How Will I Know If My First Date With A Guy Went Wrong?

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First date can be an absolute joy or a total disaster, and the outcome cannot be predicted easily. Is the date going to be a successful one that can make us fall in love again? Or is it going to be a nightmare that can make us to be never dating again? Whatever the result is, we have to admit it that the first date is always anticipated. The sensation that we feel before we are going to meet our prospective man is always exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Most of women frequently have a high expectation that the date is going to be very smooth. Before going to my first date with a guy, I often imagine that I would be enjoying the date, my man would be fond of me, and we would live happily ever after.

However, the reality told otherwise. My first date with a guy hardly ever went the way I wanted. It could even be called as a failure first date. I just want to tell you this: the first date is not always going to be exactly like you expected it was going to be. That is why, prepare yourself for anything bad that might be happening during your date.


How Will I Know If My First Date With A Guy Went Wrong?

I believe most of us do not have ability to tell whether or not our first date went well. Especially if we did not have any experience in dating before, or if we are not sensitive and aware enough of the situation. Hence, to help you all girls with your curiosity on this topic, based on my experience, I am going to give you a list which contains some signs that can tell you that your first date went terrible.

So, how will I know if my first date with a guy went wrong?

1. Our Phones Were Our True Frenemies

our phones were our true frenemies

The moment I knew that my first date with this guys was going to be very wrong was that when I came to realize his phone was there on the table during the date. Quick tip: do not ever put your phone or any other insignificant device on the table during the first date if you do not want the date to get distracted.

During the date, even though he was there talking with me, I knew that his mind was somewhere else. His eyes kept looking at his phone as if he was waiting for an important call or text. I didn't know if I did things that could make him dislike me that was enough to make him did that to me.

However, when there was a text in, he right away replied to it although we were in the middle of a conversation. I didn't want to look like a fool who was just sitting there while my date was texting someone else, so I also took my phone out and pretended I was busy with my phone as well. Pathetic? I know.

2. Awkward Silence Was Everywhere

There is difference between being awkward silence because of shyness, which usually happens before the conversation kicks off, and being awkward because of there is nothing to talk about. I experienced those two kinds of awkward silence. Believe me, awkward silence caused by being shy can be a sign of a successful date, while another one is a sign of a failed date. Silent treatment because of running out of topic is very bad since a chance to fix it is very tiny.

When I was on this one first date, there was moment where awkward silence kicked in. I relied on him to break the silence first since I didn't know what topic should I talk about. But he was just there as quiet as I was, which I knew it was not a sign for a good date. There might be reasons why women like quiet and mysterious guy, but if he is silent most of the time, it is a big NO.

3. A Hint For The Future Date Was Not Found

Based on my experience, if a guy I have the first date with is interested in me or, he will give me a hint that there will be the next date. This also can be a sign the date with him went very well and a sign that a man loves me unconditionally.

During the first date, he sometimes will ask me the possibility of the future date with him. If he does not do that during the date, he will tell me through phone or text. He will ask me if I'm free next week, or he will ask me what my favorite place is. Therefore, I will know if my first date with a guy went wrong when he does not give any hint at all about the future date.

4. The Date Went So Short

the date went so short

I knew that this guy had low interest in me when he cut the date short. He asked the waitress to bring him the check early and made some lame excuses to leave the restaurant immediately. He has never contacted me ever since. However, please take a note that this does not always translate as terrible date. 

It depends on what reason he does that, and how he acts the next date after the date. Does he call you the next day to tell you he was very sorry and proceed to ask you for another date to make the previous date up? If yes, it might be a sign he is your real soulmate.

5. Everything Made You Uncomfortable

Having the first date can make me very nervous. However, the nervousness will eventually go away once I find that the guy I have a date with make me comfortable. That is why, if the date went wrong I would know it through my body and instinct's reaction during the date.

No matter how good looking he is, kind he is, or rich he is, if I am unable to be comfortable around him, then the date is going to be terrible as it will be very torturous for me if I feel a comfortless during the date. In fact, I will be glad once the date is over.

Those are several signs that I hope can answer this question: How will I know if my first date with a guy went wrong? These signs are based on my experience, so not everyone finds these relatable. However, you still can use these to see if your first date went wrong or not.

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