20 Ways To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Misses You And Wants You Back

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you miss your girlfriend?

Has her disappearance left a hole in your existence?

Would you like to know the most effective ways to make her miss you and want you back?

Well, you're in luck because that’s exactly what the guide below is going to present to you.

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How To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Misses You And Wants You Back

It’s completely understandable if you’re still in love with your ex and want to make her come back. You want to give the relationship another go.

Here are the things that you should do to make your ex-girlfriend miss you and want you back:

1. Show Her That You’re Okay

Even though you might be feeling sad and in a lot of pain, don’t show it all in front of your ex. It will only make her happy knowing that you can’t even function without her. Your life is fine without her in it. Act cool and normal. Pretend that you’ve moved on and carrying on with your days as if the relationship never happened.

2. Be Happy

be happy

Show her how happy you are with your life now. Displaying your happiness is quite important here as it will make her think twice about her action. If you act sad, your ex might feel bad and regret it. But that only applies to the good one. A spiteful ex won’t even care about your feelings. This is actually a great way to know your ex’s real personality before trying to get her back. You can simply apply this ways to make your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants you back again.

3. Be Confident

Always be confident and if you are not then fake it. A break up can really mess up a person’s confidence. You’ll feel as if there’s something wrong you since your ex decided to break it off. But acting confident is crucial to make your ex think that she’s made a big mistake. Confidence will make you look and feel better. Your ex might start to have feelings again for you.

4. Ignore Her

Keep your distance when you see her. Ignore her as if the love was never there. No need to show how special she was or how much the relationship meant to you. Don’t text her back and don’t answer her calls. If you must reply, keep it short and simple. Don’t give her a chance to pull you into a long conversation. Make her chase you back. Here are some signs she will leave her boyfriend for you.

5. Act Close With Someone Else

Have someone, a friend possibly, to help you out. Act as if you’re really close with someone else in front of your ex. This will make her see that there’s somebody else who can appreciate you and doesn’t leave you. Laugh and joke around with your ex. Be free with your behaviour like you have nothing to lose. Your ex will become jealous and might try to contact you again.

6. Get A New Look

The way you look will make your ex miss you and want you back. Spend your free time to change up your style. Use magazines or the internet as your reference. Shop for new clothes or thrift for unique ones. Exercise to make your body look even better with your new look. She’ll see you as fresh and different. She might also be impressed at how much you’ve changed. 

7. Return Her Belongings

No need to keep her things with you anymore now that the relationship is over. Return all her belongings and the things she gave you during the relationship. People always want to be remembered somehow. This way your ex will think that you really want to forget her. She’ll be sad and regretful knowing how much you want to get rid of her.

8. Find A New Hobby

There are many easy ways to make your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants you back again. Fill your days by picking up new skills. Occupy yourself with positive activities. Your ex will become jealous when she sees you doing things that make you happy. Do something that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t because your ex hated it. Also read on the reasons why you should not be friends with your ex in case you change your mind.

9. Don’t Waste Time Being Sad

don't waste time being sad

Looking sad will make your ex think that you’re too clingy since you can’t even survive without her. Get back up and prove her wrong. Only take a short time to feel all that sadness but never overthink it. Overthinking will drag you down. Show your ex how strong you can be so she’ll never underestimate you.

10. Remove Yourself From Her Circle

This is another way to make your ex miss you and want you back because you’ll make so much distance between the two of you. Pull yourself away from her social circle. Don’t associate yourself with her friends or her parents anymore. She’ll start to feel an emptiness without you especially when people start to ask questions about you.

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Other Ways To Make Her Miss You Badly

We'll give you more tips on making your ex jealous that you can read more about ways to make your ex-girlfriend misses you and wants you back again here:

  1. Don’t beg for another chance to be with her.
  2. Never show jealousy.
  3. Smile when you see her but don’t be the first one to start a conversation.
  4. Act cool when she’s with another man.
  5. Take awesome selfies and upload on social medias.
  6. Don’t give her gifts.
  7. Don’t show affections.
  8. Never appear desperate for her love.
  9. Take trips to fun places to make yourself happy. They are one of the ways to get over a relationship break up as you leave all that pain behind.
  10. Make advancement in your career or workplace.

In Conclusion

Remember that the above methods won’t always work. It all depends on how your ex reacts to you. Try as hard as you can as your effort matters too. If it doesn’t matter to her then start to move on. Find someone else to be happy with, you deserve a chance to be in love again.

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