Signs A Shy Aquarius Likes You (25 Vital Signs to Watch Out For)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is there an Aquarius in your life who you wish would make a move on you? 

Are you currently unsure whether he’s completely uninterested in you or just too scared to make something happen? 

If it’s the latter, there are several telltale signs that Aquarius men tend to give away when they’re attracted to someone. 

I’m going to reveal 25 of these signs in the article below. 

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If not, read on for my behavioral signs that a shy Aquarius man is attracted to you.


25 Signs a Shy Aquarius Likes You

Aquarius men are warm, friendly, intellectual, and charismatic. They can also be quirky and unconventional, which makes their personalities all the more unique. These male individuals build incredible friendships due to their excellent communication skills but can also turn out to be shy to some people. 

When an Aquarius man likes you, it might be hard to tell because he prioritizes his friendship more than dating. Nonetheless, there are apparent signs he'll display that'll tell how he truly feels about you. 

If you want to know the signs an Aquarius male likes you, we've got you covered. From the subtle to the most apparent clues, you'll quickly discover his feelings for you. Here are twenty-five unmissable signs a shy Aquarius likes you. 

1. They try to leave an impression

An Aquarius man will be expressive with actions more than with words. If they can't outright tell you how they feel, they'll leave hints in their behavior. This explanation is also similar to that of an Aquarius man. He's unconventional and charming and would find little ways to leave an impression on someone he likes. 

One of the prominent signs an Aquarius male likes you is when he goes out of his way to make a positive impact in your life. If he goes the extra mile to make you feel special, it's a clue that he's attracted to you.

2. They're nervous when relating with you

An Aquarius man is friendly but also has a reserved personality. He knows how to carry a conversation but may seem withdrawn to other people. Therefore, a prudent sign that such a male is starting to like you is when he switches from being chatty to cautious around you. He's not as accessible as he used to be, and he observes his words.

You can see the nervousness in his eyes when he wants to relate to you. More so, an Aquarius man gets more tense than usual just by the sound of your voice. If you've noticed this behavior, then such an individual indeed likes you. 

3. They always want to hang out

they always want to hang out

An Aquarius man prioritizes the time he spends with his friends. He understands the essence of having people to rely on and creating beautiful memories with them. This notion also makes them excellent communicators. However, when such a person prioritizes spending time with one person over his group of friends, he might be head over heels for that person. 

He's willing to sacrifice his time with others to create memories with one person. This behavior contradicts their friendly personality and also proves that he indeed likes this person. If you observe this in your association with someone like this, he might be attracted to you. 

4. They spend time with you

Aquarians are naturally social and invest their time into building their friendships. They would prefer to hand around their reliable friends than spend time alone or with strangers. Therefore, one way to know that one of them is interested in you is by their investment in your friendship with them. 

They might hang around a group of friends, but it hints at an attraction when they take a particular interest in one of them. They wouldn't mind spending more time with that person over the others. Therefore, whenever you observe this behavior, be rest assured that they're falling for you.

5. They worry about your safety

An Aquarius man has a geeky personality, and people tend to see him as a strange best friend to others. Such a male is also ironically charming, and most people are endeared to his sweet personality. If you have this type of person as a friend, and he suddenly cares so much about our wellbeing and safety, it might mean he has genuine feelings for you. 

Also, an Aquarius man wants you to be protected at all times, even though he's not necessarily the type to defend or guard you. He ensures you have everything you need and goes out of his way to cater to your needs. This behavior is a sign that he's indeed attracted to you. 

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6. They indirectly suggest it

An Aquarius man wouldn't outright voice their feelings because of their reserved personality. However, he will give subtle inclinations to let you know how he feels. Paying attention to the statements he makes will help you determine his level of attraction. 

If such an individual is always mentioning romantic moments he hopes to spend with someone special in the future; he might be hinting at his plans for you. More so, telling you about romantic occasions in the neighborhood might mean that an Aquarius man indeed likes you. 

He might ask for your opinions to find out what you like. These are the simple ways to gauge his affection for you. 

7. They have a polished appearance around you

Since an Aquarius man is seen as a quirky best friend to others, his desire to keep up appearances is one of the signs that he likes someone. He doesn't want to be seen as merely a close friend but takes the extra effort to look nice around his crush. He dresses better, smells more pleasant, and might even put on his crush's favorite color. 

These are subtle ways an Aquarius man reveals his attraction, primarily due to his shy personality. If you get these hints from someone, be rest assured that he has feelings for you.

8. They care about you a lot

An Aquarius man is charming and intellectual. He has an unapologetic way of expression that makes him stand out from the crowd. More so, this attribute attracts others to him. He's compassionate and isn't afraid to show it. If you observe such a man display this unique quality around you, it might be an attraction.

