27 Obvious Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Most guys seem to have little reservations about approaching women they’re sexually attracted to about their feelings. Most men are also naturally confident, so they have no qualms about asking out women they like. 

However, they also get nervous about getting rejected. As a man, you also have the occasional doubt about whether you have what it takes to make a woman happy. If yes, do you deserve her and vice versa? You also get to ponder these same questions the same way women do before entering a relationship.

You’ve probably been in a situation whereby you like a woman so much but don’t want to spoil the friendship between both of you. You want this girl, but you aren’t sure if her attraction to you is merely platonic or even slightly romantic. 

How do you know that you’re a part of her final thoughts every night before she goes to sleep, and if she wakes up with the thought of you in the morning? If she is a shy girl, it becomes even more important that you read signs a woman wants to sleep with you on her face and body before asking her out. 

How then do you get the woman without getting an outright no, feeling embarrassed, or misreading her actions? There’s a 50-50 chance of failure and success, and as a man, you know you’ll probably bounce back even if her answer is no. 


27 Signs A woman Wants To Sleep With You 

Since you just can’t remain in the friend zone for too long, especially if she has many other men swarming around her like flies, you take the plunge, and watch if things are going to work out or fall apart.

Even after she accepts to date you, don’t blurt out the question of sexual attraction during a conversation. Instead, you might want to try observing her actions and reactions to you for a few weeks before introducing sexual conversations into the relationship.

This article offers you insights into how some women act when they have sexual feelings for a man, and highlights a bit of how you can respond to their vague or obvious sexual signals.

1. She will reduce the formality between both of you

The first sign that a woman wants to sleep with you will probably be a show of less formality on her side. She will become more comfortable in your presence, and begin to act casually instead of stiffly. If she used to address you formally, she will start calling you by your first name.

However, this reduction of formality might just be a sign that she is more relaxed with you as a friend would, rather than wanting to have sex with you. As such, ensure that you read the room properly and observe other signs before approaching her sexually.

2. She will finally invite you to her house

A woman who is priming herself to have sex with you will most definitely invite you to her house. Note that this isn’t the only reason why a woman would do so. Therefore, don’t base your feelings, words, or actions towards her on her openness to having you in her private space.

While you shouldn’t assume that sex is what she had in mind for inviting you over, if she’s returned the affection you’ve shown her in the past few weeks, you can take this as a tentative invitation to take your interest to the next level. 

Take your time, talk to her about your feelings and encourage her to speak about hers. In no time, you will know how she truly feels about you.

3. She will take every opportunity to be with you alone

A girl who is passionate about you and wants to be with you in the most intimate sense will do many things for you, especially the least expected things. She will want to be with you every chance she gets. She wouldn’t mind being with you in the craziest place, especially somewhere she normally wouldn’t go to. 

If you show her that you appreciate her vulnerability and willingness to be with you most of the time, she won’t hide the fact that she wants you badly.

4. She will ask you to sleep over

Not everyone who asks you to sleep over wants to sleep with you, but when a girl you are attracted to asks you to do the same, it changes the context from a casual sleepover to a desire to be with you even at night. This also indicates that she doesn’t wish to have you out of her sight because she’s falling for you.

While you shouldn’t feel comfortable or overly confident that she’s ready to have sex with you, this is one of the signs you’ve been waiting for to show you that she’s open to sexual intercourse with you. 

If you’re also ready for the next step in your dating journey, you can approach her with your sexual intentions.

5. She wants to sleep with you when you’re practically living together

If you’ve only just started dating but already are in each other’s space a lot, she may be open to sleeping with you soon. As a red-blooded healthy man, there’s no way you’ll have the woman of your dreams in your arms throughout the night, and not feel inclined to feel her up or go all the way.

To know if the woman wants to sleep with you in this case, just ask her if she’s ready for sex in the relationship. If she’s not ready, there’s no point torturing yourself by being nearby without being able to engage in full sex. Give each other some physical space until she’s ready for more. 

6. She openly flirts with you

One sure way of knowing if a girl wants to have sex with you is to see how much she flirts with you. If she openly flirts, there should be no doubt as to her intentions. How do you know she’s openly flirting? It is in the way she looks at you, touches you, or speaks to you. 

