What to Do When a Guy Unfollows You on Instagram (13 Quick Things to Do)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People unfollow Instagram for all the reasons in the world. Maybe someone did something wrong with their Instagram feed and accidentally unfollowed you. 

It may hurt, but if you can deal with it in a mature way, you might not be upset. If you are wondering what to do when a guy unfollows you on Instagram, my hope is that this article will be the right thing for you.

One thing that you should consider is that his account was closed, and he may feel bad for not getting your phone number before this happened. This is especially true if you two had decided to build a relationship or start dating! It hurts; I understand. You think you did something wrong,, and he is no longer interested in you, but things could be worse. He could have told you off!

He might not be aware that you wanted to speak to him outside of Instagram. He may have noticed you were busy and had to decide if he wanted to keep posting messages on your feed. 

Unfollowing sends a negative message, but understand that your hurt will pass! People unfollow each other for all sorts of reasons; just wait until you hear the whole story before getting upset.


What to Do When a Guy Unfollows You on Instagram

1. Find out why

If someone has unfollowed you, you might want to find out why. Did you do something to offend them? What was your last communication like? Are they still active on their Instagram account? Are they posting regular updates there? If so, there must be a reason why they decided to quit talking to you. You should figure that out.

Remember that some guys are just shy. They may have accidentally deleted their Instagram accounts and forgot to get your number so that the two of you could communicate outside of Instagram. All of this could be unintentional and he could totally still be into you! Just give him time to find you in this world full of social media!

2. Let it go

This is the best thing you can do if you feel dissed. Consider continuing to post regular updates on your feed and leave an image showing that you are fine without this follower. Just because you have stopped posting as often does not mean that you are upset or crying yourself to sleep at night over losing one follower.

Instead, just let it go. You can keep busy with other things. Consider getting a pet. Science has shown that pet adoption can be one of the most productive and positive things you can do. Having a warm, fuzzy critter in your lap can give you a sense of calm and comfort. You will have a new best friend before you know it. 

Having a new pet can also make you feel less alone. You won’t worry so much about having a guy in your life who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. Instead, you can start posting cute pics of your new fur baby! Dogs, in particular, can prove to you how much love a living creature can offer you and make you feel so loved!

3. Don’t stalk him

Whatever you decide to do, please do not stalk him. There is no benefit in doing this. You may find yourself reading everything that he posts, but is there any positive outcome in doing this? You are just doing to yourself what no one should do: Driving yourself crazy over obsession with something very unhealthy!

4. Realize it could be an accident

Many people have issues with their social media accounts. They do not have the time to keep up with all the technical issues that happen to their accounts, so they just let it go. He may have accidentally unfollowed you by hitting the wrong button. It could be a huge mistake, so you should watch how you react to this situation!

5. Don’t obsess

don't obsess

Like stalking, obsessing over the reason that this happened is not going to help things. You don’t need to analyze the situation to death! You will drive yourself crazy if you do this. Obsessive love can also be dangerous because it can turn into stalking behavior, which can land you in a world of hurt.

6. Try to understand

Think about your last conversation with this guy. What did you talk about? Did you end things on a positive note? Did you get a sense that maybe he was no longer interested in you? Do you think he was trying to tell you something and you weren’t listening? If you try to understand things from his side of things, you might discover the answer.

Also, if you think about the many reasons that this friendship ended, you might realize that it was for the best. He could have been just wasting your time, time you could have spent looking for the right guy. If you waste your time on the wrong guy, you are likely not going to have time for the right guy to approach you or for you to approach him!

7. Don’t take it personally

Some people just delete their social media accounts because they are sick of the drama. They don’t like reading about other people’s happy lives when theirs is not going so well. Many people just think that social media is a waste of time, so they delete their accounts without really thinking about who they might be hurting in the process.

8. Think about it

It’s okay to think about it to determine what may have gone wrong in the relationship, but don’t allow yourself to obsess over every single thing that was said. That’s just a waste of time and energy. Instead, focus on positive things that you can fill your life with - prayer, meditation, a new hobby, night classes, or yoga! Learn something new!

9. Apologize

If you know the guy outside of Instagram, you can always contact him to apologize for whatever you think you did wrong. If something happened in your last conversation or you upset him by posting a picture of you with another guy, even if that guy was your brother or dear friend, you can say you are sorry for misleading him or whatever.

10. Ignore it

ignore it

Just proceed with your day as if it did not happen. Things end, and it is not fun, but it happens. If you just ignore it, you will feel much better about what happened. 

11. Stay positive

Don’t allow this experience to get you down. You may feel devastated because you saw a future with this guy or something like that, but if he did not feel the same way, it is best for everyone if you can just stay positive as you move forward. Think about the good times and learn from the bad ones. Implement a new hobby or passion in your life.

Find out why people are talking about certain topics like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and decluttering. Develop a new passion or interest in one of these positive topics to broaden your horizon. You will feel so much better!

12. Move on

The best thing you can do is to just move on. Realize that something happened, and it’s time to move on. You may be super curious as to what happened with this guy, but try to just let it pass. Instead, think about all the guys you could be talking to now that this one is out of your life. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and the sea is big!

13. Accept it

Now that you have let it go and are moving on, you just need to accept what happened and realize that it just was not meant to be. Instead, you should tell yourself that you can do better. You now accept that this happened and are ready to move on with your life without thinking about this incident anymore. Enjoy your freedom instead!


What does it mean when a guy unfollows you on Instagram?

He could just need a break in his dating life or not want to post photos on Instagram anymore. It sounds ridiculous, but many people don’t even know how many followers they have on their Instagram account! People post from time to time, but they don’t care.

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What to do if someone unfollows you on Instagram?

Consider sending your close friend personal text messages, asking if they are okay. However, you should fast forward a bit and think about how texting affects you personally. Do you want to move the relationship outside of Instagram in the first place?

How do I know who stalks my Instagram?

Pay attention to the number of followers you have if you are curious about who stalks you. If they pay close attention to your personal account, they will likely love all your pictures. You can also start reading your Analytics to see how many people look at your account.

How do you confront someone who unfollowed you?

Ask them if you did something to upset them. It hurts when someone stops loving your pictures or won’t reply to an Instagram message. You may notice their absence, especially if they are still posting on their account. Just realize it could be nothing against you.

Can you message someone who unfollowed you on Instagram?

If you want to send a text to someone who has unfollowed you, you should be casual about it. You don’t want to come across as desperate. Also, think about whether this is the right course of action for you. Do you really want to talk to someone who is not interested in you?

To Sum It All Up

If your follower count is down and you are worried about communication issues within your social circle, realize that not everyone knows how to operate Instagram in the same way. If your own follower count is down one, it could be just nothing. What do you think? We want to hear your life advice!

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