24 Hidden Signs a Shy Aquarius Likes You Secretly

by Michelle Devani

The Aquarius sign is usually creative, intelligent and easy to be friends with. Despite of their amicability and easygoing nature, an Aquarius can be afraid of actually committing to a relationship. This is why they are often denial when it comes to their romantic feelings and will not let other people know, even if they like you.

You know the Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You and the Signs a Pisces Has a Crush on You, but how can you know the signs a shy Aquarius likes you? Well, you’re quite in luck!

Here Are the Usual Signs a Shy Aquarius Likes You

Go let's check out the signs a shy Aquarius likes you secretly!

1. They’re Nervous Around You

The first and most telling signs a shy Aquarius likes you is if they get nervous around you. Maybe it’s just a little bit of fidgeting or occasional stammering, but if they show any sign of self-consciousness around you, it’s possible that they have a feeling for you.

2. They Spend A Lot of Time With You

they spend a lot of time with you

An Aquarius is mostly a social person. However shy they are, they always prefer to hang out in groups with their group of friends. If they put special interest in you and are willing to invest their time in you, they probably fancy you.

3. They Give Subtle Hints

They will not be direct about their feelings and give a bold confession, but sometimes a shy Aquarius who likes you will drop subtle hints. For example, they talk about a special place where they would like to visit with a loved one someday or a cute romance movie they heard was playing.

4. They Care About You

When a shy Aquarius likes you, you will often be able to notice as it shows in their conduct towards you. If you observe carefully enough, you will see that they care about you and give you extra attention than they usually give other people.

5. They Make You Smile

They tell you the best jokes, notice when you are feeling low and always seem to know the right words to say in all occasions. Maybe they are naturally an amiable person, or maybe they just want to see you smile more.

6. They Talk A Lot

You do not have to be surprised when a seemingly shy Aquarius talks a lot when they are with you. It is most likely that they feel you are a person worth telling their best stories and ideas to. Because they rarely spill out everything to those they are not particularly intimate with, it's a sign that they want to establish a "more than friends" relationship with you.

7. They Ask Personal Questions

You are not sure why, but they seem to be taking a sudden interest in you. They ask you deep and intimate questions, which although pleases you to talk about, makes your privacy feel a little violated. Don’t worry. They just wish to get to know you on a more personal level. 

8. They’re Always Willing to Lend a Hand

Like these Signs That Aquarius Man Likes You, you know that they like you when they are always available whenever you need them. Be it in the middle of a good movie or the dead of the night, they will pick up your call and drive all the way just to be there for you and give you the help you need.

9. Their Eyes Do the Talking

their eyes do the talking

Sometimes when they are not talking to you with their voice, their eyes will speak out. An Aquarius who likes you will stare into your eyes with a sense of deep longing and wonder. Their amazement and adoration of you will show in their eyes.

10. They Trust You

Finally, the ultimate signs a shy Aquarius likes you is if they trust you completely. Trustworthy people are rare to encounter for them, and if they are willing to let down their guard and be vulnerable around you, surely you must hold some importance to them. This is also the same like the Signs a Scorpio Wants a Relationship.

More Signs Shy Aquarius Wants You

  1. They Ask For Your Opinions
  2. They Never Judge You
  3. And Always Tries to Leave an Impression
  4. They Want to “Hang Out”
  5. They Worry About Your Safety and Welfare
  6. Their Appearance is Well-Kept Around You
  7. They Compliment You 

Tips on What to Do When An Aquarius Loves You Secretly

After knowing the signs a shy Aquarius likes you, now here is the tips for you:

1. Reflect on Your Feelings

The first thing you can do before taking any action in this situation is to reflect on your feelings. If this Aquarius indeed likes you, you have to be careful with your next step as to not say the wrong thing and even hurt their feelings. So you have to consider carefully whether you like them back or if you prefer to be only friends with them.

2. Tell the Truth

An Aquarius is the type of person who would pick the harsh truth over the pretty lie any time. So even if you don’t feel the same way about them, it’s important that you come clean and just tell them that. They don’t do well with being lied to.

3. Take Them Out

But if you like them back, then what are you waiting for? Take them out for a nice dinner and immediately say yes the next time they ask you out. You can even be playful when you say these Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

4. Refuse Them, But Be Gentle

Or else, you must not give them false hope and tell them that you’re not interested to be their lover. They won’t make too much of a fuss if you refuse them, but remember to be as kind about it as possible.

So these are the signs a shy Aquarius likes you that you should look out for the next time you are talking to them. You will not have to second-guess and feel silly for hoping anymore, as you will know for sure how a shy Aquarius can behave if they truly like you.

Michelle Devani
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