23 Ways to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love You

Last updated on August 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Love is the most sought after thing in the world. It is the foundation of good feelings and it surely makes our life brighter and happier. But the ugly truth is love is not always fun. What if the one you love don’t love you back?

Sometimes love is wicked and twisted. The biggest example is that the one you are looking for does not love you back. Although it is hard and kind of unreal, you need to let go of that love and start to find (ways move on). So here are some helpful ways to stop loving someone who doesn't love you;

  1. Stop Contact

Communication strengthen a bond and it could make someone love each other more. You definitely don’t want that, so stop the communication altogether. It may be hard but this is the best way to get rid of the  Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone

  1. Try To Avoid

When you run into each other, you are bound to socialize and fall deeper in love with that person again.  That is why you need to avoid your partner route. If you do bump into that person, then go out of their way immediately.

  1. Let It Out

Let the feelings out and pour it to something else. You can pour it on to your journal, painting or even a friend. Letting it out cleanse your mind and lets you fill it with something new.

  1. Accept The Condition

Sometimes a condition can’t be changed so one way or another you have to accept it. It will be a slow process but it’s okay. Try to see the condition as it is even if it is painful.

  1. Ask For Help

The road to recovery is a hard and long one but you have to choose that path. That is why you need someone to help. Find a friend or even a professional that is willing to help and guide you towards a better state.

  1. List Why You Are Better Off

Although the relationship seems sweet there are actually a lot of hidden poison behind it too. List the reason why you are better off without that person, you will feel much better.

  1. Find A New Hobby

Finding a new hobby keeps you busy and distracted. It also helps you become a better person which is a great way to get to recovery.

  1. Find Someone New

Finding someone new that can teach you how to love again and help you mend yourself is great. Find someone who have the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate for A Lifetime But do this without burdening and hurting your new partner, if you do things will get worse.

  1. Strengthen Self Love

Who needs all the validation and love from the outside if you have tons of it from within? Strengthen self love by practicing self compassion and doing self care. This is an essential ways to stop loving someone who doesn't love you

  1. Find Like Minded People

People that suffer like you do can help you become determined to move on and possibly make you feel like you are not alone with this problem. These two things are essential to start new.

  1. Be Grateful

Look around, there are many other people that still love and appreciate you for who you are. This helps you keep in mind that the person you are chasing is not the only source of sunshine in this world.

  1. Forgive and Forget

Forgiving and forgeting what the other person have done is a mature way to go through with this problem. Plus it helps you grow as a person.

  1. Travel

Traveling lets you see all new places, experiences, and things which will distract you from your heartbreaker. It will even let you forget that person altogether.

  1. Find The Hidden Lesson

Try to make peace with the fact that your love is not returned and try to find the silver lining in the condition. This will make your happiness bounce back faster and stay longer.

More to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn't Care about You

More clever tips on when you are just so stuck on this person that all the ways collapse. Here are more ways to strengthen that step to move on;

  1. Delete Contact

Now that you’ve stopped talking to them, delete their contact. This is needed so you don’t mistake common replies with signs that a girl likes you through texting.

  1. Find Healthier Relationship

Try to get into healthier and more nurturing relationship. Be it with a friend, colleague, or family. Find more healthy love.

  1. Move Away

When you just can’t take it, move away to somewhere new and start over.

  1. Stop The Thoughts

If your mind start thinking about that person, shut down the thought immediately. It will train you to forget him in the long run.

  1. Redefine Love On Your Own

Try to redefine love on your own by being alone or doing experiences that makes you know which love is healthy and which have the Signs of Conditional Love

  1. Don’t Be Friends

Never be that person’s friend. You will only secretly fall in love with that person and let your guards down again.

Signs That You Have Fully Moved On

The true signs that you are a warrior and your healthy, happy life have begun once more;

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  1. You Do Not Hate The Past – You do not feel like you want to find ways to get revenge on someone, you are at peace.
  2. You Feel Nothing Towards That Person – You do not feel the Signs You Miss Your Crush anymore because you have fully moved on
  3. That Person Is Out Of Your Life Completely – That person no longer plays any role in your life because you choose to let the toxic people out.

It is hard to accept the truth when someone does not love you back.But do not linger unless you want to be hurt over and over again. That is why you need to take steps to recovery by finding ways to stop loving someone who doesn't love you. Then you will start to show the signs that you have fully moved on. After that, your life is back on track.

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