All the Cute Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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After you date for a while, things become less and less romantic somehow. You start to get used to everything that nothing feel special anymore. Uh oh, it’s a warning sign of your relationship. Lit up the fire again through an intimate talks and prepare a lot of cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend.

It may seems simple but it’s a big chance that you don’t know what to say to your boyfriend. Maybe his presence alone is enough, but you always need more than that. Here are some ideas about what you can ask your boyfriend in the cutest way possible.

  1. How Far Do You See Our Relationship Last?

You can always have your way to ask him how serious he is in the relationship. A boy can love you to the moon and back, but seriousness is other think. It’s enough to say he’s not serious if he doesn’t say ‘till the end of time’ or forever’. Also read Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

  1. Do You Love Me? How Much?

The answer to the first question is definitely a ‘yes’ but the point is the second. You want to know how much he loves you. It’s also a good questions if you expect endless compliments followed with endless hugs and kisses just by those two magical words.

  1. What About Marriage?

It’s a question every woman wants to ask when they have been dating for quite a long time. You must have marriage in your mind but you don’t know how to bring it up. You have to make sure that both of you are on the same page before things get too deep. Also read Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married

  1. How Do You See Us in the Future?

This is another way of asking about wedding if you think that the previous question is way too direct. This camouflaging question sounds very romantic if you say it while looking deep into his eyes.

  1. What Do You Like About Me Most?

Okay, if all you want is to be complimented by your boyfriend, go ask him this question. You’ll hear nothing but good things about you. Also read Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More

  1. Is It Better to Cuddle or Makeout?

Another indirect way to ask when you want to get intimate with him. A man would never turn down such question. In fact, he probably like both!

  1. When Was Your Favorite Kiss of Us and Why?

Among many kisses you have done, you must have one that stays in your mind as it’s very meaningful. And he must have one, too. Ask him when it was and maybe you can recall the moment. This kind of nostalgia is important to remind you how much you love each other. Also read How to Get a Hug Romantically Without Being Awkward

  1. Tell Me How Can Someone be Adorable Like You?

If you want to shoot him over the moon, this is the way how. A man can’t resist too much of compliment that he might shy away or shower you with hugs and kisses afterwards! You’re not lying, though. He’s still adorable after all these time.

  1. Do You Know That You Always Make Me Smile?

There are many ways to tell him how much he means for you. Thanks to him, you can always smile even at times where you don’t like to. It’s one of those light, unexpected question you can ask him. Don’t forget to tell him that you like it so much. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. What Kind of Workout You Do?

You have always adore his body. You can’t get enough just by looking at it that you really know what it his secret. So here are another cute romantic questions to ask your boyfriend. It’s shows how you notice his hard work un building his body. You can get to know him better by asking this little details.

  1. How Would You React If I’m Suddenly Disappear?

This question is a good one if you want to know how much he loves you. He can’t easily tell lies when you ask how much he loves you but he would likely slipped on this one. If he doesn’t say anything meaningful, you might want to rethink about going on with him.

  1. What Can I Do to Show My Love for You?

For a relationship to work, it requires efforts from both side. Not only that he have to prove his love for you, you should also do something to convince him that you do love him. There must be something your boyfriend wants, but he hold it back for some reason. Now it’s a good time for him if he did have something he’s craving or wish for.

  1. Do You Have Anything to Tell Me?

Honesty and openness is the strongest foundation in every relationship. There’s no way you can survive without trust. This is a triggering question for him open up about his darkest secrets and anything he has been hiding from you. Also read Why You Should Fall in Love with a Girl Who Overthinks

  1. Do You Still Remember Our First Kiss?

First kiss is the first important milestone in your relationship. It has to be something meaningful that it lingers on you all this time. If he still remember when and where, then it must be equally meaningful to him. What’s next? Reliving the feel and the moment of the first kiss.

  1. Do You Still Remember the First Time We Met?

It’s a big day when you both first met. Even back then you haven’t feel anything yet, you shouldn’t forget how you met and so shouldn’t he. And if he fell in love at the first sight for you, he might be remember the day way better than you do.

Having your own cute and romantic questions to ask your boyfriend? Go ask him!

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