What To Do When My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted? Should I Let Him Go?

Last updated on July 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Your boyfriend used to care so much about you. His love and attention are enough to make you feel happy for a lifetime. But it all changed. He's no longer the same. It almost feels like he takes you for granted.

Not all hope is lost, here some things that you can do to fix the relationship:


1. Value Yourself

Start to value yourself. It’s the answer to what to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted. Sometimes it’s easy to forget yourself when you’re in a relationship. You focus so much on your boyfriend. You put your needs below his when it shouldn’t be that way.

It should be equal. That’s why valuing yourself will do you good. You start to see yourself deserving some respect and your boyfriend will know that he should too.

2. Let Him Chase You

let him chase you

Maybe you should let your boyfriend chase you. So play hard to get. When he starts to pursue you that’s when you know that he’s realized his mistake. He knows that he’s taken you for granted. After pursuing you again, he may start to value you even more.

However, some guys don’t really fall for this trick. They don’t want to chase or pursue you in any way. It hurts and your boyfriend might be one of them. At least you’ll get to see his true nature and feelings about you. Watch out for other Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material.

3. Limit Contact

Another thing to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted is to limit contact. Don’t frequently answer his calls. Stop sending him so many messages.

Say that you’re too busy for a date night. He’ll start to wonder what’s wrong. In his loneliness, he’ll see that he’s taken you for granted. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will continue to contact you and make it all up to you.

4. Stop Giving Too Much

Are you giving too much in the relationship? A psychology expert in dating mentions that people tend to make sacrifices for the people they love. But they need to know the limit as a way on How to Make Your Boyfriend Not Take You for Granted.

If you think you’ve done a lot, more than your boyfriend, then stop. Your relationship is not a charity. Refrain from giving too much so your boyfriend stops taking you for granted.

5. Be A Little Selfish

It’s completely okay to be a little selfish when you’re in a relationship! Not everything should revolve around your boyfriend. Maybe you’ve paid too much attention to him that he starts to forget about your needs. This is why he’s taking you for granted. So be selfish if you must.

Dedicate more time for yourself. Improve your skill by taking up a hobby or do something fun without him. Once he realizes that he’s taken you for granted, he’ll regret it and start to pay attention to you.

6. Demand What You Want

demand what you want

You don’t want to look desperate when you’re thinking of ways on what to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted. But what is it that you want? Demand it!

Instead of picturing yourself as a desperate girlfriend, consider yourself as a strong woman. A lady who knows what she wants and will not let her boyfriend step all over her. Let your boyfriend know that you don’t want him to take you for granted. These tips on How to Tell Him You Miss Him Without Sounding Desperate and Clingy will surely be handy!

7. Stand Up For Yourself

There’s only so much you can take. Stand up for yourself when your boyfriend is taking you for granted. Don’t be submissive.

According to a dating coach, a submissive behavior in a relationship is not always a good idea. It’s okay to wear the pants every once in a while. Standing up for yourself will let your boyfriend see that you’re not someone that he can just mess around with.

8. Take Some Time Apart

Taking some time apart from each other is actually not a bad idea. Think of it as some quiet and peaceful time for yourself. This is where you can rest your mind.

As for your boyfriend, let him feel the empty space without you. It’s the perfect opportunity for him to see how his life is like if you’re not there besides him. Perhaps he’ll start to see how wrong he was to take you for granted.

9. Go To Couples Counseling

Many dating therapists recommend couples counselling. Keeping everything to yourself will take a toll on you. It’s okay to ask for someone else’s help to fix your relationship.

Maybe it’s what you need. Your boyfriend will start to listen to you and begin to take this relationship seriously. When a professional points out the flaws in the relationship, your boyfriend will listen.

10. Have A Heart To Heart Conversation

have a heart to heart conversation

If you insist on making the relationship work, have a heart to heart conversation with your boyfriend. Use these Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated.

Being honest is one of the best solutions for what to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted. Hopefully, your boyfriend loves you enough to change for you. After all, you are his girlfriend. He should be treating you with respect and value your feelings.

11. Ignore Him

This can be harsh and it can be tough for you to do. Ignore your boyfriend when you’ve truly run out of other options. Other than ignoring, you can also give him the silent treatment.

A true lover would be bothered by this because they want to have a healthy relationship with you. When your boyfriend demand that you start talking to him, tell the truth about how much it hurts you that he’s taking you for granted.

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12. Evaluate The Relationship

Evaluate the relationship with honesty. It’s brutal but really think about it. How long has this been going on? Will your boyfriend take you for granted forever? Will he ever change?

Remember, it’s not always so easy to change a person’s personality. It’s handy to evaluate the relationship because you might see other flaws other than this particular one.

13. Leave Him

This is perhaps the last option you should take for what to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted. It's also What to Do When You Feel Like Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care Anymore.

So you’ve done everything you could but he doesn’t change. Your boyfriend doesn’t pursue you and he doesn’t care about your feelings. Why stay? It’s time to bid him goodbye and find your own happiness elsewhere.

It's not always easy to know that your boyfriend takes you for granted. Still, your feelings matter and your boyfriend should know how to treat you better. If he doesn't then he's not the one for you.

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