20 Cool Ways To Make New Friends at School

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For those of you who are entering a new school, you might be feeling a mix of emotions. You’re scared, happy and worried of the unknown. Making new friends won’t be easy either but it’s not impossible as long you’re willing to make that effort.


Ways To Make New Friends At School

Below are some of the best ways to gain new friends:

1. Pay Attention To Your Appearance

pay attention to your appearance

Appearance is not the most important thing but it is the first thing that people judge you on when they see you. It’s one of the most effective ways to make new friends at school. So try to look your best or improve your current look to attract more people.

This doesn’t mean that you have to appear rich and stylish. You can just make yourself appear tidy, clean and fresh. When you’re looking pleasant, your new friends won’t hesitate to approach you. You may want to read why you should not date in high school.

2. Mind Your Body Language

Your level of confidence can be seen from your body language. Avoid walking with your head down and don’t hunch your shoulders.

Believe in yourself and show them how welcoming you are through your demeanor. Keep your body straight, chin up and try the best you can to make eye contact when you’re talking to someone. Maintain a good posture to help you be more confident.

3. Socialize With Your New Friends

Mingle with different groups of people in your school. That way, you’ll have a bigger chance to have more friends. The one thing that you need to avoid when making new friends is hanging out with the same group all the time. It will only make your friendship circle very small.

Be careful when you’re socializing with new groups as some people may not have the best intentions. Here's on what to do when your best friends are leaving you out.

4. Go Outside Your Home

Stop staying in your home all day. You need to spend some time outside to socialise with your new friends, especially when you’re new at the school. Make plans with your new friends. You can set up fun activities that you can do together. When you spend more time with your friends, it’s easier to get to know each other. It’s a great way to make a stronger bond of friendship.

5. Enrich Your Knowledge

As a student, it’s important to enrich your knowledge on various things. Someone with a broad knowledge tends to be likable. Your friends will be impressed and they will have someone to rely on when a group discussion comes around.

However, don’t show off. Your friends won’t like that and people will avoid you. Always be humble and use your knowledge in helpful ways instead of wasting it away for boasting.

6. Smiling


Smiling is another great way to make new friends at your school. It’s hard to make new friends by showing an unfriendly face. Smiling will make you look approachable and nice. People will feel happier around you. Always show a genuine smile to people. Don’t fake the way you smile because people can see right through that.

7. Get Involved In After School Activities

Sign up to the after school activities. Pick one that suits your passion and interest the best. There are great things to gain from these activities. You can improve your skill and your hobby. You’ll have an outlet to express yourself. Other than that, you’ll also meet new people with the same interests as you.

You’ll make new friends easier when you’re around people who like the same thing as you. You might be interested in reading the signs a friendship is coming to an end.

8. Find The Right Time

If you’re too shy to instantly mingle with a group of people, you can start to introduce yourself to someone personally. Initiate a conversation with one person only. Do this at the right time. Don’t approach someone who looks busy. That person might not have the time to take you seriously.

You can try to approach someone you really want to be friends during break time. It could be over lunch or a free period. Make small talks about school subjects, teacher, homework or things about each other.

9. Give People Your Attention

You need to give people your attention if you want to receive it too. Listen to your friends when they talk. Don’t ignore them when they’re telling you something serious. Do these ways to make your best friend feel better. In case you find a conversation becoming boring, try to change the topic slowly. Throw in some jokes every now and then to make the conversation fun. 

10. Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much

A short introductory about yourself is a nice way to approach people. You can also tell them some things about yourself to give them an idea of who you are. But, don’t become too full of yourself. Avoid talking about yourself in front of them.

They’ll be annoyed and bored. Ask them questions about themselves too. Your new friends will appreciate the fact that you’re interested in them too.

11. Relax

No need to rush yourself to make new friends in your school. Stay calm and relax. Don’t be afraid of failing at having friends. Forming a friendship is a process. Sometimes it’s unpredictable too.

More Ways To Create Friends At High School

Here are more ways to make new friends at school:

  1. Always give smile to each other
  2. Say "Hey!"
  3. Include in any school extracurricular
  4. Join any school organizations
  5. Be active but don't be too much
  6. Help each other in classes
  7. Don't act like you are the smartest student in school
  8. Don't flirt too much
  9. Be friendly!

What you need to remember is to stay friendly, be helpful and always be nice to everyone you meet. You can also read on ways to get your best friends to forgive you in case you did something wrong.

Always remember to be true to yourself. Don’t fake your personality just to attract new friends. Be genuine and you’ll find the good ones.

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