Ways To Forget Your Loved One - Breakup Or Death

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As life is not always as smooth as we wish it to be, unfortunate things are unavoidable sometime. We can lose the person we loved, by any means. We might break up with our lovers, and left with no choice but to forget that person. But loved ones doesn't have to be a lover right? We love our family even more, but we could also lose them.

When we lose our family by death, we also have to forget them. We have to move on and continue with life. It is indeed hard, but we have to go through it. Hopefully these ways to forget your loved one would come as a big help for you.


Ways To Move On From Someone - After Breakup

Here are some ways to forget your loved one after a bad break up:

1. Get Rid Of The Reminder

One of the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship is by getting rid all the stuffs that could remind you of the person. All the dolls, photographs, handmade things, birthday gift, just get rid of them all for your own good.

2. Avoid The Place You Used To Visit

During the time you dated you must have favorite place to lunch, or the very first place you went on the first date. Avoid going to all of those place. Take the other way around if you pass a road heading there.

3. Take Time To Be Sad

take time to be sad

A useful Tips to Move On from a Long Term Relationship is taking time to be sad. You have to be sad to accept the reality and helping you to move on easily. Cry a lot of cry for one whole day, you could also lock up yourself. But throw everything only on one day.

4. Start Over With Life

After a breakup, something must be different from your life as someone is missing. Take it as the right time to start over with your life again. Set some new goals and be happier than ever.

5. Hold The Desire For Revenge

No matter how hurt you are, don't take revenge. Taking revenge will make you even harder to forget that person. Improving yourself is better.

6. Hang Out With Friends

Who else can cheer you up better than friends? Your friends know the Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better whenever you are down.

7. Write Down Your Feeling

If you can't handle it, open your laptop and write. You can share the story in a forum or post it on your personal blog.

8. Avoid Any Contact 

Erase the person's number from your phone. It's the only way to resist the temptation to call or text that person. It's the best ways to move on from ex. 

9. Erase The Person From Your Social Media

Are you still following that person in social media? The unfollowed for now. It will help you.

10. Stop Asking About The Person 

Hold yourself to ask about the person whereabouts. Don't make yourself care about the person at all.

Ways To Move On From Someone - Because Of Death

ways to move on from someone - because of death

1. Keep In Mind The Person Is In Happier Place

A person who died is definitely going to a happier place. Keep in your mind that the person must be happy at the moment.

2. Mention The Person In Your Prayer

To relief the pain of loss, mention the person in your prayer. It heals not only you, but good for the person as well. Your prayer will take your loved one to a better place they are.

3. Continue Living Normally

If your husband died, you can no longer say Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband. But you have no choice but to keep living and moving on. Good things lie ahead of you.

4. Don't Let The Grieve Last Long

You are allowed to be sad. It's okay. But grieving for too long time will eat you up. Pull yourself together and get over with it.

5. Do Something To Forget Your Sadness

If you find it hard to get over sadness, do anything that make you happy. If you love to go hiking then do it. Going out to the nature heals you.

6. Go For A Vacation 

This is the best gift you can give to yourself. Go for a vacation, visit places you've never been before and left all the sadness there.

7. Meddled In The Society

You need a distraction to keep your mind away from your loved one. Mix with the society so you won't be sad anymore. You never know how togetherness can bring you. You shouldn't forget they who have died, but can't let the sadness follow you for the rest of your life.

8. Share Your Stories

There must be many people who have similar story with you. Meet them and share. They will give you many good words in helping you to forget your loved ones. They probably had it longer than you, so they would know may better ways.

9. Be Happy

When your loved one left, the person would never want you to live under sadness. They would want you to be happy and get going with life. That is how you can let got of the person better, as the person is going to a better place so should have a better life as well.

10. Spend More Time With Your Family

spend more time with your family

Share the grieve and sadness of loss with your closest person, your family. You are not the only one who is sad, so sharing sadness will lighten it. You can support each other and helping each other, moving on together towards a better life.

So those are the ways to forget your loved one , whether breaking up with your lover or losing a family member by death. May we are all could find strength in facing any difficulties and unfortunate events in life. But if I could say something, don't forget them. You can just memorize them in good ways about good days. Also, pray for them. Remember that there is always rainbow after the storm.

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