What to Say When Someone Asks You Out But You Have A Boyfriend

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Even in our daily life we are faced with so many options. When we want to do something good, we are faced with so many negative option that can shift our good will into a bad thing. The same thing can also happen within a relationship.

That's why there are a lot of cheating partner case and so on. And knowing the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship is important for many people to maintain their relationship with their partner. When you already in a relationship with someone, there must be some random guy who are still asking you to go out.

So, in order to maintain your relationship with someone, you will need to know what to say when someone asks you out but you have a boyfriend. You don't need to feel shy or not comfortable for telling him directly that you don't want to go out with him. It will be better for you to say it so he will be able to move on faster. Here are some information you need to know.

  • Directly say no

What you can do at first is surely to say no. Saying no as a form of what to say when someone asks you out but you have a boyfriend can be the best way. But please think of another reason why you don't want to go out with that person.

Because saying that you have a boyfriend directly won't solve your problem if you really want that guy not come and chase you over and over again. You need to say why you don't want to go out with someone.

Everybody has their own choice on something, and everybody also understand that you can't force love. So, you will need to tell him why you don't want to go out with him based on what you feel about him. After that, you can see his reaction and see whether he has the signs that your friend is fake and asked you to go out for a certain purposes.

  • Ask your boyfriend what to say

Of course you choose your partner that you have right now because you see that there is the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. And since both of you are connected, that also means that both of you is trusting each other.

So why don't you ask your boyfriend and see his opinion on what you should say to that person who ask you to go out? He is a man so he surely know what other guy think of when he was asking a girl to go out.

Besides, by being open to your boyfriend you can make your relationship having a better communication and trust. And having a man to deal with a man problem will help you to solve the problem better because he will help you to see it with the man point of view where you use your logic more and less feelings.

  • Say that you already have a boyfriend

The last option that you can do is to directly say to that person that you already have a boyfriend. No, this does not mean that you think or you want everybody think that having a boyfriend is a burden.

Absolutely no. But sometimes you really need to say it directly because there are some people who are just stupid, they don't understand why you don't want to go out with them.

Even, some of them will still try to chase you even they already knew that you have a boyfriend. And when you say it directly and boldly, you can prevent the misunderstanding that may happen. As a way on how to solve misunderstandings between friends.

I hope after reading this article, you know what to say when someone asks you out but you have a boyfriend. And you will be able to refuse someone offering to ask you to go out not because you have a boyfriend but because you simply don't want to go out with him.

Where this kind of action can help yourself and that person to find out the best way for each other, which is by listening and understanding each person condition.

Thank you for reading this article until the end. Hopefully you can learn something after you read this article. And please find out more interesting article on our website such as what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing to talk about, to let you know more things about love and dating.

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