Signs A Shy Leo Man Likes You (33 Sure-Fire Signs)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you developing feelings for a Leo man? Are you wondering whether he feels the same?

Maybe he’s yet to make any romantic feelings clear towards you, but you think that might be because he’s shy? 

Would you like to know the truth without flat-out asking him? 

If so, this might be a useful guide for you. It reveals the subtle signs that a Leo man will show if he likes you.

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With that said, it may well be that this lovely Leo already likes you. So, read on to discover the subtle signs he’ll show if that is the case.


33 Signs A Shy Leo Man Likes You

If you find yourself feeling like there are signs a shy Leo man likes you, then perhaps the trick will be to boost his confidence by showing you like him too. When he sees signs that you are also interested in him, it will boost his confidence and make him declare his interest in you. 

On the other hand, I understand that identifying these signs can be tricky, so I have compiled a list of 33 signs a shy Leo man likes you. 

1. He is attentive

he is attentive

When it comes to receiving attention from a Leo man, you will never be confused. Better believe that he will always remember whatever you say or do because he is always watching and listening to everything. When a Leo man likes you, even when he is shy, he still goes ahead to show he cares about the things that concern you. Like your studies, work, and family. 

Think of it like devotion because that’s how invested he is towards seeing you flourish. Make sure you pay attention to his body language just as much as he is paying attention to yours.

2. He is your number one fan

No one cheers his woman on like a Leo man who is in love. It doesn’t matter what it takes or how stupid your ideas may seem, but when a Leo man likes you, he will always be there to support you in ways he can. 

When a shy Leo man likes you, he may not come outright to tell you he supports your decisions. However, he wouldn’t mind going out of his way to show you support. It could be in the little things, like offering to help you run errands if he sees signs that you’re getting swarmed by work. What matters to him is that he is there for you whenever you need a helping hand. After all, seeing you achieve your goals will bring just as much joy as it gives you.

3. He plans pleasant surprises

Leo men are generous people, and it is only normal that there are no limits to their generosity when it comes to someone they adore. Not only does he enjoy picking out gifts or planning these surprises, but he also loves to see your reaction. They make him feel alive and propel him to do more.

Think of all over-the-top proposals you see on the internet, and chances are your top faves were planned by a Leo man. I mean, it’s only expected that he will know how to delight you with pleasant surprises. That’s what paying attention does; it equips him with all the right information that guides him to your sweet spots.

4. He remembers important dates

If a Leo man likes you, you might as well wave goodbye to the days of stifling cries under your blanket because your boyfriend forgot to get you a Valentine’s day gift for the third time in a row. To a Leo man, it doesn’t matter if it is an important day to him or if he regards it at all. All he cares about is what matters to you, so whether it is Halloween or thanksgiving, he will always be ready to dress up as Frankenstein and show up at your doorstep with a hearty Turkey. 

Don’t get me started on your history together. Trust me, he will remember every milestone. From the first day, you both first locked eyes to the first word you exchanged. 

5. He cares about your well-being

We live in a busy world, and whether you will like to admit it or not, the world does not revolve around you. Except, when a Leo man wants you, it will undoubtedly feel like the world does revolve around you. I mean, how can it not feel that way when he is hell-bent on doing everything possible to ensure that you are living your best life.

He wants to ensure you are eating right, getting enough sleep, and sticking to your new year’s resolutions. You never have to look for an accountability partner anymore with this man by your side. 

6. He flirts with you

While he may not be courageous enough to tell you his feelings upfront, one of the signs a shy Leo man likes you is how he flirts with you. Let’s not forget that the typical Leo man is fun-loving and flirty, especially around women who interest them.

I understand that it may be a little confusing to see beyond his flirtatious way, but you can always count on all the other signs to gauge his true feelings. 

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For instance, he might invite you for an event and casually add that you can bring your friend along. However, when you are all there, his attention is solely on you. It means he is shy to ask you out on a date but will seize any opportunity to be with you. 

7. He talks about commitment

Due to Leo men’s fun-loving nature, they tend to be popular among men and women. So it may seem like you will have a lot of competition to deal with before he ever decides to settle down with you. However, this can be quite the opposite. When a Leo man likes you, he does not mind committing to you, and his behavior toward you will show it all.

