This is How to Comfort A Girl Whose Father Died - Cheer Her Up

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Losing a father is devastating. It can even be traumatizing. Do you know someone who is currently going through this?

These are the many ways on how to comfort a girl whose father died:

1. Offer Emotional Support

In this tough situation, offer emotional support. Ensure that she knows her emotions are valid. She doesn’t have to hide anything from you.

Promise not to judge her and she can turn to you when she needs someone to lean on. Here's What to Say At A Funeral When You Don’t Know The Person to still show emotional support.

2. Get Her Mind Off Things

Losing a loved one can turn her attention away from the real world. Help her to get her mind off things.

Talk to her about the weather, recent news or a new place that just opened. Try the many Ways to Forget Your Loved One for a while.

3. Run Errands Together

This is also something that you can do to cheer her up. In case she’s not feeling very active, take her out to run small errands together.

Go to a grocery store and grab some ice cream. It’s comforting to have someone shop with you.

4. Remember Him with Her

Is there any way that she can remember her father with you? Perhaps visit his grave together, write him a letter or talk about a nice memory with him. It’s okay for her to remember him every now and then.

5. Give Her Own Space

Here’s also another great way on how to comfort a girl whose father died. Give her some space to grieve and deal with her feelings alone.

It can be suffocating to be surrounded with sympathies all the time.

6. Let Her Vent to You

One of the steps in the process of grieving is anger. So you should expect some that emotion coming from her. Allow her to vent to you.

Understand that this her way of getting her negative emotions out. Get to know What to Say When Your Boyfriend’s Grandma Passed Away  so you know the right things to say to her.

7. Provide Her Comfort Food

You’ll often find her forgetting small things such as her keys or even eating. Provide her some comfort food or a meal that she loves.

She might not have the willingness or even the energy to take care of herself. Look after her.

8. Listen without Interrupting

Whenever she shows up and talks about her father, listen. Truly take in every word she says. Don’t interrupt and never give advice. S

he’s not asking for that. What she wants is someone who will just listen to how she’s feeling.

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9. Do Small, Fun Activities

You might notice her staying away from the crowd. She no longer wants to be in a busy place. But you can still do small, fun activities with her.

Play board games, video games or watch a movie on netflix together. These things matter because they make her feel loved.

10. Be Compassionate

Compassion is something that you need to put into practice on how to comfort a girl whose father died. Be genuine with your actions.

Be warm in your demeanor so that she knows there’s someone she can always rely on.

11. Make Her Laugh

Laughter is truly the best medicine. You never know when she could be missing her father. Make her laugh as often as possible to keep her mood up.

12. Be Patient

At times, it can be confusing to deal with her emotions. You might even be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Remind yourself to be patient.

Keep being that one person who can comfort her. Here's What to Do When My Boyfriend is Depressed and Pushes You Away that will help you help her.

13. Practice Self Care

Remember about the part of forgetting to eat? It can go on for a long time. Practice self-care with her slowly. Get her back on track so that she can function properly again.

14. Always Be There for Her

Never turn your phone off. She might be trying to contact you at unexpected times.

Grief doesn’t stick to a schedule. She might need someone to talk to in the middle of the night. Be there for her and make her feel less lonely since her father is no longer here with her.

These are the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend After A Death that will also help in this situation.

15. Get Extra Help

This can be your last resort on how to comfort a girl whose father died. Try to talk her into therapy.

Healing is hard, there’s no shame to get professional help. You can even offer to go to therapy together if she’s feeling scared. But don’t force her if she’s not ready yet.

As time goes on, the immensity of the pain from losing a father will lessen. Your patience and kindness will always help.

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