Signs That Your Girlfriend Doesn't Love You Anymore

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A man chooses a woman to build a relationship so they can live their lives in the name of love. You may think you have chosen the right girl to date and your life will be happier with her. But, whenever you're with her you can't seem to find a happiness you've been hoping when you first met her. She makes you doubt if she really loves you or not.

If you hesitate if your girlfriend is the one who truly loves you or not, you should take a look at these signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore.

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1. She Doesn't Listen To You

You need someone to listen. You want to tell someone how your day was and how much you're happy to be where you are. The first person you want to share your happiness and sadness is your girlfriend. You choose her to be the person you get through things with. But, your girlfriend makes it hard for you to go through it all the way you want. She barely listens to what you want her to know. She doesn't give a care about what's going on in your life. She only knows you are her boyfriend. That's it.

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2. She Can't Tell If You're Having A Bad Day

It's a bad day cause your boss doesn't like your presentation. You meet up with your girlfriend and she doesn't seem to know if you've been having a rough day. She thinks that everything is okay with you. But the truth is, not really.

3. She Only Needs Your Material Things

Whenever you're with her, she asks you to buy her shoes, clothes, bag, food and any other material things. She keeps your car's apartment's key so she can use them anytime she wants. She needs your money, car, and your apartment more than she needs you. Then she will show you more signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore.

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4. She Doesn't Support You

You have a dilemma of deciding what to do. It worries you that you will fail if you choose the wrong one. You ask your girlfriend about what to do but she says that whatever you do only bothers you. It seems like she doesn't support you to do something good for you.

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5. She Only Cares About Herself

she only cares about herself

She takes pictures of herself a lot. She buys her favorite food and barely shares it with you. When you haven't eaten yet, she doesn't get you food or at least reminds you to get something to eat. She doesn't care about you. She only cares about her own business.

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6. She Doesn't Respect Your Parents

You take her to your parents' house cause you want to introduce her to your parents. She behaves the way she wants and shows no respect to your parents.

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7. She Doesn't Care About Your Family

Your big family gathers up in your parents' house. Your aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins are all there. She doesn't try to join them and have some fun together. Seems like, she doesn't care about the warmth of the family you have.

8. She Only Comes To You When She Needs You

She wants to buy something that she can't afford. It's a limited edition bag and she doesn't want someone else to buy it. She begs for you to give her money so that she can buy it.

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9. She's Not There When You Need Her

In your darkest hours, you need somebody to tell you that everything's gonna be okay. You need somebody that will always by your side when everybody else turn their back against you. You call your girlfriend cause you need her but she's always unavailable.

10. She Goes Out With Her Friends A Lot

To have some fun, she chooses to go out with her friends. She seems happy whenever she hangs out with her friends. When you need her to be with you, she says she likes to have her own way and it's with her friends.

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11. She Doesn't Appreciate Your Gift

You want to surprise her by giving her a special gift. You choose a floral dress thinking that she will love it. when you give that dress to her, she says that she doesn't like the color and it's kind of too old-fashioned.

12. She Always Asks For More

she always ask for more

You give her Louboutin, she asks Marc Jacob's. You buy her pearl, she wants diamonds. Whatever you do to please her is never enough for her. She always asks for more and more.

13. She Doesn't Want You To Interrupt Her

It's weekend and she's having a girl's night out. You ask her to stay home cause it's not good for her to go out at night. She insists on going out and she tells you not to disrupt her.

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14. She Compares You To The Other Guys

Whenever she finds another guy who is better than you, she always complains how you're not as good as that guy. She keeps comparing you to the other guys and it makes you look worthless.

15. She Always Points Out Your Flaws

Nobody's perfect, neither are you. Instead of accepting your flaws. she uses it against you to make you feel like you have no worth.

16. She Blames You For Everything

Whenever something's going wrong, she puts the blames on you. Everything you do is never right for her.

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17. You Don't Find A Happiness When You're With Her

Every time you're with her, you can't see the happiness you wish to see when you date a person. You wish you will be happy when you're with the one you love. But with her, the happiness isn't there.

18. You Don't See A Sincerity In Her Eyes

When you look into her eyes, you don't see what you wish to see in the woman you love. Sometimes, eyes speak more than a mouth can. But in her eyes, you can't seem to find a sincerity you look for.

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19. She Doesn't Tell You Where She's Going

You want to see her but she says she can't. You ask her where she's going but she won't answer. She always looks for a reason that doesn't make sense. Seems like, she doesn't want you to know what she's doing and going to. She doesn't let you come further to her things.

20. She Doesn't Take Care Of You

she doesn't take care of you

You're tired from a hard day at work and you need someone to cheers you up. You call your girlfriend to come over your place but she says she's busy. You know she's not busy cause she doesn't have particular things to do except shopping, hanging out, going to the spa, etc. The truth is, she doesn't take care of you cause she doesn't love you at all.

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21. She Puts You In Trouble

Whatever she does for her own good sometimes leads to a bad situation. As her boyfriend, you don't want her to get into trouble alone.

22. She Makes You Jealous

She wants to hang out with her friends who are boys. Although you don't give her a permission to go out with them, she keeps insisting. She doesn't care how it makes you jealous when she's having fun with the other people but not you.

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23. She Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

You're complaining how she acts the way she wants, goes out often, makes you jealous. You tell her that she's way out of her line but she doesn't want to hear you. She doesn't give a care about what you feel as her boyfriend.

24. She Doesn't Know What You're Worth

Sometimes, a man wants to be appreciated for his good. Your girlfriend doesn't seem to see how much you're worth it. To her, you're only a man she can take advantages of.

25. She Makes Promises She Can't Keep

The time you asked her to be your girlfriend, she says she will be the person you can always count on. Turns out she makes promises that she can't keep. You used to believe that she's true for what she says, but now, every time you remember her promise, it only tears you down.

26. She Brings You Down In Public

When you and your girlfriend accidentally meet her old friends. She only cares about her friends and doesn't care how you're not comfortable being in that situation. She tells you to not bother and ruin her and her friends' reunion.

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27. She Doesn't Cook You Your Favorite Food

She's too busy with her own things and she goes out often. As a girlfriend, she barely prepares your meals, cooks your favorite food, or at least buys you food from the store.

she doesn't cook you your favorite food

28. Your Friends Tell You You've Changed Since You're With Her

When you're together with the girl you love, you wish you can be a better person. But according to your friends, you're not the one you were and it's worse. Seems like, she's a bad influence for you.

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More Signs She Doesn't Love You

How could you think she loves you when you find these signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore.

  1. She doesn't know your favorite songs
  2. She doesn't remember you birthday
  3. She doesn't remember you shoe size
  4. She doesn't come to your special day
  5. She doesn't congratulate you when you achieve something
  6. She barely tells you she loves you
  7. She barely misses you
  8. She doesn't look for you when you're away
  9. She doesn't call you when you're not around
  10. She doesn't respect your business
  11. She fools around with you
  12. She doesn't stand up for you
  13. She doesn't look you in the eyes while talking
  14. You feel better when you're not with her
  15. Your parents don't think she really loves you

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Those are signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore. Don't waste your time keeping a relationship that's not healthy. Moreover, don't waste your time loving someone who don't give a damn about you.

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