Here's The Common Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed That Piss Her Off

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There are common things guys do wrong in bed that piss her off. These common things very make the girls are mad. Guys do wrong in bed because he just feels lots of pressure. That is why he becomes fool himself. Below here are the reasons why the guys make fools in bedroom. Let’s check these out.

1. He is nervous

For the first, he is nervous. He thinks too lots in his mind. There are some doubts are in his head and in his heart. He is so confused, girls.

2. This is his first time

Besides he is nervous there is something that he can not tell you, girls. He is too shy to tell to you. This is his first time. He does not know what should he does now.

3. He does not know what are you wants

Okay, a guy is a person who feels he can and understands what you want. Actually, he just pretend to know what you want. But the truth is not.

4. He feels awkward

He wants to do what he wants, but he is ashamed to do it with you. He feels awkward and embarrassed because of this. This is what makes him act fools in front of you. You may read these tips on how to get romantically without being awkward .It will help both of you.

5. Too much think of his plans

He has full of plans about what should he does to you. But, unfortunately, all of his planes are broken. He too much thinks about his plans.

6. It seems he does not trust you

Maybe he remembered something that he was hiding from you. This memory makes he does not trust you. Are you really loves him or just friends with benefits? See these signs of friends benefits here. Are you one of them?

7. He does not feel confidence

He does not feel confident in all of his mine. He feels his mine is not perfect. Helots to think about it. He is afraid you do not like his mine.

Common things guys do wrong in bed that piss her off 

Below here are the common things guys do wrong in bed that piss her off. So, learn what are the fools guys always do in bed.

1. Too much say sorry

When he starts to touches and rubs you, he is too much, say sorry to you. Besides, the stupid thing he did, he turns his gaze to others. That can offend the girl off. 

2. You talk too much

Dirty talk it is okay to get you and she is in the mood. But, if you are talking too much and just imagine it, the girls can off over your bed. You should learn here, how to talk the dirty talk in a good way.

3. No Noise at all

In here, you are too quiet. In your mind, you have to do it and done. Hey guys, please makes some noise. You are with your lover, you are not with a doll here. In here you can learn to talk about the sweetest things to say how much you love your girlfriend.

4. You do not take her in the mood

Flirting her or foreplay is good to take her in the mood. But unfortunately, you are just wanna do what are you want. You are only want to be the champion here. Please, take her in the mood, this makes her more comfortable.

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5. Compares her to your ex

Okay her body is too slim, this is not like your ex. So, you compare her with your ex. You said she has a beautiful body also she can do what are you want. Please do not compares your girlfriend like this, guys.

6. Lots of touches and grab her body 

Touch and grab her body is permissible, but do not do it too over. The over touch and grab makes her uncomfortable. Please, do it gently and cares. She is not a doll guys, she is a human too.

7. You are too super excited

You have high of confidence, it is good. However, you must control it, guys. In here you want to do all the position to make your girlfriend happy. Unfortunately, all of the position that you did is weird. In her eyes, you do like a chicken, not like a lion. 

How to fix it the things guys do wrong in bed

So, how to fix the things guys do wrong in bed? Watch out of these following tips. His lover you should calm him down. Instead of you leaving it, it's better to talk to him heart to heart. With this, he will be able to understand what you want and this will increase his confidence. Okay, let's check these out.

1. Go with the flow

Said to your partner or your boyfriend, let’s do it together with own heart. Let’s do it with gently. Just go with the flow, guys this is your journey, not a race.

2. Leave out the details

You know what, full of your plans are useless. Just leave out the details. Please do that you should wanna do. Do not overthink about this or she will go off.

3. Knowing what she wants to do

Please to asks her gently, what is she wants? What position that she likes so much? Talk heart to heart before you want to do your plans. To find the best way to make a deal with your girl, you can check it in here.

4. Explore different parts

You can go googling to explore different parts. Make sure this part is fit with you and it can make your girlfriend is comfortable. Do not to be like a pro, just be yourself. This is your first journey.
5. Enjoy

You may have some preparation to get her in the mood. You can change the atmosphere of the bedroom, place some candles and aromatherapy that she likes. In here you just enjoy and relax, guys.

6. Take your time

Take your time, just do it all the things that make you and him happy. No need to do it in a hurry. It's still quite a long time with you, right? Give a meaningful first impression to your girl.

7. Do not push her

For the last thing, do not push her if she does not wanna do that you want. Do everything else that she wants to do. This your game with her, please play it together.

Hopefully, the above common things guys do wrong in bed that piss her off should be useful for you. For you girls, just give your boyfriend a little time, gives him support and talk heart to heart with him. Okay, good luck.

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