What Does It Mean When Someone Pushes You Away In Their Sleep? (Beware Of No.1)

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Cuddling at night in bed could be one of the things that makes everyone want to be in a relationship. Come on, the best way to fall asleep for some people would be in their loved ones' arms. It's warm, it feels nice, and it's just comfortable. Why short girl and tall boy are cute couple? Cuddle is one of the answer. However, unluckily, this is not the case for every couples.

There are cases where one of those couple, be it the girl or the guy, are trying to push other in their sleep. What does it mean when someone pushes you away in their sleep? You might be concerned with this, especially if you love cuddles and your partner isn't even happy with you sleeping beside them.

Here are few possibilities that you should think carefully of :


1. He/She Has Fallen Out Of Love

Actually, this depends a lot on the situation. If you used to cuddle before sleep and sleep without any problems with your loved ones in your arms, then something seems wrong. It's possible that your partner is no longer that attracted to you.

He or she might be holding on just because of something they couldn't deal with. Perhaps they're trying to pretend to be loving you, but then they just can't help with it when they're sleeping. What can i do if i feel bored of my boyfriend and sometimes i feel i don’t love him anymore but actually i do? Some people would choose to keep boyfriend away at least in their sleep.

2. There's An Unfinished Argument

there's an unfinished argument

If it used to be fine back then, there are also another possibilities other than falling out of love. There might be an unfinished argument between you both.

This makes your partner don't feel like sleeping with you. You should think whether you've done something wrong or not. This kind of reasons need your action to fix before it then goes for too long.

At least you should know what to do when your boyfriend is ignoring you after an argument. Of course, boy, you don't have to try hard on how to beat your girlfriend in an argument if she's doing that.

3. Bad Experience In The Past

Trauma could be the reasons behind it all. Bad experience in the past usually would affect someone a lot in the future. Perhaps they've ever been assaulted in their sleep, or any other bad experience that they still couldn't heal.

You should actively ask your partner about this and then you gotta be helping hand for them. It's not easy for them too, so you shouldn't be all sulky and upset just because they pushed you away in their sleep. Boy, if this is the case, you should know how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted.

4. He Or She Isn't Used To Cuddle Or Hug

What does it mean when someone pushes you away in their sleep? It might be because of his or her nature.

Hugging, cuddling, are just not part of the things that he or she was taught growing up. It's quite hard to change what you were taught since you were small, right? If you try carefully and take times, this could no longer be problem as he or she get used to getting hugs and cuddles at night.

5. Your Significant Other Simply Want To Sleep On Their Own

your significant other simply want to sleep on their own

There are times when you just gotta stop overthink. Pushing you away in the sleep could just be a sign that this person is tired and just want to have some me time.

Have some space and sleep as that person wishes. This usually wouldn't happen every single day, though. But you need to be understanding if your partner is one of those people who loves sleeping without any distractions. You may also try to talk about this so that there wouldn't be any misunderstandings between you both.

Differences in relationship is undeniable. However, different doesn't always mean bad. If you both want to work on the relationship properly, there will always be a way. You can talk it out so that you know what the real reasons is. Answering the big question of what does it mean when someone pushes you away in their sleep is somehow quite complex.

A good communication between you both could be a great help to sort this problem out. Win-win solution is highly preferred, but no matter what, communicating it instead of keeping it all inside still would be the best way to stay in love together.

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