Remember, Leo men cherish loyalty, especially when it comes to those they love. For instance, a shy Leo man will start investing his time and resources in you and may also slip into your discussions about the future. He wants to know your plans and see how they align with his own.

8. He makes the most of the holidays and birthdays

When a man is shy, he is conscious about how he talks and the things he does, and this same pattern of behavior applies to the Leo man. So while he may not know how to tell you outrightly that he likes you, he will spend more time showing this to you.

The holidays and birthdays always seem to stand out as a good time to show off. It is his opportunity to shower you with gifts without having to explain why awkwardly. Watch out for his presents; chances are they are thoughtful and convey how he feels about you. 

9. He sometimes ignores you

he sometimes ignores you

Suppose you notice that the Leo dude who you consider a friend ignores sometimes; it is one of the signs a Leo guy likes you. While some people like to play games when they want someone using the push-pull strategy, there are other reasons why a person you know may ignore you. It could be that they are shy and embarrassed you met them in an awkward situation, for starters.

Think of a time when you met your crush at an unexpected time or place. Unlike other times when you would be happy to walk over and say ‘Hi’, this time you chose to hide away, and even when it seems like they are walking towards you, you turn the other way. The thing is, you probably reacted that way because you didn’t feel you were at your best. Your shy Leo guy may be feeling the same way as you do.

10. He yearns for your attention

Yes, Leo man is generous, attentive, and pleasant, but do not be deceived. He likes to receive all these affections just as much as he gives them. My point is, when a Leo man showers you with attention, he is also expecting you to reciprocate, and he appreciates every little gesture you demonstrate to show that you care.

One of the signs a Leo man likes you is how much he craves your attention. It may be subtle, like how he teases you about not checking up on him or how happy he gets when you agree with him on a topic. In a nutshell, he wants to know that the feelings he has for you are mutual.

11. He introduces you to his friends and family

The Leo man is a public person. He loves to socialize and have conversations with people regardless of if he has met them before or not. Although you may be thinking this trait does not apply to your Leo man because he is shy, the thing is, he is still an expressive person around his friends. So if he likes you, they are usually the first to know.

When a Leo man is in love, he does not mind holding hands to show his affections for you around his friends and family. He will invite you for family occasions and introduce you in a fond way that makes everyone understand that you are special to him.

12. He demonstrates chivalry

If you think chivalry is dead, wait until you meet a Leo man who is out with his crush. He is the perfect gentleman, and it shows in everything he does, from his choice of words to his outfit and his behavior. He will pull out chairs for you, open doors, and ensure that you walk in first before following after you.

He is courteous and might even show up at your house with some flowers or a bottle of wine. He knows that first impressions matter, so every move he makes is premeditated.

13. He only wants you to see his good sides

A shy Leo guy who has a crush on you will only want you to see him at his best. I know this may come off as superficial, guarded, or pretentious, but it’s quite the opposite. He fears being misjudged by you or, worse, losing you, which is why he holds back from revealing his imperfections. 

However, as time goes on and your relationship deepens, you will notice him open up more to you, but until he is ready to make a move, he will only want you to think of him as perfect. He might even get upset whenever he feels embarrassed or mask it off with a nervous laugh.

14. He allows you to be yourself

The primary concern of any Leo man who likes you is that you flourish and live your best life. He knows that a woman is happiest when she is herself, so he always wants to make you feel good in many ways, and at all times.

Whatever visions, or goals you have, you will notice that he is always supportive of them. He ensures that he tries to ensure that he does not hold you back from doing what you want or being who you want to be in life.

15. His schedule is always flexible when it comes to you

Anyone who has ever been with a Leo guy will tell you that they are usually busy men. They always have a project, work, or social event to catch up with, which often leaves their calendar fully booked. However, when it comes to someone they like, they always find a way to create time.

If your Leo guy is always busy but never hesitates to make himself available whenever you need him, then that’s a sign that he likes you.

16. He is generous

It is easy to say without a doubt that generosity is the love language of anyone who has ever been in love. It is easy for us to give to those we love especially when we know they feel the same way. One of the signs a Leo man likes you is that he makes generosity look so easy and effortlessly even when he has little to offer.

He does not mind sacrificing his last bucks to ensure you get that vital need sorted. He is attentive to your needs and will always want to provide for you where possible.