You can sense she’s not just talking but flirting with you, and even the people around you can tell that there’s sexual chemistry between both of you. You can bluntly ask her if she wants you as you want her, or decide to woo her for a while and let things happen naturally.

7. She touches you often

If a girl is constantly touching you, even without obvious words to show that she’s flirting, she is probably interested in having sex with you. She might touch your knee often in the middle of regular conversations, or touch your chest playfully. Her arm will always be encircled with yours, especially when you’re both walking in public. 

With time she’ll probably initiate a kiss, and you can move on from there. If she doesn’t mind you touching her back just as casually or intimately as she does, there should not be any reservation from her about whether both of you should sleep together.

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8. She initiates open-mouthed kisses

she initiates open mouthed kisses

If the girl makes the first move and initiates kisses, and responds enthusiastically to them, she most likely wants to have sex with you. If she is generous with her mouth when you kiss her, and doesn’t hold back one bit, you have your answer.

She might want to take things slowly, but you know that it’s not from a lack of desire for you. Enjoy the other things you used to do with her and wait for her to be ready to get intimate, especially if you’re sure of the relationship compatibility.

9. When you go out together, she sits too close to you

If the girl in question is always sitting or standing close to you in the public, she is probably sexually interested and wants to sleep with you. If she always seeks you out even in a crowded place, her feelings for you run deep. If you feel the same way about her, it should be easy to let her know that you want to get more intimate with her.

If she gets offended by the proposition, it means she’s just naturally touchy or isn’t sure of her feelings yet.

10. She acts possessive when other girls are around you

A girl who is interested in getting in your underwear will be extremely possessive of you. Girls don’t naturally like to share with their men, even their male friends. As such, if she is in love with you, she will try to stake her claim, especially if you’re yet to initiate lovemaking.

She wants to be the only woman on your mind, so when other women try to get your attention, she might do things to keep your attention on her or to chase them away from you. Even if she doesn’t know how sexually interested in you she is, she will put up a defensive wall around both of you when other girls are around.

11. She gives you smoldering looks

Women can sometimes give mixed signs when expressing their feelings, but before you initiate sex with this particular girl you like, you need a clear sign that she wants to sleep with you. One of those signs that will let you know that she is very interested in you is that she will give you smoldering looks. 

Her stare will be intent, intense and maybe make you squirm a little bit. If you like her sexually, you’ll find this look attractive and welcoming. If you don’t like her that way, you might need to let her know, so that she doesn’t feel embarrassed when she later finds out that you didn’t appreciate her sexy efforts.

12. She becomes more confident talking about sex with you

If your new girl used to be shy, then becomes more confident with talking about intimate things with you, she’s probably interested in having sex with you. If she used to stick to safe topics but now shares her sexual experiences or preferences with you, she just might be ready to make love with you.

She might even start talking dirty jokes, which might make you get hot and bothered easily. At this point, it’s okay to ask her if she would like to start making love with you.

13. Her touches during make-out sessions become bolder

If she starts touching you a bit longer in intimate places than she normally would during a kiss, she’s most likely ready for sex. A woman who isn’t a tease or not ready for third base would not touch a man in highly erogenous zones. 

You shouldn’t be with a tease who has every intention of playing with you but no intention of making love with you. So, if you discover that she doesn’t share your need for sexual intimacy, it’s better to discuss your individual wants in the relationship before both of you fall deeper for each other.

14. She sleeps naked with you

This is a good sign or at least an obvious sign that your interest in her is reciprocated. No sane woman will expect that you’ll be with her naked body and not make a move. In fact, most women will feel rejected, undesirable and embarrassed if they get naked with you and you fit initiate sex with them.

In this case, you don’t need to put in more effort trying to know if she wants to sleep with you. Instead, what you need is to know that she’s permissive to your touch. Even though this is one of the obvious signs that she’s interested in having sex with you, you don’t want to deal with a crazy girl who will claim nonconsensual sex afterward.

15. She enjoys slow-dancing and making gyrating moves with you

One example of explicit body language that a woman can use to share her sexual feelings towards you is through sensual dance moves. If the girl isn’t hesitant about getting down and dirty with you on the dance floor, it means she’s sexually interested in you. 

