What Should I Do if My Boyfriend Wants to Date Another Girl While He's Still with Me?

Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

No girl would like to see her boyfriend hooks up with another girl, no matter the reason. But nowadays, finding a reliable guy seems to be a major problem.

Just to remind, guys would always like to find some good opportunities for playing around, and the fact that he has a girlfriend won't help a lot.

When your boyfriend asks you to give him permission to date another girl, there is something you must know, so he won't leave you being fooled. It could be signs he is thinking of cheating. They just want open permission from yourself to cheat you.

There are some reasons why your boy wants your permission to date another woman while he is with you.

  1. Your boyfriend is a piece of sh?t

It was an awful thing to say, but that's the reality. He had a problem of differentiating love, attraction, and neediness. Or worse, he had just openly said to you that he wants to cheat, and the only thing you have to do is make him regret his words.

2. He is unsatisfied with the relationship

Although this one is not usually occurred, this does not always lead to a breakup. You both just only have to find out things to make him put some interest in your relationship. But when your boyfriend suggests that the two of you should be free to date other people, it usually indicates he is unhappy and is afraid to tell you that.

3. Your boyfriend is selfish

He was really into himself, that he will try to retrieve what he would like. This kind of man will never get satisfied with anything they have, and he doesn't care if dating other girls will make his girlfriend feels betrayed. And there are many reasons you should not forgive a cheater.

4. Your boyfriend may had been tempted

Sometimes, it wouldn't take too much effort to get your boyfriend attracted to another girl. When they got the right chance, they could fall for some temptation of another girl.

5. He has some problems with commitments

Some boys are commitment phobic. This fears born from insecurities and uncertainty. He may lose his perspectives and he can't decide which one is the best for him.

Here are some clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on you in relationship.

  • He disappears and cancels your appointments a lot
  • He seems only to care about himself
  • He holds back many things from you
  • He has many "friends"
  • You are his "last minute"
  • He refuses to add you back at the social media
  • He is inconsistent with his words
  • You smell a player vibes from him, and signs of a cheater guy.
  • You are not allowed to touch his phone
  • He always avoids your questions about commitment
  • He doesn't ask you out on the weekend
  • You rarely, or maybe never meet his friends
  • He asks you on a date by text

The biggest possible reason if he wants to date other women while he is with you is he wants to play with you. And this is what you have to do.

Ask him to choose from. This is the first thing that you have to do. Tell him, if you let him do so, he will get his "freedom", but he will also lose you. Give him an ultimatum, and if he can't decide, you know that you are not his priority.

But if he chooses to be with you, discover out why he ask you before. You have to know his problems, so you both can find ways to deal with it. There are still many ways to bring back love in a dying relationship.

Don't be afraid of losing your boyfriend. You had known that he is not a good person, so you had no reason to make him by your side anymore. Live a better life, and find another good guy.

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