17. He notices everything about you

he notices everything about you

Not to scare you, but having a Leo guy who crushes on you can almost feel like you have a stalker - but in a good way. He notices everything about you, from the way you walk to how you like your coffee. 

One thing you should know about men, in general, is that they are deliberate about who and what they give their attention to. Even though your Leo guy may be shy, if he likes you, he will be observant and notice all the little changes you make in your life, even if it is a change in your nail polish or how you wear your hair.

18. He looks forward to spending time with you

When it comes to making a girl feel special, Leo men have mastered the art. They will make you feel like you are only the girl in the world, and being around you is the most pleasant thing to have happened to them after sliced bread. 

If a shy Leo dude likes you, you will notice that he is always excited to hang out with you or attend events where you will be present. Don’t be surprised if he rings you a couple of times to confirm your availability for a date or event.

19. He takes your opinions seriously

When a Leo man likes a woman, interests, and opinions suddenly become key players in their decision-making process. Signs a Leo man likes you include his need to run visions by you first before taking any action, and he may be doing this for two reasons. 

First, these visions may affect you directly or indirectly, so he wants to get your opinion to be sure they are acceptable. Secondly, he believes you have a great mind and considers you intelligent so whatever thoughts you have to share is an honor to him. 

20. He appreciates physical contact

Do you suspect that a Leo guy may secretly like you but is too shy to admit it? Well, here’s one way to know. The next time you are together, try holding his hand to cross the road and see if he lets go afterward. If he doesn’t, it means he likes you, and chances are, he will want to continue holding your hand until you get to your destination.

Don’t be surprised if your first date is to watch a romantic comedy just because he wants to have you laugh and lean into him. A shy Leo dude who likes you will appreciate any form of physical contact.

21. He is nervous around you

The problem with shy people is that they are always nervous around the people they like. They are never sure of themselves and worry that they may be doing everything the wrong way. A shy Leo dude shares this struggle, but it usually comes from a different angle.

Because he wants to make everything perfect and is not ready to reveal his flaws, you will find him fidgety around you. He might even stammer when talking to you or sweat a little. However, if you can make him comfortable around you, his nervousness will reduce, and he will be able to open up more.

22. He wants to know your relationship status

Leos are generally cheerful people, and they are often considered to be the life of the party. Everyone wants to be around them, and they are used to being desired. So when a person rejects them, they sometimes do not handle it well, especially if it took a lot of courage to ask you out in the first place. 

This is why when a shy Leo dude likes a woman, he will want to ensure he crosses all his t’s and dots all his i’s. One way to do so is by getting clarification on your relationship status. This does not mean he is afraid of competition. He just wants to know where your heart lies and the possibilities of getting a ‘yes’ from you.

23. He spoils you with presents

As part of his generosity, the Leo man will stop at nothing to ensure that the woman he likes always receives thoughtful presents. There is no need to wonder how he always knows the right gifts for you - that’s because he is attentive.

Whether the occasion calls for it or not, the Leo man will always find a way to reassure you of his love through presents. These gifts may not necessarily be expensive, but they are usually thoughtful and useful.

24. He follows you on social media

We are in a day and age where it is almost impossible to say you truly know a person if you don’t follow them on their social media pages. This is one way to understand that a shy Leo man likes you. 

In cases where he cannot show his affections physically, better believe that he will show them online by showering all your pictures, videos, and posts with likes and retweets. He is trying to stay visible without saying too much. 

25. He is protective and gets jealous

We have been conditioned to view jealousy as a negative emotion when it is a natural feeling and can signify that a person loves you. My point is, it is impossible to say you like a person without feeling a hinge of jealousy when you see them getting close to another person. 

A Leo man often knows how to manage and balance his emotions. However, he will be jealous if he sees signs of you flirting with other guys. Remember that this Zodiac group likes to receive love just the way they give it, so he will be unhappy to know that he does not have your full attention.

26. He laughs at all your jokes

he laughs at all your jokes

A Leo man who likes you will laugh at all your jokes whether they are funny or not; it doesn’t matter to him. All that matters is making you feel good about yourself, and you are comfortable around him.

He loves to see you in your element, even if it means listening to the same lame jokes fifteen times in a row. Remember, he is your biggest fan, and this fan is out to make you feel like a superstar.

27. He will try to impress you

If it were up to me, I would suggest that Zodiac signs take a cue from the Leo man on how to treat a woman because it seems they have it all figured out. Being a Zodiac group whose prominent character is their pride, they always want you to see all they can do.

