10 Secret Ways to Make a Leo Man Feel Special

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The zodiac signs can help you more than you could ever think. So looking up for the star signs of your crush or boyfriend will surely brings you many advantages. Just like what you’re gonna read about the ways to make a Leo man feel special. If he has show the Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You, now the ball is in your hand. To have to find the Ways to Get a Leo Man in Love with You.

Leo man is man with million of charms. He has this shy side on him, but sometimes his heart is too hold to hold. But with these useful tips, catching the heart of a Leo man is no longer hard to do.

1. Let Him Have His Way

Leo man always thinks he know the best solution for every problem. Somehow he is always convinced that no other way is better than his decision. Let him take all his time to figure things out. Don’t confront or telling him that he is wrong. He will make it up himself as he thinks deeper over time. Be alongside him while watching his mind process. He will eventually solved the problem himself. Let him think that he knows the best in every situation.

2. Compliment Every Little Thing

Just like any other man, Leo man is also loves to be loved. Since there are many ways to express your love to him, pick the best way that he would fond of it most. It’s a compliment. For every little thing he did, compliment him. When he take you out for dinner, say that he make a good choice of a restaurant. Anyway it’s a sweet Things to Say to Drive You Boyfriend Crazy.

3. Accept His Unusual Way of Thinking

You never know what kind of surprise can made by a Leo man’s brain to blow you up. He is not the type who thinks traditionally. While he likes to think out of the box, get ready for that. You may never know what kind of place he’d take you for vacation. And even you’re flustered by his choice, make a humor out of it. He’s willing to fawn you when he thinks he’s succeed to surprise you.

4. Give Him the Spotlight

Leo man is a celebrity in his world. He loves to stand under the spotlight and make sure you give him that. Create a situation where he is the only king. For example, if he’s a good cooker, throw a dinner party with your friends at his place. Let him take care of the supper and shout it out to the guests that he did all of the cook!

5. Listen to Him When He’s Mad

Man with the passion, the Leo man tends to get angry easily when he got his ego touched. Especially when he feels unappreciated. Let him vent out his anger and listen to him until he managed his emotion. He only wants to express what’s in his mind. Acknowledge his feeling by not confronting him. When he’s calmed down, he’d want your pat in his back and a tight hug.

6. Be Grateful of His Generosity

Because Leo man is generous inside and out, make sure you appreciate it. He’ll give everything he owned and do everything to you because he loves you. When he’s so generous for helping you with house chores or picking you up after work, never forget to say thank you and how he made your day. He’ll bee all over the moon upon hearing that. Add a smile while saying that too.

7. Keep Up with His Roller Coaster Emotion

As a truthful and honest man, Leo man doesn’t hold grudges. When he’s mad he’d vent it out. It may be scary when he did, but it only for a short time. After all of the bad feeling has escape, he’ll soon return to his original state. All you have to do is to patiently listening to him. As he himself know how hard to be handled he is, he’d feel really special knowing someone is trying to keep up with him. 

8. Support His Social Life

As said before, Leo man is a celebrity in his life. He has many friends that you can endlessly count. He has a big ego, and you need to support it. When he wants to go out with his friends, let him. When he wants some personal time, give it. You’ll got nothing but his whole heart on your hand.

9. Amicably Agree to Him

As Leo man thinks he is the best solution maker of everything, just agree with him in any situation. It’s better than putting up a fight between both of you. If you are disagree with his way, find a good time to talk about it. Confronting him right away will do no good for your relationship though.

10. Trust Him

What’s more ways to make a Leo man feel special? Leo man loves to be given by responsibility. Give your love to him and he’ll protect it at all costs. So never try to be mistrustful towards him. He’ll never show the Signs of a Cheater Guy. If you ever questioned his loyalty even once, it’s a big hurt to his ego. Don’t be insecure when he’s not with you at the moment. He’s not cheating, he’s just enjoying himself and have some fun.

So those are the ways to make a Leo man feels special. Once you make a Leo man fall in love with you, he’ll be a faithful and loyal man. You have to be faithful and loyal too in return, so you don’t have to see the Signs He is Falling Out of Love with You. Have a great journey with your Leo man then!