How To Get Your Crush’s Attention On Instagram (37 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you hoping to get your crush’s attention on Instagram?

This is the #1 most popular social media app among young adults at the moment, so there’s a good chance your crush is spending a lot of time using it.  

But perhaps you’re not a social media aficionado and have no idea how to use it properly?

Well, that’s about to change if you read this comprehensive guide on getting a man’s attention on Instagram. This guide is broken down into dozens of small tips, so there’s no chance of you getting confused.

However, when following these tips, you should always bear in mind the fundamentals of attracting a man. 

I have been studying the part of the brain most responsible for their feelings of attraction for many years now. 

This is a primal trigger called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. When activated, it can release overwhelming feelings of joy, power, and purpose that men quickly become addicted to. As you can expect, he quickly becomes drawn to the women who can make him feel this way. 

Ever since learning about it, I have been focusing all my actions around men on what is most likely to activate their ‘Hero’s Instinct’. That is the #1 way to get their attention. You can learn more about how I do this in my personal blog post

Once you know how to work this part of a man’s brain, attraction becomes a walk in the park, even with the hottest most high-value guys. 

So, if you’re a single woman, I’d definitely urge you to familiarise yourself with how the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ works

With that said, let’s now explore how you can specifically utilize Instagram to attract the men you want.


37 Ways To Get Your Crush’s Attention On Instagram

Before this time, social media platforms were not popular amongst people. Communication was done through phone calls, face-to-face meetings, or by email. Presently, there are numerous social media platforms out there, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. 

Most of them are global, easy to communicate with, and fun to interact with or navigate, but one of the most famous ones is Instagram. Instagram is a worldwide platform where people get to share pictures and videos in different ways. If you have a crush, and you can't seem to find them or get their attention anywhere, you could try Instagram. 

There, you have different options on how to reach out to them and in ways they can respond. It's easy in a way that both shy and over-confident people have a variety of means to find, follow, and directly or indirectly communicate with strangers, loved ones, crushes, and professionals. 

But, how do you do this? There are numerous tips on how to reach out to a crush you’ve always wanted to talk to or get to notice your existence. Keep reading to learn 37 ways to get your crush’s attention on Instagram.

1. Be sure to follow them

Depending on your crush, following them should be one of the first things to do on Instagram. This way, you can see their pictures, videos, stories, and reels they upload. When they see you following them, that's the first way they get to notice you. 

This way, you can like their posts, react to anything they upload and their stories, and drop comments whenever you think it's necessary to do so. You may not necessarily follow them immediately when you find their page, but if you don't, they change their username or deactivate their account; it could be hard to find them.

2. Like their posts whenever you can

Don't pressure yourself by always waiting on your crush to post for you to like or drop a comment. If you're off Instagram for a while because of work or anything other reason, give it time until you get back. 

That way, it shows you're not stalking them. It gives them time to look for you if they haven't seen or observed your likes and comments for a while, and it makes them appreciate you whenever you get back and do those things. Additionally, everyone must have already reacted to their posts by then, making you more noticed when you do it later than them.

3. Filter the kind of content you post

filter the kind of content you post

No matter how crazy, funny, or open-minded you may be, try as much as possible to filter what you post. Post what you love, but make it pleasant and appreciated by the human eyes. If you lack pictures to post, you can post quality pictures and videos of exciting things. 

For Instance, a beautiful picture of your pet, a vibrant flower, or a lovely natural environment. You could post excellent inspirational write-ups. That way, the organization of your page looks good even when other people go to visit for fun. It's one of the best tricks to get your crush's attention on Instagram.

4. Have a lovely dress code in your pictures

Everyone wants to be associated with someone that has a good fashion sense. It is calming to the brain and pleasant to the eyes. So, wear a lovely outfit. As a girl, make it fit everything, including your type of body and makeup if you're wearing any. 

As a guy, keep it simple and classy and make your general appearance, including your beards and haircut, look attractive. You could add a beautiful smile to it or keep a calm, welcoming face. Because if you don't look good, no matter how excellent the quality of your pictures is, you may most likely not attract their attention.

