What To Do When You Tell A Guy You Miss Him And He Doesn't Respond (3 Important Things)

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did you text a guy saying you missed him, only for him to go completely silent?

Has this led you to believe that he doesn’t miss you? Maybe you’re worried about his overall mood? 

While this may feel like a kick in the teeth, I’d urge you not to panic. 

There are plenty of explanations, beyond the idea that he doesn’t care about you any more. So, relax!

I have listed some more explanations below, as well as some ideas for what you can do to turn the situation around.

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Why He Doesn’t Respond

Admit it or not, the question above might be the most frequent question that popped in your head when he doesn’t respond to you. When you say you miss him and he pretend like not hearing anything is truly the hurtful moment. However, stop the hurting part first and try to dig in the reasons underlying his behavior like written below:

1. He’s Not Interested

he's not interested

When someone’s interested in you, he would go crazy about you. When you say something like you miss him, he should be happy and all out, yet he didn’t respond instead? Perhaps he never feel interested in you from the very first. If that’s the case, you should reconsider spending your time thinking of him, perhaps. Even if you try hard to do ways to get him to miss you, he might end up ignoring you all the way.

2. He Doesn’t Miss You

When he says nothing, actually you can get the points instantly. It might be heartbreaking, but it might be true, girls. Let put it simple, if suddenly someone tells you that he miss you, but you never even think about missing him, what would you do? You might feel like saying you don’t could be too much, so you prefer saying nothing, right? There you get the answer.

3. He’s Busy

It might be the case, but most of the time, this reasons might be a made up just to cover the reason number one. You should also be considerate though, if you know that he’s very busy and barely have time for his own ‘me time’ , then you shouldn’t be expecting too much. Simply support him and say that you miss him without bothering him.

4. He Can’t Express Himself

Although part of ourselves tends to think that when he says nothing, then he doesn’t like you. However, this is not always the case. He might be a person who can’t express himself comfortable due to past trauma. Of course you should be more understanding in this case. You should ask him without being too direct to know whether he has something bad in the past and try your best to help him overcome it. However, if he just can't seem to tell you, you might seek these signs he misses you but won’t admit it

What Should You Do?

When you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t respond, you might feel so frustrated and confused. Not knowing what to do, what to say, and how to deal with him. Don’t let your confusions take over you even in this kind of situations. Here are few options of things to do :

1. Stop Chasing

When  a guy never fight for you and take your for granted, then it might be the time for you to stop chasing. What’s the point of pursuing someone who never even values you?

2. Set Your Emotions Straight

set your emotions straight

When a guy seems like he’s not interested or losing interest of you, this is when you should start to take care of your heart. Don’t get too attached to a guy, especially when he’s not showing that he values you.

3. Check Things Out

When you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t respond, you can’t just say that he doesn’t like you. You should check further to know whether he is interested and serious with you or not. Check other things out like, does he try to make time for you? Does he care for you? Is he there when you needed him? How does he communicate with you?

In Summary

Those things are also important before you go straight to conclusion that he doesn’t love you. Perhaps, you have gotten so clingy and boring. Find few cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested that could refresh your dull relationship with him.

Missing someone might be complicated. Your heart keep pushing you to go to him and say that you miss him. You kept thinking of cute things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him. However, the reality isn’t always that beautiful. Know what to do when situations get out of your expectations.

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