What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Neck While Hugging (13 Things He Might Be Trying to Tell You)

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When a man kisses you anywhere for the first time, it can be unclear because you try to figure out what was on his mind when he did it. Different kinds of kisses have a different meanings behind it. So, exactly what does it mean when a guy kisses your neck while hugging you?

A kiss on the neck is a lustful act, and usually, it is not done by casual friends. If a guy gives you this kind of kiss, it is a sign he is interested in you, and he is at least physically attracted to you. 

Kisses on the neck while hugging is a very intimate act. It can't be compared to kisses on the checks, hands, or just a peck; they are regular kisses that our friends could do. 

But a kiss on the neck while hugging is a sign that a guy wants something more than just friendship. Even though this may show he wants to get closer to you, it may not mean he wants anything too intimate. This could mean he wants something real and not just sex. 

As mentioned, this is a very sensual kind of kiss; however, the way the guy kisses you also matters. He could be just trying to play around with you, and he doesn't want anything special. 

So, exactly what does it mean when a guy kisses you on the neck while hugging? Well, no need to stress yourself too much trying to know the reason for such an act. Here are 13 possible meanings.


13 Possible Meaning Why A Guy Kisses Your Neck

1. He can't get enough of you

When a guy gives you a kiss on your neck while hugging you, this is a sign that he wants more. He can't get enough of you, and he is sexually attracted to you. It is a good sign for some people and a serious issue to think about for others. This is because you have to decide if you want to go deeper with him. 

You need to be sure that you are ready for a sexual relationship and don't just conclude he wants something more. This is especially important if he doesn't make his intentions clear and straightforward because many men are good at playing the mind game.

2. He loves you

he loves you

It could mean that he is in love with you. He adores every inch of you. You mean so much to him, and kissing your neck is a way of expressing the affection he feels. So if you can, ask him about his feelings. 

There is a lot of meaning to why he kissed your neck, but one thing that is certain is a neck kiss means he is interested in you. If he has been flirting with you once in a while, a kiss on the neck says it all; he is into you.

3. He is passionate about you

One reason a guy kisses a lady on her neck is that he has fallen into the ambiance and love at that moment. When the environment and time are perfect, his feelings get romantic, and the next way to express it is to start kissing your neck. 

Neck kissing is a gesture that shows he is passionately drawn towards you. Yes, you might not be expecting such a gesture from him. But when he gets an opportunity to show how he feels about you, he is definitely going to make it a surprise.

4. He is feeling romantic

Kisses on the neck aren't just casual or plain. There is a deeper meaning to it. So if a guy kisses you on the neck, it means he is romantically attracted to you, and he is patiently waiting to get in between your legs. 

The neck is a very sensitive part of the body and can make a woman physically vulnerable. So if you constantly let someone kiss your neck, it builds trust and intimacy, and you both are likely to get sexually intimate pretty soon. If you know you don't want to have anything to do with him, you must make it clear to him immediately he makes such moves.

5. He was taking advantage of you

The guy may want to take advantage of you since the neck is a very sensitive arousing spot for a lot of women. It is an erogenous zone and very sensitive to touch. It can happen when you both hang out frequently, but there is no defined relationship. At this point, you shouldn't just give in to him. 

You both have to speak about what you have and be clear on the terms in your friendship. You may even find out that he has been faking the friendship just to have sex with you. His only attraction to you may be physical, so the only interest is sex—a friend with benefits kind of thing. Men know how arousing the neck is. So, when a man kisses you on the neck, you should be worried. It's a big deal.

6. He is sending a message to you

He could be your friend or your best friend or even your colleague, but he probably wants to be more than that to you. So, if he feels some kind of way saying it out, he could just kiss your neck while hugging you and send that indirect message of desire. 

Also, when a guy kisses your neck, it means he is already falling for you. You could confront him to know what he wants because he might be too shy to start such a conversation. If you bring up the discussion, this could give him room to tell you how he feels about you.

