Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Best Female Friend

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When your soul sister is having a birthday, it’s like your own birthday. You become highly excited to celebrate you best friend’s birthday, you want to throw parties and surprises to show her how much you love her.

Okay, birthday is not birthday without wishes. For a best friend, normal birthday wishes won’t do. Instead, you might feel awkward yourself to say such sweet words to her. All you need is this lists of sarcastic birthday wishes for your best female friend.

Don’t worry! We got you covered. We have a really interesting choice of words for you to make an unforgettable, unique birthday wishes for her. Let’s pick from one of these:

  • “Hey! Go check the mirror. You’d find some soft wrinkles around your eyes as you turn a year old older today!”
  • “Well, I actually feel bad because it’s your birthday since it means you’re getting older.”

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  • “Happy birthday bestie! Wish you’d spend this year’s age becoming less annoying than you are today!”
  • “Let’s celebrate the day of freedom today! Freedom for kicking yourself out of your mother’s uterus.”
  • “Happiest birthday to my dear friend. From the only person on Earth who understand your lame joke.”
  • “Hey, baby! So glad for your day. Had you not, my would’ve been much more normal and I can’t imagine how boring would it be.”
hey baby so glad for your day

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  • “What a terrible day today is. Getting older is never easy for a woman. It’s okay, I’m here for you.”
  • “Oh baby, I feel bad for you. You’re getting older and older and all I’m worry about is how you’re going to keep up with that. You acts so childish all the time I think you won’t suit your age.”
  • “Wishing a happy, happy birthday for my best. Only if your money grow as fast as your age, you’d make the list of Forbes’ richest women every year. Happy getting older dear!”
  • “I want to wish you a happy birthday. I swear I didn’t get any notification from Facebook!”

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  • “It’s your Big Day and I want you to know that I sincerely wish your ex would never find someone hotter than you. Let’s give a big laugh for that!”
  • “Happy birthday my sister from another mother! You know a girl can dream and now that you’re older I wish you’d understand that you’ll never lose weight with that appetite of yours. It’s one of those impossible dream y’know.”
  • “It’s your birthday! Let’s celebrate like tomorrow never come but please keep yourself sober!”
  • “Your birthday today marks how many years we’ve been on each other’s side. I’d like to appreciate myself for being able to keep up with your antics, which getting worse every year.”
  • “Happy birthday badass! Wish I can write something cool for your birthday but you know I’m Chrissy Teigen so it’s kinda impossible for me. I can’t be as funny as her.”
happy birthday badass

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  • “Heard you were dreaming about embarking a voyage next to Columbus last night, but you shouldn’t wonder why. You’re entering the middle age of your life today!”
  • “I totally can’t relate so I don’t know what to say to an old woman. But as a good friend I’ll wish you a happy birthday with all my heart.”
  • “Today’s your birthday and I would totally understand if you call it the worst day of the year. I mean, who would be happy to find themselves getting old?”
  • “Okay, you know I’m not the kind to give surprises so you better not hoping for it. Happy Birthday!”
  • “I know this is a few hours faster but I want to say happy birthday to you in advance, in case I’m sleeping at midnight. Count me as the first person to give you wishes. Love you.”
  • “I’m currently dress myself and I’ll be arriving at your doorstep in 30 minutes. You’re going to throw a splendid party, right?”
  • “Hi, my best girl! Happy birthday to such a loving, kind, and beautiful creatures. Hopefully you’re smart enough not to buy all those lies!”
  • “So you know I don’t really want to wish you happy birthday because I know you hate it people remind you of how old you are.”
  • “Happy birthday, baby. Going to pick you up soon to celebrate the big day. Oh, don’t forget to bring some hangover pills. We need to stay sober tomorrow!”

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  • “Hey, Facebook kindly notify me today that you’re having a birthday. Almost forget if it weren’t because of it.”
  • “People say a good friend is the best gift you could ever had. So here I am for you. PS: I plan to wrap myself and tie the top with ribbon.”
  • “Happy birthday pal! Can’t wait to share another embarrassing moment with you! Well, it’s not like you’re embarrassed, though.”
  • “Happy birthday. I hope you already set the birthday party on your own since I won’t throw you any surprises.”
  • “There is a saying that a best friend is like a fart. Happy birthday my best friend, thank you for being the best fart in my life.”
  • “Hey, happy birthday! Considering the wrinkles on your face, turns out you’re still young! Let’s have a blast!”
  • “Seems like Christmas have come earlier for you. Happy birthday! But since Santa Claus isn’t real, you better not hoping for present!”
  • “Happy birthday, my best! Okay, so when will the party take place?

So those are all the sarcastic birthday wishes for best female friend. Well, you might have your own words and it’s okay. You can create the most sarcastic birthday wishes ever and she won’t be offended because of it. Only best friends can share dark humour, which everyone thinks it’s rude but you laugh your heart out of it.

May you enjoy your best friend’s birthday as if it is yours!

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