10 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Should Stay With You Forever and Ever

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being in a romantic relationship with someone who you love is one of the best thing that happened in life. It's fun, full of love and romance. Having to choose that special someone is no easy task , each person will have their own set of qualities of a perfect boyfriend. If your boyfriend had one or more qualities that are mentioned in this article, he is the right one for you. here are the reasons why your boyfriend should stay with you forever.

  1. He is loyal towards you

Loyalty is one of the most important thing in a relationship, this is one of the most important qualities that you can find in a boyfriend, if he is loyal to you then there is a reason why he should stay with you forever.

Being loyal means no matter how tempting it is for him to get attached to another girl even though he have all the chance in the world to cheat or even dump you he just wont do it because he choose to be committed in the relationship that you both are having. Being loyal doesn't only means that he wont cheat on you, it also means that he will be there for you no matter what, he will always be the one that you can rely on.

2. He Always Try To Make You a Better Person

A boyfriend who will give you a reason to stay with him forever is the one who will change you into better person than you are now, he’d constantly try to motivate you and help you achieve your full potential instead of telling you that you’re incompetent or can’t do something.

Don't get angry whenever he scolds you for having a bad attitude, all he wanted to do is to change you into a better person and that is how he show his care towards you. Tell him the reasons why your boyfriend should stay with you forever.

3. He is Communicative 

A boyfriend that can make you see the reason to stay with him forever is the one who keep the relationship a communicative one. He will always have things to talk about with you, he will share something that you might not know before, he will try to understands you and want you to understand him, and whenever both of you run into a relationship related problem he will surely have a discussion with you about it, not just ignoring you all of the sudden. (read also: Reasons Why You Need to Express Your Point of View in A Relationship )

4. He Always Try to Make The Relationship an Exciting One

We all hate something that can bore us easily, this also applies in a relationship. If you have a exiting and humorous guy as your boyfriend, boredom is the last thing that you will experience whenever your with him.

He will always do random silly things that can always put a smile on your face, it is also a good thing to have someone who is relaxed and fun partner in a relationship. (read also: How to Lead A Happy and Peaceful Life in A Simple Way

5. He Accept and Love You Just The Way You Are

He doesn't force you to be someone that he wants you to be someone that is not you, he may try to change you if you had anything that according to him is not the right thing to have, for example your disrespectful behavior; but that change is a positive one, a change into a better you.

6.  He Makes Time For You

No matter how busy he is with his life he will always make  time for you. Did you know that time is the best gift a man can give you? there a lot of things that currently happening at once at a man's life, but a boyfriend who you should stay together forever with is a boyfriend who can spend quality time together and make you his priority. (read also: Signs He is Your Real Soulmate for A Lifetime )

7. He Has Visions About The Future

We all love a boyfriend who has goals in his life and career, of course we all want a successful man to be our life partner but do you know what kind of partner is better than that? A partner who will put a lot of work into realizing his goals towards life. If your boyfriend can be categorized into this, never let him go because not only your boyfriend is visionary towards his future but he is a hardworking and determined man that will give you a reason to stay with him forever. (read also:  Signs He’s Thinking of A Future With You ) 

8. He Can Be Trusted and He Trusts You

Insecurities and doubts are not a good thing to have if you are hoping for a long lasting relationship, not only it will make your relationship fragile because of the secrets or lies, it will also develop trust issues between the both of you.

A good boyfriend should give you all the reason in the world to trust him by communicating with you effectively and also avoiding lying and keeping secrets from you. A good boyfriend also have a trust in you, he should make a point to believe in you. Trust is an important aspect in order to strengthen the bond between you and him. That's the reasons why your boyfriend should stay with you forever.

9. He Makes You Feel Important

If you are an important part of his life, he will make sure you will feel you are. He will make you on the top list on the the most important thing in his life, making you feel important by doing simple things such as calling you to check if you have eaten or not. He does all that because he sees a future in you.  (read also: Signs Your Boyfriend Sees You as His Future Wife )

10.  He Can Control His Anger

There is no exception to this, he must absolutely respect you. We have seen a lot of guys lose their cool when things doesn't go how it should be. It is okay to lose your cool, but it is not okay to use you as a punching bag, literally or figuratively. He should not disrespect you or abuse you for any reason. He should always respect and love you for who you are and not expect you to change.

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