7. He respects you

When a guy gives you a kiss on your neck during a hug, it shows that he wants more. But then again, you notice that he respects you enough to restrain himself. He just gives a small sign to let you know that he is interested In more. A kiss on the neck puts you both in a safer place instead of smooching or any other seductive activity.

8. He is testing your comfort level

He kissed your neck to know if you also want more. It is a way of testing you instead of kissing your cheeks or going straight up to your lips. He is testing you to know if you want to get down with him. It shows his comfort level and reveals yours as well. 

Imagine your man hugging you from behind, then he starts kissing your back and moves over to your neck, caressing your body with his hands. Before he gets to your mouth, you are already aroused if you are comfortable with this. Then, intercourse may follow.

9. Sexual chemistry

Your husband or boyfriend knows how aroused you get when you are kissed on your neck. So when your partner really wants to have sex with you, he kisses your neck to get you to that point of excitement. Your partner knows that you can't resist the neck kiss. 

The neck is a very fundamental part of the body since it contains vital arteries below the skin. When kissed on the neck, you feel goosebumps, and excitement takes over. You could be lying on the bed, then he buries his head in your neck. And while kissing you, you may feel his growing erection against your body. Now, what he wants is evident so you can go with the flow or push him away.

10. It is an intimate affair

it is an intimate affair

If a person pleases you with a neck kiss, it's more than friendship. It's driving towards something romantic because they are obviously physically attracted to you. This is because neck kisses have the ability to give anyone an unfiltered serene fulfillment. 

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11. It's closely connected with lust

Whoever you are, whatever the situation, once a person hugging you starts moving to kiss your neck, your mind must run wild; something takes over your being. It makes it evident that a guy is not just interested in friendship but is sexually attracted to you. 

Neck kisses place sexual tension on people, and it's not easy to resist. You must be ready if such an incident arises and be calm when handling the person involved. But make sure you never let your guard down.

12. Sweet romantic gesture

Neck kissing is mainly seen amongst couples in a long-term relationship because it is an intimate act that encompasses trust and closeness. Once your partner starts kissing your neck after a hug, you know his intentions are sexual; he is kissing your neck so you can connect without him saying what he wants. You should know what your man wants by now, whenever he gives you kisses on your neck.

13. He wants a steamy sexual encounter

He may not necessarily kiss your neck. He could just breathe on it or do something else but what matters is that the aim is achieved. So when your partner wants something hot and wild, he initiates it by playing with your neck and kissing it. He can even do a hickey until you've completely surrendered.


What does it mean when a boy kisses your neck while hugging you?

When a man gives you a kiss on your neck while hugging you, this could mostly mean he wants to have something intimate with you. But there are other possible reasons he could have done this act, and I already gave 13 possible reasons why a guy kisses your neck.

How do you respond when a guy kisses your neck?

This depends on who he is to you. If you are in a relationship, then you should reciprocate and know what your man wants. But if this comes as a surprise to you, then immediately try pulling him away from you, and make sure you create clear boundaries.

Can you tell if a man loves you by the way he kisses you?

Yes, kisses tell a lot of things, but this depends solely on the kind of kiss. If it is a kiss on the lips or neck, this could be he loves you. But when a man gives you a kiss on your cheek or hands, this could mean he was only trying to be a gentleman.

Why does it feel so good when a guy kisses your neck? 

This is because your hormones could be rising. There is always a hormonal trigger when you get kisses on the neck from someone you are in love with or attracted to. This kind of kiss makes you feel very relaxed, comfortable, and calm.

Where do boys like to be kissed?

Different guys have different preferences. What one man likes might not be what the other likes. But generally, men love it when you give them kisses on the back of their neck, Adam’s apple, mouth, the base of the jugular, and ears.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. If you are not in a relationship with a man and try kissing you on the neck, make sure you create a distance between you and him. If he is in love with you, he should be bold enough to say it and not try to be disrespectful. 

Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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