This is the perfect avenue for you to test the level of her readiness. A dance floor presents the perfect scenario and sets the right mood for foreplay that can lead to lovemaking. If she still doesn’t seem receptive to it afterward, something else is responsible for her hesitancy.

16. She sends you unsolicited sexy pictures

she sends you unsolicited sexy pictures

If your girl has started sending you pictures of her in her nightie at night just before you sleep, she’s opening the floor for you to initiate sex. What other way for her to show her deep interest in you than to encourage you to feel more sexually attracted to her?

You can reciprocate with some thirsty photos of yours so that by the time both of you meet, the mood has been completely set for consummation.

17. She openly checks you out and gives you compliments

One of the most obvious signs that a woman has an interest, and wants to sleep with you is through the way she checks you out. If she openly ogles you, whistles, and makes comments about how sexy you are, you know your girl is halfway ready for sex. 

If she doesn’t mean it, she won’t say it. So seize one of those ogling moments to initiate lovemaking, then watch her reaction.

18. She uses unsexy approaches to get your attention too

Apart from the usual sexy factors, everyday activities, body language, and other non-verbal signs can let you know when a woman wants to sleep with you. The way she takes care of you, the little and big gifts she gives you, and even the way she appreciates your efforts towards her can indicate her openness to sex. 

Her way of showing you might even be in the small kisses she drops on your lips. They don’t indicate a strong sexual feeling, but they mean something to her. If you cannot detect these unsexy moods, you might conclude that she isn’t acting as sexy as the other women you’ve dated.

19. She shows you that she is a worthy catch anywhere

Sleeping with you might be one of her end goals but a woman also wants you to know how smart and interesting she is in and out of the bedroom. This reason is why some women hold back on having sex at the beginning of their relationships.

A woman who wants you to know that sex isn’t all she is good at will prove her worth in and outside the bedroom. Since some men find competent, studying, and smart women sexy, this method works very well for such couples.

20. She throws subtle challenges at you

Women handle their feelings differently. Some women face them head-on while others find a way to make their men recognize the depth of their feelings while making it look like it was the men who initiated all the processes. So, they throw challenges at their men.

These challenges might make it seem like she wants to play games but that’s not entirely true. Yes, it is a game but she wants to play in a way that will ensure that she is building sexual tension which will lead to mind-blowing sex that’s unmistakably consensual. 

For example, she will initiate intimate physical contact without actually saying a word or taking a step toward you. She can do this through a stare that speaks volumes.

She might also act like she doesn’t care if you talk to other girls, yet do things that make you feel bad for knowing them in the first place. As long as she doesn’t get toxic or clingy, and you feel that way about her when it comes to other men, all is well.

21. She lets you in on her deepest secrets

When you get to the stage in your relationship where she tells you almost all her secrets, getting intimate with her is just another layer to the deep connection both of you already share.

22. You are her confidante

If your girl will talk to you about anything, make you her sounding board, and trust you to give her the best counsel, she will be open to having sex with you. She knows that you will protect her and all she is, so she wouldn’t hesitate to strengthen the bond between both of you.

23. She’s an independent woman who allows you to spoil her occasionally

An independent woman’s desire for you is explicit when she still allows you to do for her the things she can do for herself. When a girl who can take care of herself allows you to do the smallest things for her, you can easily ask her how she feels about getting intimate with you.

24. You know her better than anyone else

you know her better than anyone else

One of the signs that this girl wants to sleep with you is if she is like an open book to you. If she cannot hide anything from you, you’re can she hide her sexual arousal from you?

25. She is not shy about her desire to sleep with you

Some women don’t just rely on using their body language to show their sexual interest to a man, they will bluntly talk about it. As such, one of the signs that she wants to sleep with you is that she wouldn’t have any problem telling you in a conversation that she wants you. 

26. She dresses extra sexy just for your dates/hangouts

A woman can express her sexual desire by wearing sexy clothes just for you. She might start by showing a little cleavage, and progress to showing more thighs and legs. By comparing the way she dresses on other occasions and when she hangs out with you, you can tell whether she has any sexual interest in you

27. Her breath catches and her voice softens for you alone

You can also sense the sexual tension between both of you through her body language. Her desire will become more obvious through the way her voice softens.