5. Send them a casual DM

You don't expect anybody you haven't met or really spoken to; to naturally know you exist if you don't reach out to them. It's the same thing that happens on every social media. Being active is one thing, and sending messages is another.

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If you find your crush on Instagram, whether you're following each other or not, send them a simple message once in a while. Don't just say 'hi' and move. It will make everything awkward. You can say compliments to them by referring to their posts or page in general. It will open their hearts to respond to you or even follow you back.

6. Reply to their Instagram stories

One thing that helps people get noticed is when they reply to other people’s Insta stories. You can get your crush this way, too. Depending on the content of the post, you can respond with any eye-catching emoji like the fire, clap, or heart eyes emoji.

They have a way of saying so much you would struggle to say in minutes, in a second. If they respond to it in words, you have a greater chance to start a conversation with them, hence, building a relationship step by step. From this, you break the chatting barrier, and it will give you an open chance to respond to other Instagram stories or comment on their posts.

7. Upload good-quality posts

Some people have confessed that posts made with a good phone or professional cameras and edited well have drawn their attention to those pages. This is one reason why photographers, filmmakers, and people with similar posts have many followers, likes, and comments in their posts.

You could be one of those people if you do the same thing they do. So, try your best to achieve this while still trying to reach out to your crush. It would only grab their attention and attract other good followers, likes, and comments from people globally, too. Sometimes, people get contracts, collaborations, or help for good business deals from this. 

8. Make a shoutout for a loved one

When you make a post for a family member, work colleague, or close friend, you tend to get more attention. You could find a mutual friend you both have and give them a shoutout on your story, tag them or mention their handles. That way, you get a repost from them.

Your crush, seeing you have a great relationship with someone they know, or appreciating your loved ones will be encouraged to reach out to you. It may sound minor or insignificant for anyone to notice, but it’s one way to get your crush to see you.

9. Don't spend your whole time on Instagram

You don’t want to look like a desperate person, always liking, reacting, or dropping comments on people’s posts immediately when they put them up. It will also show you have nothing to do with your life. So, take some time off Instagram to reflect on yourself and do other beneficial things for your career, school, or daily life. 

If your crush messages, it will make you naturally take time before responding to them. This will make them appreciate your presence online. Spacing the time between your posts would also attract more likes and make people excited whenever they see them. It’s one of the ways you can get your crush to notice you.

10. Comment on their posts

One way you can get noticed on Instagram is to drop comments on people's posts constantly; this includes your crush. Even if you don't have what to type, you could use emojis to communicate there. 

If possible, like other people's catchy comments on their posts or reply to them, especially the ones you observe are frequent on most of their posts. That way, even if they don't recognize or notice your comments on their own, their friends or best followers would. If you flow with other people in his comment section, you have a greater chance to be noticed.

11. Find a way to make them follow you

find a way to make them follow you

It would be nice if your crush followed you on Instagram. So, find a way to make them notice you enough to follow you. Because with that act, you can easily send a dm without having to wait on the request list for too long. 

If you're confident enough, you could ask them in the comment section of their posts at the end of a lovely comment. Not everyone is a fan of it, but if you're trying to get your crush's attention, you may give it a try. Out of courtesy or fear of not embarrassing you, they could follow you.

12. Repost their Instagram stories

One way to get anybody to message, respond or notice you on Instagram is to repost their Instagram stories. It's more like you to advertise or promote them on your profile, attracting more visits to their page, likes, comments, and followers to their posts.

If it's a commercial post, you could repost it for people who are interested. But, if it's not and it's about them or a personal photo they just posted, you could repost with a caption of 'MCM' or 'WCW' and a heart eyes emoji. You would get their attention even if you do it once. But don't overdo it, especially when they don't respond, so you don't look desperate or like a stalker.

13. Follow selected people with good content

When trying to get anybody's attention on any social media platform, you should be mindful of the people you connect with, which applies to Instagram. Follow people with selected pure, attractive, colorful, and informative content. It says a lot about you. 

