11 Unique Ways To Make A Leo Man Feel Special (How To Make Him Feel Loved)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for a way to make the Leo in your life feel special? 

Maybe you have a Leo boyfriend who is struggling with self-esteem issues? 

Or maybe you’re trying to attract a stereotypically brash and confident Leo to be your partner?

Either way, this guide should prove to be useful. It includes 11 unique things you can do to make a Leo man feel loved and desired. 

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Of course, if you’re just after Leo-centred tips, scroll down for my list of things you can do to make this sign feel adored and respected.


What Is A Leo Man Like When Dating?

what is a leo man like when dating?

Did you fall in love with a Leo man? It is true that there will be times when dating a Leo man can be quite a challenge, but it can also be a rewarding, fun relationship to be in! Leo men are often childlike and joyful in what they do or what they are passionate about. When they get excited over something, they get such an energetic way about them; it’s hard not to join in the fun!

They aren’t always fun and games, though. Often, Leo has a huge ego, something that makes him think he is the king of the world. He’s a very confident man, which can be quite appealing, but at times, the conceited nature of a Leo will make you feel overwhelmed and even exhausted with all that you have to put up with. If you are a patient person, a Leo man is perfect for you!

Even if you feel a little tired of their big egos from time to time, their charismatic mannerisms will melt your heart and help you forget all about your troubles. A Leo man has a vibrant personality and a huge heart, which he will show you in the way that only a Leo man could. He’ll not only melt your heart, but he’ll also show you passion and excitement you’ve only dreamed of.

How To Make A Leo Man Feel Loved

1. Give him a huge surprise

One simple way to win the heart of a Leo man is to give him an enormous surprise, something that isn’t simple to put together. Perhaps for his birthday, you could throw him a monster birthday bash as a huge surprise. He’ll be won over by how much work you put into the gift that he will definitely know he has a wonderful place in your heart.

2. Enroll him in acting classes.

This might sound like an odd way to make someone feel loved, but you are giving him an adventure, something he doesn’t get to experience on a daily basis. He’ll love the fact that you came up with such an original idea as a gift for him! If you think he’d prefer it, you could even go with him to watch him shine his personality on the crowd.

3. Cook him a romantic candlelit dinner

This idea is one that rarely fails for girlfriends. If you cannot even boil water, maybe don’t cook the meal. Instead, order from a fancy Italian (or whatever kind of food your guy enjoys the most) restaurant and put it out on your nice China dishes. When else are you going to use them? Don’t forget to light some candles for that romantic touch!

4. Always compliment him

Yes, Leos are a little full of themselves already, but it never hurts to tell the man you love that you think he’s hot stuff. Make sure you let him know how much you appreciate the wonderful things about him. He’ll appreciate the words and show you kindness back. 

5. Be a good listener and friend to him

be a good listener and friend to him

It’s no secret that these guys enjoy talking about themselves. They like talking about their days and what’s going on in their lives. For this reason, they like being with people who enjoy listening and embracing what they have to say with eager hearts. Learn to be a great listener so that you can appreciate what he has to say on a regular basis.

If you don’t enjoy listening to your guy’s stories, you may not enjoy being with him for much longer. Leos enjoy talking a lot; they like being the center of attention, so if you are with a Leo, you should like to listen, to really hear and respond to what they have to say. Don’t just nod your head in compliance; you need to care about what he says.

6. Be social when he wants to go do things

You don’t always have to go to every event you are invited to, but you should enjoy social functions because those are the places where Leo men go to shine! They like being the center of attention and function well at social events! You don’t even have to worry about making small talk with strangers; he’ll do all the work for both of you.

7. Surprise him with rose petals and sexy lingerie

What a great way to show your boyfriend you care! Just hop on a hot site like Victoria’s Secret and purchase something that will make you look stunning half-naked! Sprinkle the floor with a slew of rose petals, and you’ll have the perfect finishing touch. You can buy silk rose petals at your local craft store. He’ll absolutely love the thought!

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8. Personalize everything for him

A perfect way to show your man that you think he’s one of a kind is to get him something that is personalized, like pillowcases or a nice, soft throw with his initials on it. He will truly appreciate the idea of having his name or initials on everything!

9. Give him a day of pampering

Who says that only women need to be pampered at the spa? My man loves to get a pedicure done from time to time. You don’t have to get fingernail polish put on like a woman; you can just get a nice foot massage and pampering for an affordable price!

10. Name a star after him

name a star after him

Another great idea for honoring your man and showing him just how much he means to you is to name a star after him. Nowadays, it’s not that hard to do, and it’s a very original idea that he’ll never guess you’d do for him! What a nice surprise!

11. Support him always

It’s important when you are in a relationship that you put his needs in an important place in your heart. If you cannot support your guy for whatever reason, you may need to examine your relationship from a new standpoint. Why can’t you support him? Are you really meant to be together? How can you best support him as he needs?

You may need to become a better listener so you can give him sound advice, or just make him a home-cooked meal after he’s had a long, hard day at work - whatever he needs, just be supportive and loving, and you will win his heart!


How do you get a Leo man to miss you like crazy?

To make your Leo man miss you like crazy, one of the things you can do is to throw him a surprise party with all your friends and family members. Not only will he be the center of attention, but it shows you care about his happiness and well-being.

What is a Leo man attracted to?

Leo guys want to know that their women are very unique; they want to feel like their women are good listeners and those other men look at them in awe. Leo men love women who let them have the spotlight, sharing and bragging as much as they wish about things.

What should you not say to a Leo man?

Never make a Leo man feel as though he is not important or worthy of the respect and honor that he believes he deserves. Don’t talk down to Leo men and make them feel insignificant or worthless in what they say and do. They need to feel well-liked and popular.

What makes a Leo man jealous?

If other men are giving you attention, he may be jealous of the attention you are getting from guys. However, you may also make him angry if you flirt right in front of him. This is one of those zodiac signs that you don’t want to test or mess with. 

What is a Leo man’s weakness?

A Leo man is quite a character, and he knows it. They do not just fall in love with anyone; rather, a Leo man likes a girl that will let him do most of the talking and get the majority of the attention in the relationship. Be a good listener.

To Sum Things Up…

What is your Leo guy like, or is that something you are still learning all about? What things have you done to make him feel like he is the only man alive? How do you keep your Leo guy on his toes? Please comment below, and share on social media!

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