An Aquarius man might care about other people, but he takes his relationship with you quite seriously. He caters to your needs like his and creates an impactful presence in your life. Such behaviors could only mean that he's starting to like you.

9. They compliment you

An Aquarius man can ironically be chatty and shy at the same time. Therefore, if you come across a timid one, be rest assured that he'll still express himself with words efficiently. One of the ways you can know when such a person likes you is through his compliments. 

He tells you how gorgeous your dress looks, how nice your hair is, or merely how unique your personality is. These statements aren't empty words, but they display how an Aquarius man truly feels about you. His subtle praises are a sign of his affection for you, which he can't help but express. 

10. They want to make you happy

Aquarians are naturally friendly, and this attribute makes them all the more charming. They have a welcoming aura and a good-humored spirit, making it easy for others to crave spending time with them. However, when such individuals go the extra mile to impact their infectious personality on someone, they might be attracted to them.

Scenarios like trying to make you laugh, keeping you in a good mood, and noticing when something is wrong are some of the signs that such a person is starting to like you. An Aquarius man will feel that your happiness is their responsibility and would do anything to achieve that. 

11. They prove that they're responsible

An Aquarius man is intellectual and thoughtful, and this behavior makes him more mature than others. When he has a crush on someone, he'll try his best to show his responsible nature to that person. His words and actions would reflect his matureness, and he'll subtly try to prove that he can handle a relationship correctly. 

Suppose such a person acts like a gentleman around you, speaks with so much poise, engages in thought-provoking conversations with you, and doesn't display reckless behavior. In that case, it shows this Aquarius man is indeed trying to impress you with his maturity. 

12. They talk a lot to you

they talk a lot to you

It might be interesting to find out that a shy person can be talkative. When they've established trust and affection for someone, it's easy for an Aquarius man to share their deepest desires with them. Therefore, if an Aquarius man is comfortable sharing this mind with you, it hints that he might be attracted to you. 

If Aquarian man always wants to update you on the recent events in his life, his plans for the future, and every other thing that's worth sharing, he might indeed like you. That level of comfortability is a sign that he enjoys your presence and may be thinking about taking things to the next level. 

13. They give up their free time

An Aquarius man is a calculated person that likes to plan his day ahead of time. It can be challenging for such a man to abandon his agenda for something he didn't plan. Nonetheless, giving up his free time for someone would be an easy task when he truly likes that person. 

He'll be more willing to take spontaneous actions without caring about how it affects his schedule. If he can go to the movies with you unexpectedly or to an event without planning it, it's a brilliant sign that this Aquarian man is indeed attracted to you.

14. They want to know more about you

When one person is attracted to another, they'll be interested in their subject of attraction's personal life. They'll want to know their likes and dislikes and use this information to mirror theirs. They'll also try their best to immerse themselves in their crush's life.

This example is similar to that of an Aquarius man. Such male individuals value their friends but are undoubtedly attracted to the people they take a keen interest in. If one of them is curious about your life and wants to know more about you, he might be falling for you. He can't resist making himself a part of your life. 

15. They pretend like they don't care

Aquarians rarely pursue romantic associations with others. They're more comfortable building substantive friendships that will stand the test of time instead of confessing how they feel. For this reason, they might act like they don't care to contradict their genuine emotions for someone. A typical example is ignoring you in public while conversing with everyone else. 

If you notice this behavior, it's one of the telltale signs that this Aquarian man is indeed attracted to you. He will try his best to cover up his feelings, but it will be pretty apparent in the long run. For instance, he might still stare at you in public while he's trying to ignore you. 

16. They always want to help

An Aquarius man has an open mind and heart and is relatively thoughtful. He knows when and how to contribute to others' lives and has an impactful presence. An intuitive sign that he's falling for someone is when he can't resist helping that person. He's always available when his crush needs him, no matter the time of the day. 

He has a selfless spirit when it comes to this person, which he doesn't mainly show with everyone. Also, this Aquarian man is willing to take risks to ensure you are comfortable at all times. This behavior will indicate whether such a man likes you or not.

17. They'll get more confident over time

When a shy Aquarius likes someone, they tend to come out of their shells little by little. They'll start by involving their crush in their daily lives or giving them updates about new and exciting happenings. With time, they'll start sharing more personal details about themselves until they're entirely comfortable talking to the person they like. 

If you motivate this Aquarian man to be more confident, it shows he's attracted to you. He finally has a reason to express himself more openly, and it's because he's around the person he likes. The desire to have something more pushes him to be more expressive. 

18. Their eyes suggest attraction

An Aquarius man is somewhat complex but has an amiable personality. When he isn't talking, his behavior might be relatively hard to read. Nonetheless, if you pay keen attention to several hints, you'll interpret his body language correctly. 