As surprising as it may seem, most people check your followers before hitting the follow button. Your crush may fall into this category. Many people want to follow people they can learn from, so if the quality of the people you follow on Instagram are not that great or have nothing to offer, you may not attract your crush's attention.

14. Post fun videos on your stories

Instagram is all about having fun, so take a break from posting inspirational quotes, advertising your business, or having a strict pattern on how you upload your posts. Relax a bit and have fun posting exciting on your Instagram stories.

You could post a reel about a funny event you recorded during your day. Upload the fun things you're doing during a trip to a random exciting place. Post about your adventure or any other thing you know people, including your crush, can't resist viewing or responding to it. It's one of the ways you can get their attention to you.

15. Pay attention to their posts

Sometimes to reach out to someone, you need to know how they live their lives partially. As they say, you need to know the ways of a thief and be like them to arrest them quickly. It's the same thing that applies when it comes to getting your crush's attention.

Take some time to observe their posts, even if you don't like or comment on them. Of course, Instagram may be a facade of how people live or behave in reality, but it will give a clue on how to start or message them. This may sound a little, but it's one of the ways you can use it to get your crush's attention.

16. Don't rant your pains on Instagram

It's good to reach out whenever you're down or need emotional help, but writing about your worries online frequently; could be disturbing to others. You could do it privately with someone you trust or once in a while in the most mature way possible. 

Most people don't like associating with anybody that has issues. This means you'll end up chasing your crush's attention if you talk about your problems openly. So, no matter how hurt you are, avoid making it public. It's one of the best ways you can use to attract them.

17. Post about your skills

People love visiting pages of other people with great skills on Instagram. They may do this to see what they're doing, hire them for a project, appreciate their skills, or improve themselves if they feel the page has a lot to offer.

Maximize the use of any talent you have. Post about them, repost jokes about them and appreciate people with similar skills. With these, reaching out to your crush will be much easier because you have so much to discuss, and they know you have something to offer intellectually and otherwise. This is one of the ways you can get their attention on Instagram.

18. Upload posts with good and great people

To upload a variety of posts on your Instagram page, you could take pictures with great people you meet. They don't have to be celebrities, but people achieved many great things and have a lot to contribute to society in many ways. 

It shows how interactive, friendly, and well exposed you are. Posts like this could include your old high school teacher, grandparents, parents, longtime friends, or celebrities if you come across any. This has proven to help many people on Instagram, and if you try it, there's a great probability you'll get your crush's attention on the same social media platform.

19. Do interactive posts a few times a week

One of the things you can do is to create interactive posts once in a while. You could go live with one of the best conversationalists on your list, create a poll on your Insta story where people can ask questions or rate your post.

That way, you could give them a chance to respond to you without sending you a DM. If they do, you could use that opportunity to start a lengthy conversation with them. But, make sure any poll you create is interesting enough to captivate their attention.

20. Let your posts have great captions

It's one thing having great posts, but it's another thing having lovely captions to accompany them. Sometimes captions motivate people to drop comments under your posts. It doesn't matter if it's a photo or video; make it as crispy as you can.

Your crush may not follow you when you post, but they would visit your page when you message them, follow, like, or drop comments on their posts. They would want to see the kind of person you are and how well you can make something exciting or captivating. This is one of the ways you can attract your crush to notice you.

21. Relate with your mutual friends more

In some cases, you may have mutual followers or friends with your crush. You can use that to your advantage. Mention them on your stories, upload a post and tag them. Or mention them, including your crush in the comment sections of popular posts.

What makes people more comfortable to relate or open up to responding to your comments and reactions on Instagram is when they observe they have mutual friends with you. Your crush would be more certain they can trust you when they see your mutual friends online relate with you willingly. It's one of the ways you can use to achieve getting more attention.

22. Make a post about something they love

make a post about something they love

If you have to get anybody's attention, you have to compromise or sacrifice some of your normal ways to achieve it. When you study your crush until you know what they like, depending on the kind of posts they upload, you could use it to your advantage.

Whichever he sees first, make a post or an Insta story about something your crush is into. Write your caption in a format they would do theirs and naturally involve them by mentioning or tagging them on the post. It's one of the ways you will most definitely use to get their attention.

