Professional Ways On How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You At Work

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The language of the heart is often a misery to most people. Humans protect what they are feeling so tightly that we can hardly read what it means. Luckily there are some predictable sign that they unconsciously show to know if they like you.

The work place is known for it’s goal oriented environment and it’s colleagues. A bond between colleagues is a must. But how do you know if it is more than just a business bond? Here are the ways on how to tell if a woman is attracted to you at work;


1. They Ask For Your Help A Lot

Although they don’t really need the help, they are only doing this to get your attention and to spend time with you.

2. They Always Try To Be Near You

Physical closeness is something that your crush wants with you so she tries to be as close as possible.

3. They Praise You A Lot

Praising you on your intelligence, hard work, or even your works will be done to show that they like you.

4. They Remember Little Details About You

This is actually a Signs She is Into Me.

5. Saying Hi To You With A Romantic Glance

saying hi to you with a romantic glance

The greeting towards you is usually accompanied by a flirtatious look or a touch in the hand.

6. Repetitively Glancing At You From Across The Room

Glances will be done by someone that likes you and is the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy.

7. Asking If You Are Romantically Available

How to tell if a woman is attracted to you at work? Normal workmates won’t just ask this casually. Your girl will ask this to know if it is safe to continue her romantic attempt.

8. Being Interested In What You Like

A woman that have a crush on you will start being really interested in what you do and even trying to do it too.

9. Proposing To Hang Out Together

To strengthen the bond, your female work mate will start to initiate a coffee date or some other activities.

10. Always Gets Excited When The Two Of You Are Teammates

This excitement comes from the realization that they are going to spend time with you even if it is only a business matter.

11. Looking Clumsy Around You

Clumsiness is the sign that someone holds a feeling inside that is so big and hidden.

12. Concerned With How They Look When You Come Around

This woman will start fixing their looks as soon as they see you because they want you to fall for their looks.

13. Wants To Know Who You Are

want to know who you are

They want to know you far beyond the business persona that you bring but on a more personal level too.

14. Trying To Get You To Go Away From Other Woman

When they see that you are close to another woman colleague, they will do anything to drive you away from them.

15. Showing Signs Of Jealousy

Even if you guys are not a thing, she will show signs of jealousy because of her love for you.

16. People In The Office Talks About Her Interest Towards You

If the people in the office already knows that she likes you, it is very likely that the rumor is really true.

17. Giving You Gifts

Gifts are the Signs That Someone Is In Love With You Secretly.

18. Always Being Super Kind Towards You

It is known that when you are fond of someone, you will be kinder to them too.

19. Never Wanting To Make You Feel Upset

They want to be seen as a perfect candidate for your next girlfriend.

20. Thinking Highly Of Your Comments About Them

She cares about what you say to her because she wants you to like her.

21. Texting You Outside Of Work

texting you outside of work

This means that it is more than just business.

Signs That A Woman Colleague Is Having A Crush On You

A business bond can turn to a romantic bond when either one start to develop feelings for each other. Here are the signs that a woman colleague is having a big crush on you;

1. Rearranging Their Schedule To Be With You

Making you their priority is a sign of love.

2. Spending Time Outside Of Work With You A Lot

They like spending time with you outside of work, just like a date.

3. Flirting With You

She uses the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong.

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4. Saying That They Have Feelings For You

saying that they have feelings for you

At this point, you will know for sure that they like you.

5. Asking Where The Relationship Is Going

This means that it is true that she expects more from the relationship.

6. Speaking About You In A Romantic Tone

When asked, she speaks of you romantically and at length..

Tips To Deal With Office Romance

The news that your woman colleague likes you might be a surprise to you or maybe it isn’t. To deal with this new news, you need to know these ways to deal with office romance;

1. Know What You Want

Know if you really like her or not. Try to envision the future with her, you will probably get your answer then.

2. Talk To Them About It

talk to them about it

Once you have made your decision, talk to them about it and be gentle at saying this.

3. Maintain A Good And Friendly Relationship

This applies when you don’t want to continue a romantic journey with them. Being friendly is really mature and good for the work environment between you two.

4. Take Things To Another Level

If you do like her, start to treat her romantically.

5. Stay Professional

Whatever the choice, in the work place, remember to stay professional and put business over feelings.

Workplace romance happens a lot and to know if it will happen to you all you need to do is to check these how to tell if a woman is attracted to you at work. If your colleague shows it, romance is likely to happen. When it does do the ways we’ve shown above to keep things in a good state.

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