25 Reasons to Date a Mexican Girl (#1 Most Beautiful Lover)

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Who doesn’t know that Mexican girls have many qualities that make men want to date them so badly. Name it their exotic looks, their passionate feeling, or even their signature dish. Mexican girls with their pretty accents always make men curious about them. Do you need some more reasons why you should date a Mexican girl? Here come the list on reasons to date a Mexican girl:

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1. Their naturally tanned skin is a good sight for your eyes

Rather than a girl with pale white skin, a girl who has a tanned skin is charming in some ways. They give off a healthy-looking skin, exotic skin, and make them look more and more beautiful.

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2. You’ll be crazy for their food

Mexican dishes is well known all over the world. Once you date a Mexican girl, you will surely be able to eat them as much as you want! She can also cook them for you and that's one of the tasty reasons to date a Mexican girl.

3. No day without hugs

We can’t tell how much Mexican girls like to hug. Their hugs has strong meaning of “Nothing can come between us” mentality, which makes your hugs even more passionate. They will never mind to hug even in heat of summer. If you happen to broke up with her, her hugs is something you will miss the most.

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4. They are pure and have no secret motive

When a Mexican girl asks you whether you can come over to her house and taste her cook, she really means it. She didn’t want to hook you up or anything. They just want you to taste the dishes she cooks, since Mexican girls prefer home made food rather than eating out.

5. Their deep stare will melt you

their deep stare will melt you

People say Mexican has the most honest eyes. You can’t find any negativity or bad feeling withing their deep, clear eyes. They also never show any negative behavior and attitude. They sort things out nicely and they were scared of telling lies. Once you look into their eyes, you will never look away.

6. They are devoted lovers

As pure as their eyes can be, Mexican girls are also a devoted lover. They will do anything for love, and the one they love. They will try their best not to put you down. There might be some drama involved, but they do that to make you laugh!

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7. They speak straightforwardly

If there’s one thing Mexican girls don’t like is to beat around the bush. With them, everything is straightforward. There are only two answer to everything: “yes” and “no”. There is never a “maybe”. This is why sometimes she won’t ask you whether she looks fat, because he might fear with you frankly answer!

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8. Not everyone can speak so frankly

Speaking in a straightforward, frankly way may not always good, as honest answer is not a guarantee that the other ones won’t get hurt. But honestly, there are not many people can talk straightforwardly in this world. It’s a rare quality you found in a Mexican girl. So just consider yourself lucky!

9. Salsa is next thing which makes you fall in love

Right after her, there will be another beauty that will capture your heart. Mexican salsa, something you will not find in any other part in the world. Just like her, you will be starting everything with salsa. The intensity in the sauce is something Mexican very proud of. Not long after start dating, you will get used to salsa as well.

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10. Spicy food will be following soon

Mexico is famous for its foods, sauce, and chili. Those three appear in the ingredients in almost all of their dishes. The intensity of spiciness will burn your mouth and your stomach. Your heart will burn as well, but by intensity of her love, of course.

11. The way the speak is sexy

Who don’t know that Spanish is one of the most beautiful language that sounds beautiful when spoken? You better start learn some Spanish if you date her. Or studying the language together with her as your teacher is not a bad idea!

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12. ...so does the way she curse

Learning some Spanish when you date a Mexican girl bring you a lot of benefit. One of them is, you will found out when she pissed of and cursed at you. Because of the way she speak is beautiful, so does the way she curse. You never know she was cursing at you unless you understand their language. One more of many reasons to date a Mexican girl.

13. They are hard to refuse

Mexican culture teach that you must not say no. Because of that, they almost never say “no”. If you ask her to do something and she is currently busy at the moment, instead of say “no”, she would likely say, “okay, but it may take a while”. Even if she wants to refuse you, she will try her best not to say no.

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14. Her appearance makes everything fun

her appearance makes everything fun

Mexicans (both boys and girls) are known to be friendly, fun, and easy going. Wherever they go, they always light up the atmosphere. Party is not party without the Mexican, since they will make you dance all night. And surely, love is not love if it’s not with the Mexican.

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15. They are responsible with themselves

Despite their love for parties, and how they always light up any of it, Mexican don’t spend all day in the week just for party. They are pretty responsible for their lives and perfectly know what time to work hard and what time to play hard.

16. Thus, they only partying in Friday and Saturday

If you want to party with you Mexican girlfriend (and their friends), reserve them only on Fridays and Saturdays. Mexican usually did not party except on those two days.

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17. Sunday is for resting

After working hard all week and partying on the weekend, Mexican knows when to rest. They dedicated Sundays only to rest and recharge the energy for the busy Monday ahead.

18. ...or doing religious duties

If not resting, Mexican do some favor for their soul on Sundays. They spend it at the church or doing some other religious duties. This is how they can balance their life.

19. They have complete knowledge on healthy living

Mexican girls are the best when it comes to a natural remedies for your body complex. When you feel cold they will always have honey lemon tea for you, if you have some difficulty for sleep, she will give you chamomile tea, and so on. They also know perfectly well how to lose weight fast in a natural way.

20. Their passionate feeling is a good thing

their passionate feeling is a good thing

If you have ever dated a Mexican girl, you will know that their love and passion is the best thing, and it also the strong foundation in your relationship. Mexican girls are known to be the most loving, caring, and passionate person.

21. But they are also bad tempered

Well, passionate feeling comes along with a short temper. As much as they love you, they will also easily get mad at you. You may not find this in the early stage of dating, but you will find this traits eventually. That is why you need to know whether she cursed you or not!

22. They are good with make up

Beside cooking, one thing Mexican girls good at is applying make up. They will never showed up in front of you without drawing her eyebrows or curling her eyelashes first.

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23. They are taught to respect men

Mexican grow up and live in the middle of the gender issue in their society. Mexican girls tend to be submissive and respect men a lot. However, this doesn’t mean you can bully her or treat her badly. Take this as a luck and a hint that you should take a better care of her.

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24. You will also start take care of your looks

Men are usually do not pay much attention to their looks. But once you date a Mexican girl, as much as they care of their looks, you will start to manage their own appearance too.

25. You will be hard to move on from them

Once you fall in love with a Mexican girl, there is no way to turn back. If you happen to broke up with him, you will automatically tend to compare her with your new girlfriend, as there will be no other girl like Mexican.

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There are a lot of more reasons for you to start date a Mexican girl, and the list will never meet the end if we look for some more. Beside those general reasons, there will be a lot of personal preference involved if you want to date. Whatever it is, and whoever you want to date, love is a beautiful thing you have to enjoy and cherish.

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