When you’re having even the most casual conversation, her breath might catch and she’ll lean slightly towards you. It’s a subtle sign but it can be enough to feel her sexual arousal.


How do you tell if someone is trying to sleep with you? 

One way is to have a frank conversation about the perceived sexual desire, but there are other subtle and obvious ways to tell if someone has a strong sexual desire for you. For one thing, you can tell by how they look at you. Do they do so intently or distractingly? Do they try to kiss you? If yes, how do they do it? Do they kiss you chastely, or deeply? 

Other signs that show that someone wants to get into bed with you include the level of attention they give you. How often do they like to see and be with you? How often do they give you gifts, and what kind of gifts do they give? 

Materialistic things aren’t all there is to show that someone is passionate about you, but what they give she the intentions behind the gifts will also express their true feelings 

How do you tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys? 

Some people assume that guys can easily tell a woman’s body count by the width and slackness of her vagina, but that’s not usually true. A sexually healthy woman can have sex for years and still have a vagina as firm as possible. So, how do you know how many men a girl has been with before you met her?

You can’t exactly just ask her in a conversation about how many guys she’s slept with, nor does it make sense for you to start poking into her past. If you’re so intent on having an answer, you can learn it by observation. 

For example, an inexperienced woman will be awkward during some parts of the sex. She will hesitate to engage in certain sex acts, and she most likely will not initiate a new sexual position. A semi-experienced woman will go a bit further but still, show a level of inexperience.

An experienced sexual partner, on the other hand, will be more open to new styles, initiate sex often, and certainly know her way around a man’s body. However, if you care about her, you don’t need to know a woman’s body count, her past sex life, or the number of guys she’s slept with 

How long does it take a woman to decide to sleep with a man?

Most guys usually don’t need an emotional connection to be sexually interested in sleeping with a woman, but many women need to be emotionally connected with the men they agree to have intimate relationships with.

If you’re dating one of such women, you need to follow the due process of making her fall in love with you, or at least care for you before you try to have sex with her. There’s no time stamp to determine when the woman will trust you enough to want to share her body with you.

As such, you’ll need to take your time so you don’t mess up the good thing you have. If she’s worth the wait, you wouldn’t mind too much if you have to wait for a few weeks, or months.

However, if you and the girl are aware of an unspoken agreement that if anything happens between both of you, it would be temporary, then it shouldn’t take too long for her to sleep with you. If she drags out her admission of desire for you, she’s probably treating you, or not interested.

How long can a woman stay without a man?

Honestly, a woman can stay without intimate relationships or sex for as long as she wants. The same goes for a man, but unlike women, men tend to be more sexually active. As such, they either are in a serious relationship or have casual hookups.

Since many women attach emotions to lovemaking, they take their time before entering any serious relationship. Also, independent women who feel no need to have a man help them with anything are usually content with being single until they find the right man. Some of them who are sexually active also engage in casual hookups without committing to any man.

What makes a woman sleep with a man?

The sex life of most women is uneventful compared to that of men, but that doesn’t make a woman less interested in physical intimacy. However, not all women are interested in sleeping with men they aren’t in love with. 

As such, before a woman agrees to sleep with a man, she has to be heavily emotionally invested in him, and him in her. The moment there’s a strong sense of commitment and emotional connection between the couple, the woman will easily open up to the man.

Some women also have sexual preferences and if they don’t find the right guy to meet those sexual needs, they usually prefer to be unattached. For some, the prerequisite for allowing a man to sleep with them is that he is very kind to them outside of bed. For some, their men must be completely honest, devoted, or attentive to them.

Before initiating core sexual activities with the woman you’re dating, be sure that you are fulfilling her emotional needs; it makes everything else better.

In Conclusion 

Discovering if a woman is sexually interested in you isn’t the hardest thing to achieve, especially if you’ve laid good groundwork for yourself. You might be surprised that what a woman needs before succumbing to her desires for you is the little everyday things.

Therefore, instead of looking for vague signs of her sexual interest, do the necessary things, show the right gestures that will make any woman feel cherished and desired, and she will come to your bed willingly.

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