Is Your Capricorn Man Playing Mind Games With You?

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The dominant, strong, and deeply intellectual Capricorn man loves a little mystery and puzzle. This will be true in the hobbies he is attracted to and in his love life. But does he always play mind games?

Mind games is a fascinating way to make someone be lured to you. This slow and carefully played game has some unique characteristic according to each of the signs.

So, is your Capricorn man playing mind games with you? Let’s find out.

He Really Is Playing Mind Games With You

A challenging game is something a Capricorn loves, especially in his love life. Here is the sure signs that he is playing mind games :

  1. Showing How Great He Is At Being The Leader

Dominance and leadership is something that a Capricorn men enjoys and what he is really good at. He knows that this can turn on some woman so he will show this.

  1. Sending Mysterious Texts

Texts that are deep and mysterious will be sent a lot to keep you guessing on whether or not he likes you. How to Get on A Capricorns Good Side  is by replying his texts with excitement.

  1. Using Deep, Slow Voice When Talking To You

Psychologically, people trust someone with a deep voice more. An intellectual Capricorn knows this and will use this for his advantage.

  1. Looking At You From Far Away

A little sexy eye glance will surely melt anyone’s heart. These physical language is the type of strategy he uses for his mind game.

  1. Showing How Busy He Is

Being busy is usually still true to a Capricorn whether or not he is playing mind games. But putting some distance, a Capricorn thinks, will make a heart grows fonder.

  1. Seduce You Through The Phone

A Capricorn man can be really surprising and send you the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush all of a sudden. This is all part of the chase.

  1. Ignoring You

Why Are Capricorns So Boring and Rude? The answer is because he is trying to flirt with you. Suddenly being ignorant can be the sign of the start of a Capricorn’s man mind games.

  1. Being Really Kind To You

Kindness doesn’t really suit a cold and unemotional Capricorn. He will show this to keep you on your toes.

  1. Wants To Know More About You

Is your Capricorn man playing mind games with you? If he is overly invested in getting to know you, he could be. He is using all this information to perfect his mind games towards you.

  1. Giving You Mixed Signals

Surprises in every corner is to be expected when a Capricorn man is initiating his mind games and this surprise is not always fun. Our advice is hold on and see it through because a Capricorn men is a gem.

  1. Showing How Charming And Social He Really Is

He’ll take you out to functions just to let you see how charming he is in a crowd.

  1. Dressing Sharply

A Capricorn men takes care of himself and his looks. Dressing sharply will show that he is a guy with great life which is a way to play mind games with you.

  1. Standing Closer To You

Closing the gap when being together is a physical way he is letting you know that he wants to be with you.

He Is Using Other Tactics

Creative Capricorn finds it easy to find other ways to make people attracted to them. Here are the other ways he shows that he wants you ;

  1. Clearing Up His Schedule For You

Being a busy bee that he is, having a Capricorn men clear his schedule for you is a Signs A Shy Guy Loves You and Wants You Secretly and that he puts you as a priority.

  1. Giving You Great Gifts

Tangible things are a sign of love from a Capricorn. Expect a practical and thoughtful gift as a way for him to show how much he loves you.

  1. Sharing His Thoughts With You

A Capricorn usually keeps to himself. If he is chatty at all with you, then you’ll know that he really is into you. To give the love back, use Things to Say to Capricorn Man to Make Him Feel Loved

In the end, the answer to is your capricorn man playing mind games with you is to truly see how he spends time with you.

A capricorn man is not easy to read since he likes to keep to himself, so from time to time, remember the signs above to truly know whether or not he use mind games.