How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You Through WhatsApp

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How to know if a guy interested in you through WhatsApp? Basically,  a guy interested in you through WhatsApp,  it can easily be recognized.  So, what are the reasons a guy interest in you through WhatsApp? Let's check these out about how to know if a guy is interested in you through WhatsApp.


Reasons Why A Guy Is Interested In You Through WhatsApp

1. Perfect

The way you text is actually perfect.  He wants a woman like you.  You are very nice,  humble, and not fake. That's why he's perfectly interested in you. It is like Taurus and Virgo, they are a compatible and very perfect match.

2. Good Sense Of Humor

Guys are interested in a woman with a good sense of humor. That's why he can't stop sending LOL emoticon because they think that you're funny.

3. Smart And Kind Woman

smart and kind woman

You're good at appreciating things, or the other side of life.  For him, that makes you a smart woman.  He also fall in love with you because you're independent.

4. You're Very Kind

By helping each other, both of you are more likely to build a very good relationship that can go through well.

5. No Secrets

There is no hiding of secrets between the two of you. You can see the other side of him, vice versa.  Both of you trusts each other,  even though you just met on WhatsApp.

6. Has The Same Hobby

He loves hiking and so are you. You two appreciate and enjoy the same hobby together. That is why he interested with you.

7. Past Stories

It seems like both of you have a depressing story from the past, such as having pain from previous relationships. The stories of being heartbroken is the same as well. With this, both of you hope that your relationship can grow better.

Signs A Guy Is Interested In You Through WhatsApp

So, what are the signs that a guy interested in you through WhatsApp? Well,  below are following answers.

1. He Replies Almost Instantly

He replies very quick to your texts in WhatsApp. Even though he's busy, he sends a text saying" Wait, I will text you back, I am on duty. "

2. Both Of You Can't Hold It

both of you can't hold it

Both of you can't stop texting each other. Every second, every minute, and even every hour. Your smartphone is always beside in you. You never let a second to pass without a reply.

3. Lots Of Topics

You enjoy every topic that he starts and you never ran out of interesting and fun topics. At this point, you'll probably know that he's as smart as you.

4. Jokes

Every joke from him makes you laugh. In fact, a woman really loves a guy with a good sense of humor, like you. Well, you might see in some funny ways how to tell your girl that you loves her.

5. Sends Cute Picture

He's never ashamed in showing you how silly he is.  That's why he sends some cute and silly photo to you and never forgets to make the cute ways to tell your woman that you really loves her.

6. You See It In His Status

He writes a status with a hashtag including your name that looks like "My day is always bright because of #yourname." It's very romantic,  isn't it?

7. Flirting

He flirts on you, even though he's not good in doing this. This is his way how to show that he is in interested in you.

8. Starts A Video Call

A guy who's interested in you through WhatsApp, doesn't just text you.  He wants to know you more by calling you or by starting a video call. By looking at his face you'll know if he's happy to see you.  It is absolutely right that he is interested in you or; might be that he's already fallen in love with you  now.

How To Get Her Attention Through WhatsApp

how to get her attention through whatsapp

For you, the guys in the whole world.  Do you want to get her through on WhatsApp?  Just do these several tips on how to get her through on WhatsApp.  Let's do these things. 

1. Good Profile

Make a good profile to make her interested to you.  Upload your stunning photo that makes her falling love on the first sight.

2. Create An Interesting Status

Create an interesting status that makes her curious about you.  This absolutely works, women surely like mysterious guy lots. What are the reasons? Here are the reasons why women like a mysterious guy, read it carefully.

3. Check Her Favorites

Check her favorites in her social media.  Then, say it that you have the same favorite as her as well. Let's try to give her favorites on your first date. Just make her impress, guys.

4. Ask Her

Ask her,  and keep it in your mind.  Please remember a small thing that she has. It likes,  her birthday.  Say happy birthday with your own way.  This is unforgettable moment for her.

5. Make An Interesting Conversation

It seems she likes to watch an action movie.  So,  get to know who is her favorite actor or actress.  What action movies that she loves. Your conversation will be longer.

6. Give Attention

Give a little attention to her.  A little attention is mean to her.  So,  try to give her simple attention. Such as like remind her to dine,  prayer or anything else.

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7. Make It Deeper

Make it deeper your relationship guy,  show to her how interested you are to your woman.  Give her a real act that you really want her so much.

8. Let Her Talk

let her talk

Sometimes a woman can't hold her sadness that's why she needs someone that wants to hear how she feels.  So,  let her talk and be the wise listener to her.

9. Make Her Happy Every Day

Send a quote that makes her happy every day.  That is a way to make her smile. While she looks happy, you feel happy too, isn't it? The whole world brights at once. There are some the sweet ways that you can do to make your girl feeling special and happy, as a man you should does this.

10. Be Kind

Talk with kind ways. Do not hurt her feeling.  Respect her as you respect others.  While you respect a woman,  that is a big point. She will appreciate this.

Hopefully, the article about how to know if a guy is interested in you through whatsapp can be useful for you to recognize that he is really interested in you or just want to have a friendship with you.  Do above tips if you want to get her being your girlfriend.  Good luck.

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