This is How to Comfort A Girl Who Was Sexually Assaulted

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Sexual assault often goes unreported. Many girls around the world will have to deal with the aftermath alone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way so here’s how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted:

1. Believe Her

You have to let her know that you believe everything she said. Sexual assault is devastating.

It will be an extremely lonely struggle if she has no one by her side. Don’t doubt the things she tells you.

2. Accompany Her

Being a great company is also how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted. She might be scared to go somewhere on her own for a while. So offer to go with her and be her safety net.

3. Always Lend an Ear

The aftermath of a sexual assault is not easy to deal with. She might still be feeling a mixture of emotions.

Always lend an ear whenever she needs someone to talk to. Provide a form of relief simply by allowing her to speak whatever it is that’s on her mind.

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4. Show Your Support

There are many ways to show your support. You can frequently check in on her, send her comfort food or speak encouraging words.

If she ever decides to report the assault to the police, you can show your support by going to the police station with her.

5. Cheer Her Up

One of the best ways on how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted is to cheer her up. You have to take her mind off the assault every once in a while.

This will lessen her stress. Watch a funny movie together, have a fun trip with a group of friends or play video games. Try these Things to Do with Your Best Friend Before You Graduate High School.

6. Avoid Talking about It

Avoid talking about the assault too often. It could bring back memories that she doesn’t want to remember right now.

Her situation could become tougher. Try to talk about lighthearted topics instead.

7. Ask What She Needs

Ask if there is anything in particular that she needs. Look after her because she might still be going through shock.

Help her to feel okay again. You should know these Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed as well.

8. Promise to Keep It a Secret

Not everyone is eager to let the world know about their sexual assault. She could be feeling the same way too.

Perhaps she wants to keep the assault a secret for now. Respect that and promise to not tell anyone about it. When she’s ready, she’ll be able to talk about it more openly with other people.

9. Stay Away from Triggers

Is there a particular trigger that causes her to panic? Observe her behavior.

If something is causing her to feel uncomfortable then that might be her trigger. Next time, try to be more aware of your surrounding and help her stay away from any kinds of trigger.

10. Assure Her It’s Not Her Fault

You should never leave this out if you want to know how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted. It’s so important to assure her that the assault is not her fault.

Help her to get rid of her guilt. She needs to know that she’s a survivor and should never take the blame for the assault.

11. Try to Stop Nasty Rumors

There could be some nasty rumors going around especially if the two of you are still in school or a small neighborhood. You should try to stop them.

Tell everyone that it’s not true without exposing the details of the assault. Here’s the Worst Effect of Bullying in High School for Seniors and Juniors that you need to know.

12. Do Positive Activities Together

Positive activities help to reinforce a positive mindset. She will need that to feel better after the assault.

The two of you can probably sign up to a yoga or a meditation class. It’s highly beneficial to calm the mind and the heart.

13. Get a Professional to Help

The thing about how to comfort a girl who was sexually assaulted is that it’s not always easy to do on your own. Sometimes, you need to get a professional to help.

Don’t be embarrassed. Reach out to a counselor, a psychologist or a trusted adult to help. It’s what you must do once you see the Signs Your Best Friend is Suicidal and How to Help Them.

Offering your comfort will help the girl heal. She will soon be able to live her life normally again.