One of the signs to look out for is how his eyes move. If this Aquarian man is attracted to someone, his eyes will express that desire and longing for that person. He'll unconsciously stare at them without saying a word, and this behavior will be unpremeditated

If you observe this in such a person, be rest assured that he's attracted to you, and he can't help but stare.

19. They'll be romantic

The charming personality of Aquarius men helps him be romantic when he needs to be. This side is revealed when they truly like someone. From subtle acts of service like getting you a cup of coffee when you need one to obvious romantic moments like saying sweet things to you, he'll indirectly show his affection.

It would help to pay attention to the sweet words and deeds he does around you because they mean a lot more than he'll make them appear. These behaviors will help you determine if he likes you or not.

20. They trust you

Aquarians have a lot of friends, but they also understand the essence of building substantive associations. They are amiable by nature but would cherish a special connection with someone. When they find someone worthy enough to make that connection with, it's a sign that they're attracted to them. 

If such men trust you enough to confide in you, they might indeed like you. An Aquarian man will get closer to you than anyone in your group of friends and can rely on you for his hidden needs. The type of bond he shares with you can give insight into his feelings for you. 

21. They'll be your best friend

An Aquarius man ranks his friendships with people over romantic relationships. This belief is one of the reasons he won't outright voice his feelings for someone. He wants to establish a unique bond in the friendship first before taking things to the next level. Therefore, one of the signs he likes you is when he gives keen interest to his company with you. 

He's there for you when you need it and regards you as his best friend. Both of you do most activities together and have created a particular type of bond with one another. 

22. He involves you in his life

he involves you in his life

Your current association with an Aquarius man will show whether or not he's attracted to you. Such individuals tend to be unconventional, which means they're likely not to seek advice from others. Instead, they do what they feel is best for them. If he's thoughtful enough to pursue your opinions, it shows you have a special place in his heart.

He's willing to stray away from his seemingly strange ways and determine your views on specific subjects. This behavior is a sign that he's attracted to you and finds your judgment to be critical to his life. 

23. They don't judge you

The friendly personality of Aquarius men helps them accept people more. They are excellent communicators and are likely to meet different characters. However, with an Aquarian man, his relationship with someone he likes will be somewhat unique. Although he can tolerate the attitudes of his friends, he'll be exceedingly broad-minded about his crush.

He'll forgive her with ease, and more importantly, won't be judgemental with her. If this behavior is similar to how any male treats you, then he indeed likes you. He's warm around you and rarely ever gets angry with you. 

24. They have different behaviors around you

An Aquarius man tends to behave unconventionally. He's chatty with people because of his amiable personality but behaves differently when he's around someone he likes. Most of the characteristics of this individual ultimately change when he's attracted to someone. 

He can be the most talkative person around others but instantly becomes shy around his crush. He can act strange in public but strives to leave an impression on the person he likes. He can also be an active planner but is ready to have spontaneous activities with his crush. These behaviors and more show his true feelings for someone. 

25. They introduce you to their family

An Aquarius man isn't always expressive with his feelings. Therefore, when he takes a big step like introducing you to his family, be rest assured that he's falling in love with you. He wants you to be part of his life, and he's not afraid to show it. More so, his actions display his comfortability with you and the unique bond he has established with you. 

He wants the friendship to be something more. Any major step he takes to involve you in his life proves that he's attracted to you. Therefore, it would help to pay attention to the signs. 


How does an Aquarius man act when they like someone?

An Aquarius man is chatty but can be exceedingly nervous around someone he likes. They'll focus more on building a friendship with you than pursuing a romantic association. However, he will leave subtle hints that he's interested in you.

Can Aquarius be shy?

Although Aquarians naturally have a friendly personality, they can come off as reserved and unconventional most of the time. In some situations, these individuals can indeed display characteristics of timidness, especially around strangers.

Do Aquarius men ignore their crush?

An Aquarius man can ignore his crush, especially when he's trying his best to conceal his feelings. He wants to focus more on friendship first than pursuing a romantic association. Therefore, if he ignores you, it's a sign that he likes you.

How do you know if an Aquarius is flirting with you?

If such an individual makes romantic gestures towards you and uses sweet words on you, it's a clear sign that he's flirting with you. You might take these clues for granted, but it's a subtle way he's expressing his affection for you.

Do Aquarius men like to be touched?

A man with this zodiac sign values quality time more than physical touch. However, his desire for his crush to touch him in subtle ways is irrefutable. Nonetheless, it will be more of a personal thing than a general attribute.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on signs a shy Aquarius likes you? If you perceive these hints from a man with this zodiac sign, it's essential to allow him to gradually take things to the next level. It would be best not to put pressure on him too early. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article and share it with friends.

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