All The Best Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated

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Even though it's not the most important thing, but appreciation is what needed in a relationship to keep it going. Not only it shows how much someone care, but appreciation is also a sign that your partner is not taking you for granted. However, it is not always like that. Sadly sometime there are moments where you feel unappreciated by your boyfriend. It could be one of the Dangers of a Long Term Relationship, or he just simply never appreciate you.

You can't just stay still and need to quickly find the ways to tell your boyfriend you feel unappreciated. From the underway to the highway, all are worth to try:


1. Tell Him Slowly

tell him slowly

Avoid the heavy fights as much as possible. Things are better when they can be talked calmly and better solution will be followed. Talk about his behavior to you slowly without offending him or the intention to start a fight. Choosing the right timing is also important, don't talk this out when he looks down or tired. You will only be fighting.

2. Prepare The Facts And Events

Recall the times and events where he showed that he is not appreciating you. Prepare all things before you talk to him because you don't want him to think that you are speaking about groundless things. Make sure he remembers the events too, such as on his brother's wedding day or the last year's anniversary which he missed.

3. Complain To Him

It's fine to do the highway. If he's not someone who can be talked with slowly, file complain to him. It's okay to get angry over what he has done to you as long as you are reasonable and do not deliberately causing fight. The fact that you complain to him shows that he has crossed the line and you already tired of it.

4. Treat Him The Same Way

Following the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend, you can't stay still and not doing anything. Learn not to care about him and treat him the same way he treated you. He will therefore see how terrible he was all the time, but he could also be angry and retaliate too. Take the chance to talk about the matters out. You can't stay that way forever.

5. Show Your Appreciation

Or on the contrary, you can treat him wholly differently that he did to you. Say thank you and sorry a lot, show your love every time, and do all the sweet and romantic things to him. All your sincerity will melt the stone heart of his. It's worth to try!

6. Use Somebody Else As An Analogy

You can take the similar example or the completely different one as analogy. You can talk about your parent's, your best friend's, or anyone else relationship and stressed how they can last long or even get ruined. Make sure it's really related with yours. There are certain Characteristic of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship you can look up as references.

Signs You Are Not Appreciated

signs you are not appreciated

It hurts, but before you are ready with the ways to tell your boyfriend you feel unappreciated, you need to understand the signs first:

  1. He never says thank you, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing you have done.
  2. He makes decisions on his own and he never ask for you advice.
  3. Nor he asks about your opinion in anything. He looks like he's living in his own world.
  4. He loves making plans all by himself. Whether you're in it or not, he never involve you in the making.
  5. He let you do all the hard work alone when you're together. It often happen when you're living together. You really need to find the ways to tell your boyfriend that you fell unappreciated when this happen.
  6. He forgets, or deliberately forget all the important dates and occasions. He missed your birthday, your anniversary, or even your graduation. He simply doesn't care.
  7. Maybe he is not a romantic person, but a man should at least try for the woman he loves. Sadly he never make such effort to be.
  8. He cheats on you. It's the ultimate sign he doesn't appreciate you.
  9. He doesn't care about how your day went. He is not curious about it. At all.
  10. He doesn't consider any of your feeling. Whether you're sad, happy, or disappointed. It doesn't affect him.

Things You Should Do When You're Not Appreciated

things you should do when you're not appreciated

So you can't just sit back and relax in the situation where you are taken for granted by your boyfriend. You should do something, and these following could be good choices:

  1. Calm yourself and look at the bigger picture. Rethink about the beginning of your relationship until today because he could be not standing in the wrong side.
  2. Is it only you become overthink or does things really not going well? You need to really ask yourself about it. Maybe you're just too sensitive or it's him who become busier that he barely has time for you.
  3. Open your mind and accept the change. It is indeed the Signs of a Bad Relationship with Your Boyfriend, and you should find the best solution regarding your relationship.
  4. Make the change in you. Treat him the way you want to be treated and see how things could change over the simple things.
  5. Talk about it to him. It's the best solution.

It's devastating to find out that your boyfriend was taking you for granted. But everything is a good lesson, and he will be one of the best lesson for you so that you won't fall into the same trap again later. And if you think that your relationship can't be saved, you gotta find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship fast!

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