23. Avoid posting too many selfies

Yes, we get you're trying to get them to see how pretty or handsome you are, but try to avoid posting many selfies. The reason being that; it could be boring looking at pictures of the same face from the same facial angle. Try to be spontaneous with it a bit. 

Make it interesting by posting interesting pictures and videos of you. Take photos from the right angles. Pick only beautiful locations with proper lighting and composition, and not always using your scattered bedroom as background. This way, you'll get their attention, many likes and comments, other random people's attention, and possibly many followers.

24. Upload posts that would make your mutual friends repost

One of the ways you can pull many likes, comments, reposts, and followers on Instagram is to upload pictures and videos that are intriguing enough to do this. When you have captivating photos, videos of you, and skills you have, or write-ups, you're most likely to stand a chance of getting reposts from people.

On the other hand, you could ask the mutual friends you have with your crush to help repost your pictures, videos, or stories to attract more attention to your page, which will include your crush. This is one possible way you can indirectly reach out to them with little or no stress.

25. Respond to his message when you get on Instagram

If you were offline, do your best to reply to their direct message as soon as you get on Instagram. Give a little and casual apology as a courtesy to clear the air. That way, they understand you were busy and off the platform for a while, which will make them see you in a different light.

You could explain why you were off Instagram; that way, it shows you have logical reasons for not coming online, and your explanation could start a good discussion. This is one way you can get your crush's attention without stress.

26. Filter your feed

Liking or dropping a comment on your crush's posts may not be enough. Sometimes, what you need to do is filter your feed. Take out inappropriate photos; those are pictures, videos, or posts you may not be proud of if your crush sees them.

This act will automatically make things easier for you to handle. A clean feed with a combination of likes and a couple of comments will contribute to attracting your crush's attention at the right time. It would help if you tried it because it will also attract a good audience to your Instagram page.

27. Like and comment on his posts after everyone

This is spot on. Liking your crush's pictures some days after everyone selectively attracts their attention. It doesn't have to be a cute photo of them; it could be a random thing they posted, preferably one with the least number of likes and a few or no comments from people.

Either you do this, or you like and drop a comment on an old photo. This will make them curious enough to take some time to visit your page and research a little about you. It's an Instagram trick that works almost all the time, especially for people that want to get their crush's attention.

28. Upload a photo of your mutual friend

When your crush sees a photo of a mutual friend you both have on your Instagram page, they get to show more curiosity about how you know them. It could be any random friend you're sure they relate with often. 

So, it doesn't matter if they're single or a couple; the aim is to get your crush to like the post, drop a comment, and possibly send a dm to you. Doing this a few times could make them look forward to seeing more feed from you. If you can do this, it's another way to go closer to your crush.

29. Take pictures with your pet

Most people see this as a cute thing, especially girls. If you're a guy trying to get your female crush's attention, upload a photo of you with your adorable pet. You'll get her attention. For a faster reaction, you could put it in your Insta story. When she responds, you can take it from there.

If you're a girl, you can upload cute videos of you having fun with your pet or pranking it. But, try as much as possible to make it funny. Most guys fall more for things that make them laugh compared to many other things.

30. Keep the conversation going

If you reach out to your crush first and they respond to your direct message, do your best to keep the conversation going. It's Instagram, and there are many posts from people there, so you could share those funny posts with them or anything you know would interest them enough to keep your conversation going.

Or, you could ask them questions about their posts or career if they have any. Try not to give short or one-word replies; give responses that will push them to respond quickly or ask further questions to know about you. If you wish, you could ask their suggestions on a light decision you need to make.

31. Post something funny that will attract their attention

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that are known for comedy posts. You may not necessarily post these skits on your page, but you put them on your Insta stories. It could be about pets having fun with their owners, babies saying something funny, or a couple pranking each other.

This is something you can often do. Many people love interacting or associating with other open-minded people, and if you're a goofy and playful person, you'll improve your chances of getting a greater number of views. This makes it a possible move to use and get your crush's attention. 

