Saddest Signs A Friendship Is Coming To An End

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We all dream of long-lasting friendships, but some are just not meant to last forever. It’s a sad reality, but for most of us, there will always be some friendships that can’t endure these changes. Like all relationships, there are stages to the breakdown of a friendship, but sometimes the signs a friendship is coming to an end may not always be obvious.

These are fifteen signs a friendship is coming to an end:


1. You Don’t Hangout Anymore

You used to spend so much time together, yet for some reason haven’t gotten together in some time. Of course, if it’s just the case that one of you is having a busy month, there’s no need to worry as it’s probably only temporary.

2. Plans Are Constantly Postponed

plans are constantly postponed

However, if you’ve made plans but they always seem to be put off, you might want to think twice. Does she really have a tight schedule, or you’re simply not on the top of her priority anymore? Also, it might be good to know how to tell if your friend is lying to you.

3. You Keep In Touch Only Through Social Medias

Maybe you’re a religious liker of her Facebook posts and she always makes sure to drop compliments on your newest Instagram photo. But if that’s the only platform of your communication, then it’s surely signs a friendship is coming to an end.

4. You’re Not Up-To-Date, Nor Is She

You don’t know what she’s up to these days and she’s just as ignorant about what’s going on with your life. You stopped updating the other about the mundane stuff a long time ago; soon you’ll miss out on the important things too.

5. Communication Is One-Sided

You –or your friend, always have to initiate the contact or make plans. If that person forgets to ask how the other’s day is, then a week without texts or calls it is. It's possible that either one of you shows the signs that your best friend hates you secretly.

6. You Talk Only About The Past

But when you do converse with each other, you find yourselves reminiscing about the past a lot. You don’t seem to know what to talk about except for that one time when…

7. Conversations Are Awkward

conversations are awkward

Once you’ve discussed all of the things you used to do together, the conversation turns awkward. Whatever bond you shared that allowed you to talk about anything is gone. There’s no more chemistry.

8. You Have Separate Groups Of Friends

Perhaps you still hang with your high school lunch buddies, but she spends more time with her new college friends. You two are now in different social circles. Maybe it’s time that you part ways for good…

9. She’s Not The First Person You Call Anymore

Be it being accepted to a new job, or that cute guy asked you out to dinner, she’s not the first person to know anymore. Back then you used to call her if anything happened, big or small, good or bad. You wanted to tell her first, but it’s a different case nowadays.

10. Meetups Leave You Drained

She just doesn’t brighten up your day anymore. In fact, all you can do after a day out with her is curl up in your bed and have a good sleep. You’re exhausted.

11. You’re Not Yourself Around Her

After spending time together, you realize the reason you’re so tired is you weren’t acting like yourself. You’re comfortable enough anymore around her to let your guards down.

12. You Don’t Have Fun Together

You finally have that day out with her that you’ve been planning for months, but it looks like you’re not having such a good laugh anymore. The movie she took you to watch left you yawning and the new fashion outlet you’ve been wanting to visit doesn’t seem to excite her as much. Bottom line: it’s no longer easy to have fun together.

13. Trust Is Lost

trust is lost

It's like you can no longer confide in her, despite having exchanged deepest secrets with each other years back. You can tell she’s holding back too with you, and that both of you are saving the secrets for another friend.

14. You Don’t Share Important Milestones Together

She wasn’t there on your 21st birthday, nor were you in her engagement party. It used to be your dream to be each other’s maid of honor, but perhaps things have changed now…

15. You Don’t Miss Her Like You Used To

You haven’t talked to her for almost two months now, but you find that you’re not missing her. Unfortunate as it is, this one is the definite giveaway of signs a friendship is coming to an end.

Here's The End Of Your Friendship, Just To Be Sure!

1. You’re Both On Opposite Ends Of The Country

It’s arguably hard to keep in touch with a friend who has moved away.

2. You Have Nothing In Common

You’ve grown out of the things the two of you used to love; now there are no more common interests.

3. You Feel Replaced

She has new friends that seem to be filling up the hole you left…

4. Your Instinct Keeps Telling You It’s A “Toxic” Friendship

This might not always be true, but if your gut constantly tells you she’s bad influence, then she probably is. Maybe it's a signs that your best friend is a frenemy!

5. There’s No More Value

Perhaps you simply can’t see the point of staying friends with her anymore. Are you seeing the clear signs that your friend is fake?

6. You’re Too Tired To Even Try To Keep The Friendship Together

At some point it’s just impossible to keep up with your ever-changing lives that are drifting apart.

7. You Disagree With Her Choices

you disagree with her choices

She may make important choices which you don’t quite agree with.

8. You Argue A Lot

Friends have different opinions all the time, but your conversation always ends in dispute.

Tips On What To Do If A Friendship Is Coming To An End

1. Make Time For Your Friend

This may seem like pointing the finger on you, but what if it is you who’s always putting off the plans? If this friend really is important for you, you may have to sacrifice some things and put her first. Show her that she matters to you.

2. Talk To Her

You may not want to approach her suddenly, but steer the conversation to the issue. Confront her and tell her that you feel like you’ve been drifting apart. Ask her if she thinks keeping up this friendship is worth it. It’s always better to hear both sides of the story, right? Maybe, it’s signs that your friend is jealous of your relationship

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3. Part In Good Terms

If it comes to this, it’s best to say goodbye in good terms. Don’t leave each other after a fight. You sure won’t like to look back someday to an unresolved argument with someone who used to be your best friend.

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