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These two signs are both dark and strong so the combination of these two will result both a strong bold relationship and intense fights among each other since Aquarius man is a free person while the Scorpio woman is a possessive one.

However, they could be the most unique and eccentric couple as they both like to discuss any strangest things with passion. It is very rare to see them having “small talks” about daily life at work or how their day  went. They are also rebellious and dramatic at once.

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How To Make Aquarius Man Fall In Love With Scorpio Woman

If you are an Aquarius man who like unusual things or hobby, a Scorpio woman will likely to support anything you like and she would passionately try to fit in what interests you. Anyway, here are some ways how to make an Aquarius man falls in love with a Scorpio woman.

1. She Must Be Fun And Have Interesting Topics To Discuss

A Scorpio woman must be a fun person who almost find interesting topics to discuss with him, even the weirdest thing possible.

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She must have the ability to bring a regular and boring topic to be the most fun subject to talk about. Typically, this ability to start a conversation is quite easy for a Scorpio woman as she is always passionate and has a fun personality. This is a plus for most women for it really makes them stand out among others.

2. She Must Possess Creativity And Intellectual Integrity

If she wants to be a potential girlfriend of an Aquarius man, a Scorpio woman should possess an intellectual integrity and creativity because he likes smart woman who act smart too. He would be very respectful to women so that he would always respect you and your career and would give total freedom of what you are doing with your job.

3. She Must Be As One Of His Regular Friends Before

she must be as one of his regular friends before

Aquarius man tends to be attracted by woman who has been around him for a while so she must be at least a friend of him who often meets him and involved in the same situation with him. This time is best time to show her appeals as dealing with him. He will pay attention more if she can be fun, smart, and passionate.

4. She Must Be Very Supportive

A very supportive woman type is an Aquarius (and most) man favourite since he is a busy man doing things he like. He could spend hours and hours for his hobbies on his own who might forget about you and other things too. The choice is between you are being very supportive by letting his on his own OR by joining his crazy hobby and obsessions.

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5. She Must Not Overly Attached And Obsessive To Him

Aquarius man doesn’t like a woman who is dependent, possessive, obsessive and also overly attached to him. He likes freedom so he gives freedom to his girl too but he hates being controlled every single time. 

6. She Must Not Limit His Activities

An Aquarius man doesn’t like limitation in every corner of his life so that her potential girlfriend is better not to be very possessive and limit his actions. However, an Aquarius man is very committed to his relationship and seek not only a companion but also a partner who will fulfill his goals and also his partner goals all together.

7. She Must Be Loyal

she must be loyal

He is an easily bored person which very rarely fall in love to women in very short time periods, so when he is single, he might have been single for a decade. He is a loyal lover who loves a loyal partner who would be focused on their life together. He doesn’t like to sleep around with girls from the parties or pubs she attended because he chooses the more valuable ones around his circle. 

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8. She Must Be Smart Enough

Smart is a must factor for an Aquarius man favorite woman. She must have the brain more than the look. However, since Scorpio woman is generally sexy and attractive, a smart Scorpio woman will be very special and the most wanted woman ever! So if you are a Scorpio woman and you think you are smart, be prepared to get much attention from the gentlemen out there!

For short, a Scorpio woman who can make an Aquarius man fall in love with her is a loyal, supportive, smart and a fun person. If the points above aren't enough, you may also need to read another article about How to please Aquarius man.

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