30 Clear Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you recently suffered from a tough break-up?

Are you still in the stage where you're hoping your ex-girlfriend will come back to you?

Maybe they've even hinted as much, but you're not sure whether they were serious about this?

The good news is: there are few reasonably reliable signs that you can look for to discover whether your ex-girlfriend is likely to come back to you.

I have outlined the biggest telltale signs in this guide below. 

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With that said, let's now take a look at the signs that she will come back eventually.


Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

1. You Have This Feeling

Upon seeing her coming back, you have this odd feeling that she may wants more that just be friends. You just don't think it's a coincidence that she moved to your office or you bumped into her more often lately.

2. You Don't Have A Dark History

Not only that your relationship was satisfying but you also breakup on good terms. You didn't have a big fights and neither of you cheated. You met for a short period of time and it's not bad to get back again.

3. She Didn't Block You At All

One of the Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved On is when you no longer can find her name in you followers list. But the fact that she didn't unfollow you on Instagram or unfriend you on Facebook means that she herself still have that little hope.

4. She Is Still In Touch With Your Friends

she is still in touch with your friends

The fact that your friends don't even hate her and still contacting her means that her chance to get back to you is still very high. They could be the one who support her to get back with you and keep talking about her to you.

5. She Said She's Unhappy After Breakup

She looks gloomy after the breakup and she tells you that she is unhappy. She doesn't seemed to have found the Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy at all. She ends up contacting you couple of months after the breakup.

6. You Broke Up Because Of Distance

It could be that you broke up because she has to went somewhere far away and she couldn't take the risk for your relationship. But she finally come back and won't be going anywhere anymore. Is there any reasons for you not to get back?

7. She Always Has Excuse To See You

You could be wondering about this too, but she did never run out of excuse to see you. Yesterday she said she wants to give you back all the gift you gave her, today she wants to return your T-shirt, and more to come the next days. Isn't she amazing?

8. She Sends Hints On The Social Media

So you took her photos a lot when you were dating. And she use it to throwing bait at you by posts the photos on Facebook and using the hashtag #throwback. You will get what she means in no time.

9. She Pretend To Call The Wrong Number

This is an old and childish trick, but she doesn't seem to care about it. She calls you innocently and talking like she does with her friends. Moreover, she talks about you, pretending not realize that it was your number.

10. She Apologize

Instead of hating you and pretending that you're not exist, she apologize after the breakup. She somehow feel sorry that she dumped you, and you, who haven't fully moved on from her can be easily touched.

More Signs She Will Go Back To You

more signs she will go back to you

Here are more signs to know that she will eventually go back to you:

  1. She calls you whenever she's drunk.
  2. Her mother calls you, saying that she miss you.
  3. She likes all of your social media posts.
  4. She doesn't date anyone after breakup.
  5. She comes back as new, like you never knew her before.
  6. She always available for you.
  7. She never refuse to hang out with you.
  8. The first one who calls is her.
  9. She reply your text longer than the one you sent.
  10. It takes her no time to answer your call.
  11. Her friends still talk about you... a lot.
  12. She wants to meet you, saying that she want to take her stuffs back.
  13. She shares about her dreams, goals, and future.
  14. She is still touchy with you.
  15. You bumped into her too often lately.
  16. She treats you really well.
  17. She never disappear from your life after breakup.
  18. She wants to spend her weekends with you.
  19. She said she want to remain as friends.
  20. She keeps talking about to to everyone else.

How To Reject Her Kindly

So she wants to get back to you. Everything will be perfect if you want to rekindled your relationship with her again, but you could also feel like not in love with her anymore and choose to move on instead. Here are some ways to reject her with kindness without hurting her heart.

  1. Turn down every of her offer to ask for a date. Just tell her that you have another appointment already.
  2. Tell her that she is an awesome person but you don't think she's the right person for you now.
  3. You have moved on and that's the fact. Even it's hurt but she surely will understand.
  4. No need to say harsh thing, nor bring up the past why did you break up.
  5. Don't easily pick up her calls or replying her messages.

In Summary

After reading all the signs your ex girlfriend will eventually come back to you, now you know why she acted unusual these days. But what's over is over, unless it's you who did the Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You and Want You Back.

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