25 Things to Do with Your Best Friend Before You Graduate High School

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High school is one particular period in your life that you will never be able to move on from. People said it was the time of your life that you will ever get it back. To make these times memorable, make the most in every year of your high school. Don't let you high school passed on just like that, without you have ever make something spectacular to be remembered.

You must have known all the good Reasons Why You Should Go to College Right After High School, and the campus life is indeed different. So here are the list of things to do with your best friend before you graduate high school:

1. Skipped a Class

Okay, this is something that your mother will frown at you because, but it's worth it. Someone's got to be naughty for once! But remember, doing it once is okay, but twice is intolerable.

2. Exercise Together

Make yourself pretty before entering the university. You know how much cooler guys in college are, are make sure they all turn their heads while you are passing by.

3. Go to Prom

Find a cool guy for a date to prom. Even though it's not as popular as it was, but you will regret if you skip this one. Tell the Reasons Why You Should Go to Prom with Me to him.

4. Go to School Events

You may not have notice this before, but your school has plenty of events every years. Try to go to once you would never attend before, like the debate competition. Who knows you can find the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd after that.

5. Prank Your Teacher

Okay, this is not a good thing to do, but here are where the fun of high school lies. Just for fun, why don't you try to put a glue on your teacher's chair for once?

6. Create a Memorable Video

Things to do with your best friend before you graduate high school - Work on a project with your best friend about the high school life. It's worth to be documented after all, and might be bring you to tears when you watch it.

7. Date Someone 

You must have heard the reasons Why You Should Not Date in High School, but you may ignore this. As long as it doesn't interfere your study, you can do the Ways to Get His Attention in School.

8. Snap Photos As Many As Possible

The sad thing is, you may separated with your best friend once you graduated. You must not forget each other, so create a memorabilia through photos you took everyday during the senior years.

9. Go Crazy Together

As she is your best friend, let out your crazy side with her. Go to karaoke together and sing just like a mad person. Someday you'll find this precious.

10. Have a Moment of Truth Together

Have a deep talk with your bet friend and open up about each other's feeling. This way you will know how you value each other. 

11. Go Sleep at Her Place

Have a sleepover at her house before you graduated. Spending the whole night with her would be enough as a memory to be remembered forever.

12. Travel Together

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It doesn't have to be somewhere far away, but try to travel in the summer together. People get closer during the holiday, and this is how you'll never drifted apart from each other.

13. Write Something Crazy

Of course this should be done in the yearbooks. Make up a crazy, matching quotes together until other thinks you are crazy with her.

14. Tell Your Crush You Like Him

This is personal, but you can help each other. Ask your best friend for support when you are going to tell him the truth. Even when you got rejected in the end, she can always save your face.

15. Make a Photobook

Lucky you if you have known your best friend from the junior year. Make a photobook of both of you, starting from the very first time you know each other until now. 

Why High School is a Memorable Moment

  1. First day of high school is like the day you were reborn. It's one important moment of your life.
  2. Sport class is always something. From the kids who hate it to the kods who are better than athletes. Not to mention the smell of the sweats you have to keep up with.
  3. The scary moment when your teacher called out on you and you are daydreaming! The feeling is similar with being hit by a thunder during a sunny day.
  4. Your crush! Remember the feeling when you just had your first crush and you pass him by on the corridor? Seemed like the moment lasts for a century.
  5. Throwing a prank to the killing teacher everyone hated, not to mention badmouthing them behind their bad. Okay, this is just too bad.
  6. When handphone hasn't been a thing yet, you need to pass on notes to talk with your friends. Hey, you might still have this today.
  7. A group study is always fun. When you should have working on the assignment, in fact you are having fun chatting about something completely unrelated.
  8. And of course the field trip. Riding the bus together with friend is the best part, regardless of where you heading to.
  9. The very, very deadly difficult math! As if we gonna need the algebra in our daily life. Just why should we are studying this?
  10. The very awaited lunch break. It's time to eyeing for cool guys too!

After reading the list of things to do with your best friend before you graduate high school, don't just stay still and doing nothing. Call you best friend now and go make a wish list of things you must do together before the graduation coming. Best friend you had at high school will last long until you become and adult.

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