What Girls Think about When They Said "I Have Never Done This Before"

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When She Says I’ve Never Done This Before, What She Really Means?

For many teenagers, having sex for the first time is considered a big deal. It is one of the memorable moment in their life. Many spent hours thinking about it but sometimes they get rushed into it by their friends or boyfriends.

In any case, if you happen to meet someone who treat you with respect and kindness, you might considered doing it.

It might sound like a fairy tail dream come true but despite all that there will be a lot of emotion and concern.

Some concern would be realizing that you are the virgin in the relationship.

Here are some ways to deal with those kind of situation

Mixed emotion

A moment of reflection, how do you feel the first time you did it? Nervous? Happy? Its perfectly normal to have a these feeling. Since its your first time, you probably want to share you joyous moment with friends.

On the hand, you could have other feeling like fear? Regret? Insecure?. Reflect on those emotions to be ready for anything.

Sex is really an important milestone to a teenagers life. It can either be personal or intimate experience for some. Even considering doing it, there are somethings that you need to ask yourself.

  •  Do you really want to do it or were you pressured by your peer?
  • Will you be satisfied after doing it?
  •  Are you doing it for yourself or your partner sake?
  •  Consider the consequences? (family, friends. Future)

If you aren’t able to answer these question then better take it easy. There will be other times so no rush.

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Speak up

Alright, in the beginning of a relationship, you will learn many things about your partner. Works? Hobbies? Even his sexual life. And you found out that he isn't s virgin but you are. So what do you do?

Question given below are what would be on your mind

  •  Should I tell him, I'm still a virgin?
  •  Will thing little of me?
  •  Is he going to leave me for another?

Bottom line is there is no shame to admit that you are still a Virgin. Relationship is based on honesty and respect, you should be open and honest to your partner regarding to your sexual life. Create an atmosphere where both of you can share their thought. If you partner can truly understand your feeling and he will respect you and wait until you are ready.

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Think Safe

If you are seriously considering doing it for the first time. There are things that you need to be aware of like safe sex, contraception and commitment.

Its important to be responsible and make sure that both of you should feel safe and comfortable. Safe sex means using condoms or contraceptive pills. True that you both love each other, but you should think ahead.

To have a safe sex life : trust is the key. Both of you need to trust one and another 100%. if it means you have to do medical checkup which you both can discuss.

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