Reasons Why Women Likes Quiet And Mysterious Guy

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Both men and women have their own kind of personality. But unlike women, men are often quite difficult to figure out. Women are smarter in expressing their emotions and feelings. However, men find that challenging. Take the quiet and mysterious guy for example. Nobody can read his next move. Not a lot of people can figure out his feelings.

Women also has different opinions about the quiet guy. Some say that he’s sweet while others consider him as boring. Besides all that, there’s a huge number of women that find themselves attracted to him.


Reasons Why Women Likes Quiet And Mysterious Guy

So what makes this guy so special to women? Get to know the appeal of the quiet and mysterious guy through the reasons below:

1. A Good Listener

a good listener

A reason why women like quiet and mysterious guy is because he’s a good listener. He would rather be the one listening than talking. He pays very close attention to what people are talking about to him.

Though some women may like their men to be talkative, others prefer them to be a good listener instead.

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2. Mysterious

What's the reasons why women likes quiet and mysterious guy? The reason for that is because he’s unpredictable. Nobody knows what's really on the mind of a mysterious guy because he doesn't say a lot. Sometimes, women do like to play the game of pursuing their man.

However, a guy can be so mysterious that women may become afraid. They are scared to make eye contact or even greet him.

3. Considerate Of Their Feelings

Want to know about the reasons why women likes quiet and mysterious guy? A quiet guy is more considerate of women’s feelings. He’s able to keep their woes and their secrets to themselves. He won’t talk about them to anybody.

He doesn’t dare to break a woman’s trust. Besides that, he’s not looking forward to hurt someone’s feeling. He can read women's emotions better because he pays attention to them.

4. Make Them Comfortable

Women feel more comfortable around a quiet guy. They feel as if he’s someone that everybody can rely on. Women won’t hesitate to depend on the quiet guy. Every action and every word from him is honest and truthful.

5. Cool Demeanour

Women like quiet and mysterious guy because they think that he’s a cool guy. He doesn’t say much but women understand that. They know that he’s the kind of guy that speaks through his actions.

He makes little fuss and that’s convenient for women as they won’t have to deal with a lot of troubles. 

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6. Charming


There’s a certain charm that a mysterious guy that works for them. It keeps women interested. His knowledge and charisma make him very admirable in many women’s eyes.

This is not the kind of charm that a playboy has. His charm is sincere and genuine. There’s no ulterior motive to it so women like to get close to him without having a second thought. 

7. Intriguing

A quiet guy is intriguing to women. He’s only close to a couple of women, the ones that he can truly trust. To a lot of women, that’s not a weakness. They think of it as something that’s clever. This quality makes women want to know more about him.

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8. Classy

Quiet and mysterious guy also looks classy to women. He has a very exclusive circle of friends because he’s very selective of the people he interacts with. For women, that’s a plus. That means that he doesn’t just jump into relationship with every woman that he meets.

He takes very careful consideration to the kind of woman that he wants. He thinks through it before making a decision. This will indeed make women to become ‘the one’ for him.

9. Doesn’t Gossip

Though it’s common to think that women are the ones who like to gossip, men actually do it too. They may not admit it as often as women though. Still, a quiet and mysterious guy rarely gets involved in gossiping. He would rather focus on himself and on how he can make his life better.

He doesn’t like to meddle in someone else’s business. Women may find this attractive because he knows his limit. It also means that he respect other people’s privacy which makes women trust him.

10. Likes to Help Around

Women like quiet and mysterious guy because he likes to help around. When you find yourself in trouble, he’s always ready to help without anyone asking for it. He’s very attentive to his surrounding and the people around him. He knows what to do in any situation. Other than that, he's also more cautious because he thinks through his actions.

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Other Reasons For Women To Like Him

other reasons for women to like him

Below are some more reasons why women prefer quiet and mysterious guy over any other guy.

  1. Pays extra attention to his loved ones.
  2. He’s more romantic and soft-hearted.
  3. He believes that loyalty is a must.
  4. He is ready to make a commitment when he’s sure of something.
  5. Takes good care of the relationship that he’s in because he’s really in love.
  6. Gives in easier as he doesn’t like to cause fights or arguments.
  7. More mature than other guys in general.
  8. He takes relationships very seriously.
  9. Easier to compromise with.
  10. He knows how to behave around people.

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Now it seems reasonable to like a quiet and mysterious guy. But keep in mind that he has his own flaws too just like the regular guy. Those flaws might also take some time to figure out due to his nature.

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