7 First Date Conversation Ideas To Make Your Date Attracted To You

Last updated on July 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The first date is the most important part of the beginning of a relationship. you could be looked at as a good person, an interesting person, a bad person, a boring person, all depends on it.

In this part, you need to prepare as well to show that you are worth to be tried. A lot of people confused about what they need to prepare on their first date and ended up with bad preparation. Reading this article is a good step to find out whatever you need to do. 

Sometimes we all focus only on the outfit that we wear and forget other preparation that could be needed. For example, the most forgotten one is about the topic. No matter that you are a man or a woman, preparing conversation ideas is very important.

By choosing the right topic, your crush can see you as an amusing person. You need to balancing your topic on the first date because you still do not know about what your lover likes and what your lover doesn't like.

Do not bring a heavy topic on the first date because it will give a sign that you are a very serious person but at the same time don't be too silly with talking so many dumb things. After How to Text Your Crush Without Being Annoying and Clingy, check this first date conversation ideas: 


1. Today's Activity

Asking "how are you?" on the first date is a sign that you are a very boring person and you need to change it. Replace it by asking about how was your date's day, their activity, their mood, their obstacle in office, or maybe school.

Ask that are they had a bad or a nice day and is there something different on their routine or it just the same as yesterday. Asking about today's activity is a good sign of care and it could open up a more joyful conversation. 

2. Daily Activity

daily activity

After asking about their activity for today and showing sympathy, you can continue by showing that you are curious about them by asking about their daily activity. You can start by replying "is that you usually do?" on their answer in the first question and wait for her reply back.

If they reply with yes then you can give like a wow sign by your expression to show that you are fully listening to them or if they reply with no then ask about what they usually do. Improvement is the key to this part. 

3. Hobbies

On every single first date, asking about hobbies is an obligation. Find out what she likes to do is not only to know her deeper but also allows you to explore more topics to be talked about. Try to trigger them to talk more about their hobbies because it can make someone feel comfortable.

Try to show more enthusiasm for their hobbies even though you are not knowing much about it. For example, if they like to listen to a band try to ask "Really? I like it too. Tell me about your favorite song from them." or if you don't know about the band try to ask "I don't know about them, tell me more".

4. Anything on The Trending List

With the internet, anything can be a trend and it's good. Just check your Youtube trending list or your Instagram explore for a while and you will be able to know the stuff that people most talking about at the current time. Involve that trending to check that is they like it or not, and if is then you can going on. 

5. Entertainment

Nobody lives on this planet only for studies and works. People need to entertain themselves to keep sane. It could be music, movies, novel, serial, or anything else.

Try to ask them about their favorite movie and explore more about that topic by asking their favorite character and the possibilities of its sequel. You can improve if in the fact they look more interested in music or book.

6. Gossiping


Well, gossiping is not always gossip. Try to find out that you two have someone who knew or not. Explaining about someone who you know maybe more interesting than you think especially when you have the right person beside you.

I'm not talking that you need to say something bad about your friend but you can mention their achievements, how amazed you are with them, and maybe your memories with them.

7. Each Other Personalities

After talking about something fun, it also better if you start to get to know more about your date by discussing personalities. Don't be afraid of telling about your personalities first because it's not even a narcissistic behave and it's actually good for your relationship in the future.

If you find out that your date may be a wrong person, you can check How Will I Know If My First Date With a Guy Went Wrong? Listen to their personality and find out the equation between you two is the best topic ever.

The topic is a vital part of the first date and it could be so confusing. Well, that all is just and advice and if you fail, you can read 6 Signs He’s Not Interested in You After First Date and What to Do Next remember to prepare your conversation ideas first before going to date because it will help you break the ice much easier than you thought.

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