32. Don't keep your page private

Not everybody cares about this, but the first turn-off for most people, generally on Instagram, is when they notice anybody who follows them or constantly likes and comments on their posts has their private page. Your crush could be in the same boat here. 

If you want your crush to notice you, try to keep your page open, even if you don't like people randomly breezing in and out to look, comment, or steal for posts. It's the sacrifice you need to make to achieve this sweet goal. So, if your page is private, change your settings to make things easier for you and your crush.

33. Like his posts anytime you go online

If you miss some days off Instagram, don't forget to visit your crush's page to like the posts you missed when you weren't active. Liking their posts late will send notifications to them, hence, refreshing their memories about you.

If you do this, especially when their page is calm with no new posts for people to flood with likes or comment on, you'll get their attention or begin to get them to notice you more. This is one way you can go a step closer to attracting your crush.

34. Slide into their DMs occasionally

slide into their DMs occasionally

You may need to like their posts or drop a comment on them; you could check up on them once in a while. Go to their DMs and send them a warm, platonic, and well-composed message just to say hi, but in an unclingy way.

This means if they don't open, react, or respond to the message immediately when you send it, you could let it be for a while, give them some more time to come around. If they don't, you could try sending another dm to them or try another way.

35. Be yourself in a decent way

Amidst all the tips and ways to get closer to your crush, you have to be yourself. Of course, this doesn't mean wearing an oversized t-shirt with a top and faded shorts to take photos for Instagram. Or; using an unkempt hair to make a video without any specific reason or good caption to go with it.

It is you posting the real you and the general way you live your life. Don't put up a facade on Instagram to impress anybody, including your crush. Just be you in the most interesting and fun way possible and be proud of yourself. People love to smell self-confidence on Instagram posts.

36. React to their Instagram stories

It's not just about liking their photos or videos; you should try to view and react to their stories. Reacting to their stories shows you appreciate them and will add to their Instagram insights, which is one thing that encourages people to be active on Instagram. They may not necessarily respond, but they'll like your reaction, and that's a step forward.

You can type on the message bar, send a GIF, or use the quick reaction emoji. Not everyone will be comfortable doing this, but it won't hurt if you try because this is one of the simplest ways to get your crush to notice you on Instagram. 

37. Give them a shoutout once in a while

As awkward as it may sound and, depending on the situation, it may help if you have the confidence to give your crush a shoutout. It could be on their birthday or a special occasion where every other person is doing the same thing. That way, you become one of them if you're a shy person.

Or, you could pick a random day to post a couple of pictures with beautiful, inspiring captions. They don't have to be on your feed; you could post them on your Insta story, so they disappear after some time. 


How do you get the attention of someone on Instagram?

There are numerous ways to do this. You start by liking and dropping comments on their posts and following them. Additionally, slide into their DMs, but make sure you send them a thoughtful, direct message. If you’re confident enough, you can make your move by telling them how you feel.

What should I post on Instagram to get her attention?

Post cute and exciting pictures of you with funny captions. But, let the photos be taken with good backgrounds and use various angles to make it lovely enough for her to like and drop a comment. You could also put travel pictures if you have any; they attract different questions from people, which could include your crush.

How do you make your crush jealous on Instagram?

You could start by delaying to respond to their DMs, but putting up an Insta story or posting on your page. Hang out with other people, especially the mutual friends you both have, and post pictures. Talk about your other dates when you’re chatting and act like you don’t care.

How do you start a conversation with your crush on Instagram?

Reacting to their Insta stories with a cute emoji is one the best and simplest ways you can get their attention if you’re too scared to make the first move to send a dm. Other ways include liking their posts, dropping comments, especially to compliment them, and following their page.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

According to research, the best time to post is between late morning to mid-afternoon CDT. But, depending on the day of the week, you may still not have enough audience or people engaging in your posts at that time. So, Wednesdays and Fridays have proven to be the best days to post on Instagram.

In Conclusion

It may not be easy to get your crush's attention the way you imagine it. But you could still give it a try. For a start, you could use the 37 ways I've mentioned for a guide. Please feel free to drop a comment and share this article with others if you enjoyed it.

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