25 Tips For Shy Guys to Give Friendly And Romantic Hugs to Girls

Last updated on April 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Keep in mind that it turns out that each hug has its own meaning. Below the following here are some reasons why a man wants to give friendly and romantic hugs.

1. The burden feels less

When a man is sad and he hugs you. This means that the burden is very heavy. To reduce it, so he hugs you. This also applies to a woman that sad, he will hug you when you have the very heavy burden. See also How to Get a Hug Romantically Without Being Awkward 

2 Feel comfortable

Sometimes a person has excessive worries. Excessive worry will turn into fear and discomfort. That's why a hug is given to give a sense of comfort.

3. Feel calm

Hugging a lover or a friend can also give a sense of calm. This sense of calm will help her to relax and to back normal.

4. Very happy

Expressing a sense of happiness, it can also be done with a hug. This sense of happiness may not be expressed in words. It's like meeting an old friend for a long time. See also  How to Kiss Someone on The Cheek Without It Being Awkward

5. Protect her

A man has the right to protect his lover from insecurity and discomfort. That's why a man hugs her to protect her from any various threats.

6. He is loved you

A man who loves to hug you means he loves you very much. He is a very romantic person and he does not want to lose you.

7. Showing his affection

A shy man is usually not good at expressing his feelings directly. So, he likes to shows his affection to you with a romantic hug. He crushes on you girl. See also  Signs A Shy Guy Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It

8. Express his feelings to you

Hugging is one of the usual actions of a shy man to express his feelings to you. It means he loves you or he just lends his arms for you.


Signs of a shy man who wants to hug you

The average shy man is a passive person. They prefer to wait and do it at the right time. Below the following here are the signs of a shy guy. If all signs are true, truly you are a shy guy.

1. Speaking nervously

His speaking style is honest but he is always nervous. If that guy is your friend, surely he is a shy man.

2 Likes to acts awkward in front of you

Shy men do exist around us, he looks often awkward especially when he likes a girl. See also How to Talk to a Shy Guy You Like When Your Shy

3. Just dare to be her friend

A shy man when he likes a girl he can not afford to approach her. To him, being her friend and talking to her is far enough. 

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4. Do not like to tell about his self

Shy men are usually mysterious men. He does not like to tell about his self and he is also a clever man to hide his feelings especially to a girl that he likes.

5. Jealousy when you are close to other men

Know that shy man are jealous men. The shy guy that jealous, he will find who is the guy that close to you. He will be worried and afraid if you close with someone that bad guy. See also Signs A Shy Guy Loves You and Wants You Secretly

6. A stalker

Shy men are the kind of caring man. Moreover, he is a superior stalker. He is watching you even when you do not know.

7. He likes to a glance at you

When you are busy, he often notices you. In fact, when you are at work he still glances at you. The shy man seems to fall in love with you.

Tips for shy guys to give friendly and romantic hugs to girls

For you, there are some tips for shy guys to give friendly and romantic hugs to girls. Follow these steps correctly and release all of your awkwardness in front of her. Be assured that you can do this to express your feelings.

1. Give her a little humor

Release the atmosphere of awkward, you can create a little humor. Say funny things or jokes that can make her laugh freely. See also  Signs a Shy Gemini Man Likes You

2. Say a sweet word

Here's the tips for shy guys to give friendly and romantic hugs to girls. When there is no more awkwardness between you, in here you can give sweet words like this,"You are always beautiful.".

3. Smiling to her

Do not forget to keep smiling when looking at her. Look deep into her eyes and see how sweet her smile is. See also How to Get an Aquarius Guy Attention

4. Walk slowly

If you walk with her, make sure your step is not in a hurry. Even if you're nervous you should stay relaxed and walk slowly with her.

5. Keep eye contact between you and her

Next, you should keep your eye contact with her. Make sure you can throw a topic of conversation that she likes.

6. Hold her hand

If there is a good time to hold her hand, hold her hand while she scares or hold her hands when both of you in a crowded place. See also Signs a Shy Leo Man Likes You 

7. Step forward after her

Preparation, if you want to hugs her, you must step a little more forward in front of her. This way will make it easier for you to hug her.

8. Shows the signal

Indeed, the moment is right. You can give a little signal to your friend or beloved. Open your arm and your lover or friend will understand what are your signal means.

9. Wait for her signal

Wait until she responds to the signal you made earlier. In the condition of women feel uncomfortable for fear of something. Surely she will immediately hug you immediately, in order to get protection from you. See also Signs A Guy Just Wants to be Friends with Benefits

10. Hug her gently

While you hug her, remember it is not too tight and not too long. Hug her by giving a sense of security and comfort. However, if the girl asks you to do it more, you may hug her tight and long. It's a sign she is also falling in love with you.

Hopefully, 25 tips for shy guys to give friendly and romantic hugs to girls can help you how to hug a girl comfortably without feeling awkward. The success of hugging a friend or lover can be successful as long as we are confident with ourselves. Good luck.

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