He will want to make you feel special by taking you to new places and introducing you to new experiences. He takes delight in your happy reactions as he believes this will help him win strong points from you.

28. His friends know about you

Once again, this is the Leo man’s boastful nature coming into play. He likes you so much, and it is only fair to him that his friends share in his excitement. So if you’re wondering how his friends can spot you from afar without having to say a word, better believe he has told them all about you. 

You can always tell that he is not the type to tell his friends about anyone by how excited he is for you to meet them. It means you are special to him, and he hopes you get along well with his closest friend. 

29. He calls and messages often

When a Leo man likes you, he makes sure all lines of communication are open. It often starts with him following you on all social media platforms, like your pictures, and sending memes that he finds funny or relatable. 

With this star sign, communication is his way of ensuring he remains relevant in his life. Leo men are often associated with craving attention and admiration from women, but the good thing is that they know how to double that attention. So you can always expect cheesy good morning and good night messages daily. 

30. He wants to know all about you

When a shy Leo man has a crush on you, he wants to know the truth about you. The good, the bad, the ugly - he wants to hear them all. He relishes getting details about your personality and soaks up the information like a sponge. 

He understands it is not easy to open up, so he might make light-hearted jokes to make you feel comfortable talking to him. Self-expression Is important to this star sign, so he welcomes every opportunity that allows you to show and express your emotions. 

31. He makes you laugh

Laughter comes easy to those who find themselves with a Leo man. He is naturally jovial and easy to get along with people. While this is slightly different for a shy Leo man, he may not be the type to be around people. He still possesses the charm that gets people to like him. 

A Leo man who has a crush on you will always want to make you laugh, even if it means him making a fool out of himself. Watch out for this attribute and ensure that you laugh at the jokes because your laughter validâtes his feelings.

32. He invites you to events

he invites you to events

At this point, it should no longer be news that Leo men are proud men. You see, this star sign is governed by the sun; therefore, they gravitate towards self-expression and talent. So when a Leo man likes you, even though he is shy, he still wants you to know the utter talent he possesses and how much it appeals to the crowd.

You can expect to receive invitations to events where he is likely to perform or stand out. He wants you to see him in his element and admire him without blowing his trumpet himself. 

33. He is proud knowing he is the source of your happiness

I know we all like to be why someone smiles, irrespective of how little the gesture may be. Now imagine the joy you feel when this happens and multiply it; that is the satisfaction a Leo man derives from making the woman he loves happy.

He is proud knowing that he can lift you out of a sour mood, and he's the reason for your joy. 


Are Leos shy when they like someone?

The typical Leo man is a social animal, fun-loving, and they love to be the center of attention, and this behavior does not change when they like someone. They will take every opportunity to show how talented and exciting they can be. However, now and then, you may come across a shy Leo who may not want to be the main attraction for the whole world to see, but he wants to be the center of your world.

How do you know if a Leo man is attracted to you?

When a Leo man likes a woman, she is the center of his world. He will want to be around her at all times and will only want her to see him at his best. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets; his daily goal will always be to impress his woman and make her happy.

What is a Leo man attracted to?

It is no secret that a man under the Zodiac sign Leo likes to be admired, but what you may not know is that he also wants to be admired by proxy. This means he likes women who are able to get the crowd's attention and turn heads, he enjoys a woman who is funny, confident, and affectionate.

Where do Leos like to be touched?

As a sign that loves the limelight in ways others won’t understand, physical touch is an essential aspect of their life. A Leo likes to be touched on their backs and necks. They love hugs and cuddles because it validates their need to be the center of their partner’s attention.

What is a Leo man's weakness?

The Leo man is a lot of nice things that could make them the perfect partner, however, ego and pride happen to be their weakness. These weaknesses can sometimes make them come off as demanding, arrogant, and downright annoying. Just as their outgoing nature can pull the crowd, their ego and determined personality make them new enemies. 

To Summarize

Often charismatic yet temperamental, the Leo man is quite a force to reckon with in life. When he likes you, he considers the world his stage and will stop at nothing to get your attention. Not even his shyness can hold him back. I hope you enjoyed reading through this list and found the signs insightful. If yes, please a comment behind about your experience with a Leo man and don’t forget to share.

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