you a flame and make your heart burned, so bad ‘till it’s CRACKED?! Lord has mercy! But, don’t you know that the war’s actually not over yet? Whether you or him who wants to get back together. That’s creepier than Freddy Krueger nightmares, but it also can be more beautiful than the happy ending of Disney stories. Whatever~ you can always see the sign, and it can help you make a decision faster than a ninja.

  1. He Starts To Get Chaotic On His Social Media.

A lot of girls always want to erase their beautiful memory about their relationship. So, most of them start to block their Ex-boo account on social media. Nah! No! No! Nein! Honey, you just still don’t know about what you can do with it. Don’t you know that every girl is better than FBI? Make your inner FBI comes out and take control of your soul, baby. And, let’s see if your ex- boo is really fine after your break up or not.

We all know that the man will feel lonely and sad after break up and after that they will just forget anything that happened just like a dust on their brain that has been sucked by a vacuum cleaner. It’s completely normal! And, what’s not normal is there is no even a good day on his life when you stalk on his social media, like there are just bad days on his life since you were break up with him. Well, it can be a green light for you if you want to get back together. Also read: Tips for Long Distance Relationship During Summer for College Students

  1. Keep Contacting You Or Even Trying To Meet You

How to notice if your long distance ex-boyfriend still got a feeling on you? If he’s badass enough, he will choose to meet you directly. But, keep contacting you also can be a signal if he wants to get back together. Most of them got really nice flow on this situation. It will happen for a few days then BOOM! If you don’t want to get back together, you don’t need to be a drama queen. Just chill, do yoga, and talk about it with him in a good way. Also read: Signs Your Ex Wants You Back in Long Distance Relationship

  1. Jelly Game Is Starting

How to notice if your long distance ex-boyfriend still got a feeling on you? Jelly a. k. a Jealousy can be their great strike. Nope! You don’t want to lose this game, do you? His bad boy mode can be a sign of “Hey! Look at me! I want you back like this!”. Remember about the FBI brain on every girl that I told you. Baby, you can use it on this situation too. You want to be careful, cause it’s too risky.   You need to make sure about if he really moves on or it’s just a “pretend” to get your attention.

Just sync it with his social life, you might wanna ask a help to his friend to spying on him and think for a thousand times before you conclude it. Girl, if you’re done doing this, stay cool in this game. Sipping tea and enjoy his drama. Also read: How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous in a Long Distance Relationship

How to Get Rid of Long Distance Break Up

That’s the important sign that you’ll face when your ex-boo wants to get back together with you. But, if your ex-boo doesn’t show any sign if he wants to get back together, don’t worry. We’ll show him what is the real definition of suck actually! Like, “Try me. Butterfly bitch is born, watcha gonn’ do, huh?!”

  1. Make a change

Right, it’s been a while since your heart become black. But, it’s time to raise, sunshine! You’re not allowed to sit down and playback all of those memories forever! Get up! Move your ass! C’mon! No one can’t stop you! Play the music! Blast the volume! And hit the shower! You can’t go beat him with stinky smell!

Start to make a change, baby. Set your new mantra, “Get out of my way, I’m a new me”. Make a good change. Be a better person for yourself, fill up your brain with something good and cool. Do your hobby, be independent girl. Live your life, honey. Also read: Signs of Unhealthy Long Distance Relationship

  1. Do the jelly game and win it

You can do the jelly game too, just to make him regret what he has done to you.  Change the way you dress. Find a look book on internet, or if you can just be badass and pretty at the same time. But, don’t wear too much accessories.  Chin’s up! This world is your catwalk, baby. Be classy on every step you take. Slay ‘em hard, baby! Make all of men eyes on you, then you will win the jelly game. Don’t let him test you, you’re the one who test him! Show him what’s the KARMA! Also read: Ways to Stay Connected in A Long Distance Relationship

  1. Be nice

You’re heart has been cracked recklessly, but it doesn’t mean that it’s gone. You can always build it up again. Spread your love to anyone. Smile is the best thing that you can give. Be friendly, be a social butterfly, hangout with your friend, travel a lot, and eat well.

Post your picture once in a while and let him know about it. It’s okay to be savage to him if he’s bad enough for you to get back together. Don’t do it harshly, but instead softly, baby. Don’t make him think, it’s a correct way to leave you behind.

Those are something that you can do to make him regrets of what he did to you and wants to get back together. Sounds like a cool strategy, right? It’s up to whether you want to get back with him or nah.  Don’t stress out too much. Do yoga, don’t think about it too much. If you think that he’s too bad to you, let’s just say Namaste, leave him behind, okay? Don’t make the same mistake, ever! You’re too good for him. Treat yourself like a queen, but still stay humble, honey.

“Hit you with that ddu ddu ddu ddu” – Ddu ddu ddu ddu by Blackpink.

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