Encouraging Words for a Friend with a Sick Family Member – And What Should You Do

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Having our family member sick is something least expected for anyone. It will drained both physically and emotionally, since they have to take care of the sick while they also having this psychological pressure when will the sick get better.

Seeing a friend with sick family member must break your heart, and you inevitably imagining if you are them. Also read Toxic Signs a Family Member Doesn’t Like You

You want to comfort them and saying some supportive words, but at the same time you don’t know what to say. Even though there are millions of encouraging words for a friend with a sick family member, you must do more than just saying things to your friend.

Encouraging Words for a Friend with a Sick Family Member

Here are what you can say to your friend:

  1. “I’ve always consider your father as my own. Seeing him sick makes me hurt.”
  2. “It must be really hard for you. But I will do my best as a friend to be with you.”
  3. “Hey, you know I don’t know some cool words to say. One thing I know is this too shall pass.”
  4. “You’re not alone. I will always be with you.”
  5. “Cheer up, things going to get better.”
  6. “I’ll be there whenever you need me.”
  7. “Don’t lose hope, everything is going to be better.”
  8. “Your life might be raining heavily today. But do you know what comes after rain? An extremely beautiful rainbow.”
  9. “I don’t know how does it feel to be on your shoes, but I assure that I’ll never let you.”
  10. “Be happy. Your mom will be better sooner when she sees you smile.”

How Can You Help Them

As a friend, saying encouraging words for them would not be enough, especially when the family member who is sick is their mom or dad. You want to do more for them, and here’s the thing that you can do:

  • Be Careful Before Bringing It Up

Surely your friend already told you that their family is sick. Whether to bring it up or not depends on many things. Who is the sick family? Are they a distant relative or their own family? How serious their illness is? Also read How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He’s Sick Over Text

For a terminally ill, close family member, you shouldn’t bring it up. Not that often, though. Wait until they’re ready to talk about it and you can bring out all the questions by the time. When they’re not ready just yet, be there and wait. They know that you know it must be hard for them.

  • Be by Their Side

At most time you will be loss of encouraging words for a friend with a sick family member. Whenever it happens, all you need is to be by their side. Becoming their company during one of the hardest time in their life means more than just words. Also read Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She is Sick

When someone’s family is sick, they feel like they’re alone in this world. It’s like everyone else is going on with their lives, while they’re stuck behind a dark cloud. All they need is their best friend to assure that even the world leaves them behind, you’re staying by their side.

  • Keep the Communication Going

Okay, so it’s almost impossible for you to be literally by their side all the time. Chances are, you might have to leave them most of the time. However, keep the communication going. Texting, calling, even sending emails. You have to keep checking in their condition.

You probably have told them to call you whenever they need you, but you also know they won’t do it. So you’re the first one who should take the initiative. They need your help and your presence all the time even though they don’t say it. Also read What to Do When Your Boyfriend Talks to A Girl You Don’t Like

  • Ask About How They’re Doing

Even though it’s a sensitive issue, you can’t ignore the fact that your friend’s life might be in a mess since they have a sick family. Things are harder if it’s their parents who is sick. It’s okay to ask about how they’re doing though.

Don’t feel awkward to ask about how their parents are doing. It’s better than asking about anything else and leaving impression that you don’t care. They will appreciate it more when you address their situation directly. Also read Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister

  • Spend the Moment in Silence

The most important thing is you have to understand your friend’s situation. They know you want to show them you care, but at some point they will be tired to answer your questions. Try to change the subject or simply spend the moment in silence.

  • No Need to Send Cards or Flowers

This is what most people do. Sending flowers with encouraging words is classic, but whether you believe it or not, it’s lack of personal touch and sincerity. As long as you’re there with them, it means so much more than sending papers that will left abandoned on the floor.

  • Cope Up with Their Mood Swing

This is why doing the real thing is better than sending encouraging words for a friend with a sick family member. As they’re having a hard time, their mood changes more frequently. It might take turns from happy, sad, depress, and repeat.

Other people would find this offending, but a true find know it’s just a phase of grieving process. You shouldn’t take it personally.

  • Be Understanding is the Best

You will never find any right answer on what to do to your friend when their family member is sick. It varies and different with each people. So the best thing to give your friend is your understanding. It might just a word, but it means a lot for them.

So saying encouraging words for a friend with a sick family member wouldn’t be enough. You should be there to be with them going through all the hard times as well.